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Hala Abdallah

Hala Abdallah x OwnTheLooks

OwnTheLooks x Hala Abdallah

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Hala Abdallah

Ownthelook of the blogger and fashion guru TheHala by shopping the latest collection from OwnTheLooks today. TheHala personally curated her womens dresses collection for the OwnTheLooks brand are now up for grabs in just few easy clicks.

Own the looks of the renowned lifestyle influencer, Hala Abdallah also known as @thehala in her Instagram account by following Hala Abdallah Instagram @thehala and Thehala YouTube accounts which both gaining tremendous following with over 1.1 million of followers who have seen her 1,241 posts online thus making her Instagram and YouTube pages as sources of information about Hala  Abdallah biography. One can check out on Hala Abdallah on wiki to know more about some TheHala stories.

Hala Abdallah known as one of the most prominent social media blogger and YouTuber as of today has influenced most of the fashionista girls all over the Middle East region. Also a world traveler, with almost 1.1 million strong following from active followers in Instagram, 8,278 twitter followers, 538 tweets, 160 twitter likes and 104 twitter shares without a doubt, TheHala is a netizens crowd favorite. Those numbers are still rising as she continues to share live and daily feeds about her stuff whether for public and personal affairs.

 The Hala, experienced scuba diver, has garnered a loyal following through her informative and extra fabulous content in her every upload in all of her active social media accounts. One can also have a sneak-peak of her activities in her TheHala Snapchat, TheRoyalZinger. 

Hala Abdallah is an architectural designer who attended schooling in Otis College of Art and Design from 2010 to 2014 and Saudi local who lives in Los Angeles but is constantly jet-setting and travelling to get some inspirations about interior design and attend to some beauty and fashion events. 

She is definitely a one fine elegant lady. A swift browse through her Hala Abdallah Instagram page reveals some photos on how she can actually present herself in public. Hala has many things to showcase to her fans. As a Saudi national and has spent most of her adult life in Los Angeles, this trained interior designer is now living in the UAE. 

Aside from being fascinated about fashion and design, Hala also basks anything that has to do with travel destinations and wellbeing so thanks to her stylish and creative documentations of about some holistic yet decadent and very enviable lifestyle stories. 

Maybe some would think that she has everything that every girl wishes they had and some would somehow think that there are pretty solid reasons why they would like her as a sister. Being always in limelight of some social gatherings, Hala definitely has this wide range of stylish clothing. Access and raiding her closet would be so exciting as she’s got the best set of wardrobes.

Colorful items in her makeup set would make someone envy and would pick one which Hala probably would not even notice.  Besides being a fashion enthusiast, she also enjoys extra sporty and fun activities like horse-riding and more of traveling. She could redecorate an empty space too as she has knowledge on interior design and all. 

The Hala has visited places like Paris, Dubai, California and still exploring few destinations in Saudi Arabia. Automotive companies ask her to test drive and promote some coolest cars that will be out in the market. She always has this first-hand chance to experience every upcoming thing. Having that innate precious voice, she could give one singing lessons too nd she could teach a thing or two about taking proper selfies. 

A certain fashion trendsetter, one of her biggest product endorsements which launched last May of 2017, Hala had a great advertising collaboration the upscale brand Fendi for the Fendi's New 'Kan I' Bag. One can see the fun video in Savoir Flair TV’s YouTube page. 

Before being distinguished as an influencer, The Hala started blogging as a past time and just blogging about random things for her friends to read. Some noticed that she loves dressing up so she got crazy hits unexpectedly and numerous emails requesting her to post outfit shots. That’s when she continuously doing it into a daily post. Hala loves writing, dressing up and getting photographed, so why not continue? 

She posts because she just loves people so learn and get updated about her. Plus, the opportunities like features, advertisements, magazine covers, TV interviews, fashion shows both local and international. Those has given her more exposure and she consider all amazing and priceless. Hala also able to network, get “free swag,”; work with known personalities in various lifestyle and fashion industries and the range and ability to inspire others by doing what she loves. 

Like just any other stylish chic, The Hala always like dressing on a certain day; experiment on mixing and matching clothing pieces like Midi dresses, maxi dresses   to create a distinct fashion-forward outfit for every occasion. 

Vividly seen in her social media posts. Hala dress appropriately based on her mood and what inspires her and dealings in her everyday life. A one-kind lucky girl, she gets stuff from everywhere—from big fashion stores of high street brands, designer pieces to thrift items. A very versatile fashion dresser because Hala don’t choose brands or set a budget. She buys what she needs to don on. 

Fashion is a big thing for everyone especially now that blogging and social media influencing has taken a huge chunk of the worldwide web. Bloggers and influencers give feeds every single day and go to tons of interesting fashion events around the cities. 

