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Mina Al Sheikhly

Mina Al Sheikhly x OwnTheLooks

OwnTheLooks x Mina Al Sheikhly

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Mina Al Sheikhly - Ramadan Empress White and Gold  Chiffon Maxi Dress Sold Out
Mina Al Sheikhly

Now, you can Ownthelook of the famous Mina Al Sheikhly. Follow Mina Al Sheikhly Instagram and Mina Al Sheikhly snapchat account which both are continuously gaining tremendous following.

Ownthelook of the renowned lifestyle influencer, Mina Al Sheikhly by following her daily posts in her Mina Al Sheikhly Instagram and to know more about her Mina Al Sheikhly boutique stories. Mina had some product collaborations with big brands in both fashion and beauty industries—like an endorsement for a renowned cosmetic brand, posting product mentions for a fabric softener and for various high and mid end fashion clothing brands.

Having a popular following of 700,000 followers in her minaalsheikhly Instagram account, Mina continues to feed her online audience with total of 1,403 posts which have gained a lot of likes and shares, making her as an emerging brand influencer. She is an interior designer, a lifestyle, travel, fashion enthusiast and a food lover.

Such a lucky girl, 2016 was fortunate and lovely year for Mina as her longtime boyfriend, Shwan Khoshnaw has asked her for marriage. Of course, she said Yes! The said engagement was attended by close family and friends. Mina gave everyone a chance of seeing her engagement as she walks us through the stages of selecting the perfect diamond set for her engagement. Mina wasn’t worried about mixing and matching her jewelry to achieve that ideal look. She picked out a stunning necklace that had complimented her neckline. Overall, she looked like a princess in her gown. Mina chose a pair of earrings that added some sparkle to her ears—walking so sophisticated and elegant.

Each season designers throw a plethora of gorgeous clothes at us. At best, it is exciting; at worst, it is overwhelming and confusing. More and more, designers are urging us to set aside old rules of style, to be more daring with fashion and, most of all, to have more fun with our appearance. Having grown up in the diverse generations, ignoring style rules runs counter to everything. Following style rules makes that part of life less stressful and more manageable. However, now that style rules are going by the way-side, what do we do? Which rules still make sense? Own the look by adapting these top 3 style rules that still applicably effective to achieve that most perfect outfit for any occasion or season getaway.

Dress for your body shape. Our general shape is what it is. We can exercise and eat healthy foods, but overall, if you were made an hourglass shape, for in-stance, that is the shape you will be regardless of your weight. Speaking of the hourglass shape, if this is you, let’s see your shape. God gave you a waistline. Wear tops and trendy womens dresses that go in at the waist, like wearing a Peplum Midi Dress or, at the very least, tuck your top or belt your midsection.

If you are the opposite shape, full through the mid-section, avoid tight waistlines and choose clothing that skims over your shape. This generally means you will be looking for silky fabrics that drape well rather than clingy knits. There are many body shapes and much more I could say, but the take away is to be aware of your shape and respect it.

Dress for your proportions. This goes hand in hand with dressing for your shape. In general, a taller person can wear large prints wearing a shirt dress and heavier accessories, which would overwhelm the frame of a petite person. A weighty, platform shoe can look comical on one person and fantastic on another simply because their physical proportions do (or do not) marry well with it. However, your personal style supersedes this rule to a degree. If you have a small frame but your style is dramatic and bold, choose one or two bold pieces for your look, and keep the rest of it under-stated. This way you can express your style without taking away from your physical presence.

Whether you are skinny, athletic or curvy, dressing up properly to compliment your body type will always make you look flattering in every angle so you should always be camera-ready. The main thing is to be familiar of your body shape so you can shop for the perfect shirt dress to compliment your silhouette. There are four basic body shapes and here are some tips on what to wear and what styles to avoid:

Square or Rectangular Body Shape. This body shape is basically having the same measurements all throughout. Go and wear rompers that are off-the-shoulder or jumpsuits with thin straps to elongate body features. Look for a romper or jumpsuit that has a tying sash around the waist as cinching in the waist with a belt will give you the illusion of an hourglass shape. Do not go for the super loose fitting relaxed styles that give you no shape.

Pear or Triangle Body Shape. This body shape is for those who are blessed with a “booty’’ aka when waist and hips are wider than the bust.  Shop for jumpsuits with a rounded neckline to highlight and broaden shoulders and balance proportions. Focus all the attention on top with accessories. Avoid rompers with belts. Avoid styles that focus attention to your waist.

