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Black Charm Tassel Choker Necklace Limited Stock


Black Charm Tassel Choker Necklace

Rawan Bin Hussain

Red Gingham Belted Midi Dress Sold Out


Red Gingham Belted Midi Dress

Rawan Bin Hussain

Sky Blue Round Sunglasses Sold Out


Sky Blue Round Sunglasses

Rawan Bin Hussain

Diamond Knot Dangling Earrings Sold Out


Diamond Knot Dangling Earrings

Rawan Bin Hussain

Gold Plated Medallion Tier Dangling Earrings Sold Out
Pin Stripes Denim Culottes Co-ord Sold Out


Pin Stripes Denim Culottes Co-ord

Rawan Bin Hussain

Rawan Bin Hussain

Own the Look of the popular lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer, Rawan Bin Hussain also known as @rawan in her Instagram account. This exclusive collaboration with OwnTheLooks, Rawan Bin Hussain curated the entire collection featuring womens dresses and has been a favorite women’s clothing online page—a comprehensive fashion reference of the many smart-dressers and fashionistas all over the region.


Introducing the Rawan Bin Hussain x OwnTheLooks Collection—an exclusive collaboration with the most prominent brand and social media influencers of the region.


Now, you can own the look of the pretty Rawan. Follow Rawan Bin Hussain on instagram @rawan and on her Twitter account Rbinhussain which both are continuously gaining more following. With over 2.7 million of followers in Instagram @rawan, who have seen her 1,208 posts online, and constantly following 1,198 personalities— making her Instagram and Twitter pages as sources of information about Rawan Bin Hussain bio. One can check out on Rawan through Rawan Bin Hussain Wikipedia to know more about Rawan Bin Hussain age and rawan bin hussain weight loss stories.



Rawan Bin Hussain Biography is an interesting story one to know about. She speaks French, English and Arabic. She has often been referred to by the media people as the ‘’Brooke Shields of Kuwait’’ considering her image is similar to the latter, the famous American actress and model.


Although originally born in Kuwait, Rawan Bin Hussain later lived in London. She spent her joyful childhood with three sisters, two of which are twins, and a brother. This young Kuwaiti-Jordanian model has been a favorite beauty in front of the cameras by top-caliber photographers in fashion and beauty industry. Her noticeable brunette beauty has given her huge popularity in Instagram where she has more than 2.7 million active followers on her account.


By looking through her Instagram photos, one can get struck by her refreshing natural beauty as you will find an array of selfies showcasing her fine aura; voluptuous curves and pouty lips freshly refueling the Rawan Bin Hussain Instagram feeds. Each post that she makes daily, mostly gain hundreds or even thousand hits of likes, comments and shares making her tagged as the latest rising star in the radar of social media.


Rawan has reached huge popularity for her amazing weight loss prior to modeling. She has become an inspiration to her female fanatics through her beauty and wellness campaigns. In June of 2017, she won Gold Shine award for “The Most Influential Social Media Figure of the year” in Dubai.

It is an open story to everyone based on her before and after public photos that Rawan had an extra weight before hitting the social media spotlight. Taking into account her struggles about obesity, Rawan said through her official account that she is not ashamed of how she was before but she feels happy and confident about the surprising transformation she has now while maintaining a new healthy lifestyle.


Rawan M Bin Hussain was being featured few times in Vogue Arabia telling her stories being a lifestyle influencer who is passionate about beauty and fashion. She has been an avid reader of Velvet magazine that gave her a stint in media publishing industry and has recently joined VELVET Magazine’s (Paris London New York Events and Publishing) editorial team as a Contributing Beauty Editor. Rawan Beauty Diary is the latest addition to Velvet’s editorial mileage, bringing its readers the best beauty news and ideas from one of the Middle East’s most-followed influencer.


Based in London, England, United Kingdom, she is active in providing fresh feeds of her interesting photos, rawan bin hussain makeup tutorials, product promotions and non-edited snaps to her online followers. Endorsements are keep on coming back and forth to her as she regularly advertises for Gucci, Versace, Ming Ray, Sivvi, Foreo on her Instagram account. Rawan also starred modelling collaborations with several well know brand and names in the industry of fashion and beauty such as: Bvlgari, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Vogue Arabia, Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline, Lancome, Make Up Forever, Vichy.


Attending various product launches, fashion galas and runway shows are never a miss in her every day schedule. Like being invited to grace and welcomed as VIP in Louis Vuitton @louisvuitton private jewelry viewing in Paris. In her Instagram video post, it is vividly seen that she absolutely loved the experience and enjoyed every single moment of exploring the stunning and very exclusive pieces of the high-end brand.

Rawan Bin Hussain age is no secret to anyone. Her birth date falls every 30th of December, this 21-year-old Capricorn sweetheart is not just more of beauty. Aims to prove herself in the legal field as a dedicated and hardworking practicing lawyer. Currently finishing her bachelor’s degree on Legal Studies at University of Westminster, she also took a pre-law course at King's College London under International Foundation Program, Law Pathway last 2015. She also gained an undergraduate preparation course in English Language and Literature at University of Southern California.


Aside from her daily social media activities and endorsements, she has started her Private Pilot License course (P.P.L) at Oxford Aviation Academy. She is an active volunteer for humanitarian causes around the world and a former general member of Habitat for Humanity International. She was also the Head of Outreach Department in Students for Justice in Palestine USC organization.

Just recently, she was truly honored and took part in the Global Festival in Manchester. Kuwait KW Society has organized the event to raise money for The Little Things Charity which aims to help improve healthcare in Nepal. She had lovely meeting with everyone who were behind this endeavor. Overwhelmed with the experience, words can’t express how proud she was of those young students who devote their lives to a good cause. She forwarded her huge thanks to the members of Kuwait Society for representing her beloved country in the most beautiful humanitarian way.