Influencers have been into blogging since 2000; when social media networking sites sprouted one by one. Most of them started as huge followers of fashion magazines and lifestyle sites. Middle Eastern modish individuals notice that there was a need for fashion blogs and figured out to kick start the movement. Aside from being featured several times, with blogging they get to meet a lot of interesting people and experience new things every single day. Combined with skills in photography, awesome creativity and love for fashion, penetrating the industry is great. Just not only talking about fashion, they get to express their individuality and get avid followers and paying clients. 

Indeed, womens dresses are exhibiting tools to showcase an individual’s personality. Its like a gift wrapper for a something that is special. The dress that one puts on speaks volumes about character, ideals, and status. Stylish dresses infuse the culture of an individual, the overall package on how one presents him/herself. 

Culture leads to the way in a life of a person in a particular time. Certain clothing pieces that depict exquisite styles enables the identification of what type of cultural practices does a person has—be by the fraction or grouping an individual came from. 

Social status of an individual can also be reflected in the clothes they wear-weather it is a dress and the accessories such as necklaces, beads, lets, anklets, watches, bands, rings which serves as the finishing touches of every fashion ensemble. 

In this new modern era, a lot of different trends in clothing came out. All these trends where featured in most of all the fashion magazines and been influenced by famous and highly-acclaimed personalities. The dresses and skirts online that we’ve been seeing today are products of time and series of overlapping experiences of the designers and creators. 

Distinct custom designs in clothing are based on existing inspirations, limitless imagination, highly regarded creativity and palpable skills in the world of fashion. Certain types of clothing are adopted to complement the body movements. Examples of these are the trench coats and the jump suits which was adopted mostly by celebrities in the 70s. It is very advisable to wear the look and consider comfort in clothing. 

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to actually plan an outfit to wear for an event and what to wear for a regular and daily basis. Even fashion fanatics go through the stress and dilemma of finding the perfect clothing to wear to complement to their unique bodies. Fashionmongers sometimes become victims of fashion mishaps, wardrobe malfunction and uncomplemented statements from fashion critics. 

Furthermore, due to the massive selections in styles and trends in clothing in the market, it is confusing to actually find the perfect shop selling complete combination of clothing range. OwnTheLooks is an online clothing store with available clothing range in various styles and forms.

OwnTheLooks offers awesome fashion finds from shirt dresses, blazers, jackets, co-ords and jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, bags, clutches, glasses and accessories such as chokers, necklaces, belts, anklets and other fine jewelry. 

Digital era has affected fashion particularly in the way how clothes are being sold. Clothes are being portrayed on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by celebrities, models and brand ambassadors, endorsers and influencers. They basically do the influencing work for buying customers by trying on various combinations of clothes for various events and purposes to show which clothes are good fit and best buys. 

In addition, their job is to promote fashion pieces in various mixing and matching techniques online through the use of various social media platforms that could reach millions of people—be viewed and purchase by the buying market. 

OwnTheLooks provides a platform displaying the various latest season’s collections of clothing influenced and curated by the social media personalities as seen on their social network pages. These influenced collections are collated with fashion ideas from these fashionable influencers Hala. 

Ownthelook from one’s favorite personality is quite an achievement when rightly pulled off. It is an expression which motivates a dresser to be more particular on what to wear. And it is a wide practice that women place importance on how they look on what they wear. The key is to first stick on the basics and eventually experiment by adding and maximizing each piece that is on trend. One should be playful and confident in dressing up. 

OwnTheLooks gives its each customer a highly appraised customer service that is relevant for choosing and purchasing clothes online. Two of the most important categories in the platform are the Influencers Collection and Influencers Picks which highlights the best and fashionable clothing items worn and modeled by the favorite social media celebrities.

These curated collections are highly recommended by the company brand. For a complete set of outfits, OwnTheLooks has valued search categories for easy browsing to find the most coveted piece that one would like to purchase. One can shop by product using categories like Womens Jackets, Co-Ords, and Jumpsuits, Womens Dresses and Skirts, Womens Tops, Womens Trousers, Women's Bags, Glasses and Accessories. 

Every woman is entitled to good clothing selections that is essential to one’s personality; and the ability to keep up with the trends in the fashion world. It is important to know what to wear, how to wear them and when to wear them as every piece of garment serves a purpose. 

So shop now the latest stylish dresses online from OwnTheLooks as the new season calls for trendy womens dresses with vibrant colours, prints, embroidery; as well as cool denims and exclusive womens shirt dress. If you haven't shopped yet, go online to find something great from OwnTheLooks latest collection. Have no fear because there’s still time to find the Hala Abdallah -inspired pieces and Ownthelook that best suits your demand for a fabulous style. Like what you have read here? Follow OwnTheLooks on Instagram using @ownthelooks and @thehala for more styling inspirations.

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