Hourglass Body Shape. The most desirable body shape of everyone since top and bottom are perfectly proportioned while waist is defined. Wear form-fitting rompers that show off your sexy curves. You can totally pull off trendy prints and with cute cutouts, too! Never wear styles that are boxy or too straight cut, otherwise you'll be hiding your figure behind a curtain.

Oval Body Shape. The body shape where mid-section is the same or bigger than the bust and hips. Choose rompers with stripes especially vertical, playsuits with flared skirts, or jumpsuits with a v-neckline that will flatter this shape the best. Show off your legs as much as possible. Do not choose chunky styles that have ruffles or high necklines that will cut you off and please stay away from rounded toes, rather, elongate your body with pointed toe styles.

Dress for the occasion. Consider where you are going, what you are doing and who you are seeing before you get dressed for the day. While it is fine to be overdressed for an occasion, be sure you can do whatever you might be asked to do. In other words, don’t wear stilettos to a construction site. Dressing for the occasion shows respect, most of all. You are communicating that you have given it thought, and that you respect the people you are spending time with and you respect yourself, above all.

The rules such as matching your shoes to your handbag coordinating your jewelry, wearing heels with skirts, etc.—are slowly dying and matter much less today. As long as you follow the rules above while allowing your personal style to dictate the rest, you will be fine. In fact, you will be fabulous.

Now that we have determined the three basic style rules in dressing up, it’s time to consider these seven easy ways to transition your wardrobe and add pieces from OwnTheLooks New Arrivals for a complete easy-breezy Spring/Summer ensemble.

Wear bright colors. The temperature may not quite be spring outside but adding bright colors can certainly add spring to your wardrobe. Perhaps add a hot pink scarf to your all black outfit or maybe wear a bright yellow sweater in light cotton or even a bright pair of shoes. The key is to look cheery and say I’m ready for spring!

Dress in layers. This allows you to take off and put on as needed. For instance, you love turtlenecks, you can wear it under your slip dress or with a V-neck sweater so you can see more of the piece. Just use a light wear style that makes layering easy to pair with anything without adding bulk. Another idea is to add a cardigan under your jacket. This way when you’re too hot, just take off your jacket.

Break out the light wash denim. Now that it’s officially spring and the days are longer, no need to use dark denim anymore. Using a lighter wash makes you feel like spring is in the air.

Don’t put away you over the knee boots. That’s right, don’t put pack these too quickly, they look great with light airy dresses and skirts made from chiffon. They will keep you warm and at the same time show off some skin. Tres Chic!

Invest in a spring jacket. Whether it be a boyfriend blazer, a denim jacket or even a trench coat, the key is to have an outer layer that us lightweight but will keep you warm from the elements.

Wear crop pants. Crop pants are fun and a great way to show off your ankles. You will still feel comfortably warm but get to show off some skin too!

Utilize open toe shoes. It’s not quite sandal season yet, but if you’re dying to show off your pedicure, open toe shoes are a great transition. Mules keep your toes warm and at the same time your feet can breathe by not being fully exposed. Booties, yes are a winter favorite, but worn with a skirt or dress can also be a great transitional piece as well.

Celebrate Citrus. Don’t be shy this spring. Add some fresh-squeezed style to your closet, with some bright, bold hues that beg to be seen. Tangy yellows look shockingly sexy. Energetic oranges sparkle and shine. Lively limes pop with pleasure. Lively colors not only bring joyful vibes to everyday items, but they encourage you to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

The vibrancy and energy of orange diamonds is unrivaled and kicking it with the sun yellow is just the kick your springtime wardrobe needs. Mixing chic French style with West Coast breeziness, comes this summery slab sweatshirt with asymmetrical hem, the whimsical lemon color is pure happiness and elevates even regular jeans into playful weekend wear ideal for a mini-getaway.

OwnTheLooks has so many great new arrivals that it’s tough to choose just a few, but you can browse the influencers collections and influencers picks pages of the best of the best items available for 2018. You can see thousands of items come in every day, so when you find something that you certainly love, do not miss the chance and order now. These featured new arrivals will get nabbed up quick, so be sure to click so fast!

So, there you have it, a few suggestions, on how to transition your winter wardrobe for the spring. The key is always to look fashionable and feel fabulous!

Shop now the latest stylish dresses online from OwnTheLooks as the new season calls for trendy womens dresses with vibrant colours, prints, embroidery; as well as cool denims and exclusive womens shirt dress. If you haven't shopped yet, go online to find something great from OwnTheLooks latest collection. Have no fear because there’s still time to find the Mina Sheikhly -inspired pieces and Own the look that best suits your demand for a fabulous style. Like what you have read here? Follow OwnTheLooks on Instagram using @ownthelooks and @minaalsheikhly for more styling inspirations.

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