Oozing with defined physical assets of having captivating blue eyes and lustrous long brown hair, Rawan Bin Hussain makeup sometimes go out in public without makeup on her face.  She believes that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and nobody has all the perfect physical features. She has recently supported the ‘’No Makeup’’ campaign movement with other Hollywood celebrities like Zendaya, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone and Bella Hadid who have all jumped on the trend and freeing their face from powdery chemicals.


The movement has been a trend among celebrities embracing natural beauty and going for a no-makeup look even on the red carpet. This trend is presently setting the bar of accepting natural path among women. Natural-looking make up is one of beauty’s biggest trends. The little secret trick is to look effortlessly stunning and having clear look yet beautiful face rather undone.


#NoMakeup movement is a new approach to relieve the rising pressure to look good and spotless for most female celebrities and women in general. The said movement is a perfect call on all women all over the world to be free and embrace nature.


Passionate in everything she does, Rawan began posting in Instagram on June 2015 and continuously active in other social media by supporting and setting trends on fashion and beauty. Her unique image of a fashionable girl-next-door-style and law school student make her recognizable persona in the fashion and lifestyle scene.

To keep her followers informed on whatever she does aside from feeding them of her fashionably-chic #OOTD selfies, she makes sure that she captures exclusive behind-the-scenes of her various dealings without comprising the surprises to watch out for each project.

Product collaborations keep on coming to her busy plate. One of her biggest and active collaboration is with OwnTheLooks which officially marked last 2017. Rawan’s 2017 winter collection has hit the online fashion store in a fabulous way. The collection is full of classic tones, long-lived neutral shades and playful textures. Striking and dauntless designs compose of studs, laces, plaids and intricate cuts complete the entire selection.


The new collection amalgamates on womens dresses with feminine details like ruffles and scalloped edging—with jittery accents and wearable pieces. The black and gray color palette put up the ease of mixing and matching to upgrade the flexible integration of your current wardrobe which helps you to own the look. This influencer applies fashion-forward details in her designs on women's dresses like shoulder cutouts and window necklines to add the distinguishing character of head-turning elegance and refined femininity to her styles.


Throughout her particular latest collection is suited for casual brunches, evening gatherings, or daytime strolls through the city. Body-flattering, easy-to-wear pieces and garment textures reflect
Her own recommendations and own the looks site clothing selections for the everyday fashionable look requirement suited to every woman with different body curves whether petite or plus-sized.


Curvy girls like are no exception on donning stylish dresses— actually girls having that impressive built are smarter dressers. Whatever your shape, this informative guide can help you find styles that flatter. Here are some doable style ideas and tips that you can apply for your daily dose of fashion inspiration.


Love your tummy. A lot of women follows a certain styling rule: Hide the belly, but a lot of times, this results in wearing horrendous, unflattering and baggy outfits which can fit multiple people in it. Wearing way too big clothes is not exactly a recipe for feeling good and a shapewear that commercially over promise, is always not meeting your expectations. Most of the times, shapewear, and supposedly high-waisted jeans would not really make you look like an hourglass bombshell instead, it creates obvious lumps. So rather than focusing on hiding your tummy, find clothes that make you comfortably happy.


Invest in good undergarments. Take what supermodel Ashley Graham has been saying in most of her public speeches, “Get a great bra and panties. Always make sure that you wear the proper undergarments.’’ Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off.

Go double for good basics. Good quality tank tops, undershirts, tees, leggings and tights that you can wear easily under everything.


Try on different sizes when shopping for dresses and skirts online. Sizes is just a number and often times, are not consistent in other brands so you can still find a piece that would fit on you. Size 14 is not 14 everywhere, it varies, so it might fit. Do not be afraid to experiment with sizes.


Find clothes that flatter your unique shape. Curvy-shaped girls do not have the same body measurements. One can have a triangle like a figure, an hourglass, having a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle.


Choose crop tops that tend to look amazing on fuller-figured girls. It is something that can show off a little of sexy curves and that can definitely be empowering.


Outwear thigh-highs or knee-highs. Knee-highs and thigh-highs can elongate the legs—adding a certain kind of sass. They can make a very quick outfit ensemble. You can combine prints with thigh-highs on top. This combo is an ideal styling trick for this season that makes thicker legs look awesome and sexy,


Don’t hide your curves. Sporting oversized clothes create camouflage on your body though sometimes, it can actually make you look bigger than you are. By shopping trendy women's dresses while considering your curves, you'll find that maxi dresses that are actually more flattering.

Know and choose your right fabrics. Identifying and knowing what fabrics you like and which fabrics that are totally against your skin will make shopping a lot easier. You will know what is flattering for your body type and could give you such comfort.


Consider wide belts as best styling buddy. Slide a wide belt around your waist to hide the extra fabric and put on a structured statement blazer to complete that powerful look.


Secure a fit and flare trendy women's dresses. When in doubt, opt for fit and flare womens dresses which always look good on any body type.


So shop the now the latest dresses and skirts online from OwnTheLooks as the new season calls for stylish dresses with vibrant colors, prints, embroidery; as well as cool denims and oversized maxi dresses. If you haven't shopped yet, go online to find something great from OwnTheLooks latest collection, and have no fear because there’s still time to find the Rawan Bin Hussain-inspired pieces and own the look that best suits your demand for a fabulous style. Like what you have read here? Follow OwnTheLooks on Instagram using @ownthelooks and @rawan for more styling inspirations.
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