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Fatma Husam

Fatma Husam x OwnTheLooks

OwnTheLooks x Fatma Husam

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Fatma Husam

Now, you can Ownthelook of the famous Fatma Husam by following Fatma Husam Twitter and Fatma Husam snapchat accounts which both continuously gaining a tremendous following with over 405,000 followers who have seen her 745 posts online— making her Instagram and Snapchat pages as sources of information about her. Check out on Fatma Husam Instagram @fa6ma7sam to know more about Fatma Husam nationality and other related stories.

Fatma is a stylist and fashion designer who is best known for her modest, elegant, and layered style outfits. Maintaining a stronghold of fame of having 404k followers in her Fatma Husam Instagram account, Fatma continues to feed her online audience with her daily engagements and snap videos of her activities. Her 746 posts have gained a lot of likes and shares, making her an emerging brand influencer.  Those consistent updates of her womens tops styles and tips on outfits, she has a strong social media presence on Instagram.

Her interest in style and fashion at a young age, landed her to pursue more fashion related career opportunities in life. Aside from getting so active in fashion activities, she is currently earning a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management from Emirates Aviation University.

Born and raised in Dubai, Fatma mentioned that her trademark accessory is a long white shirt because of its versatility and ability to adapt to any style. Also, she can be seen hanging out with Fatema Al Awadhi on most of her Instagram posts.

Fatma on her senior year at university, indeed that fashion will not lose this talented young woman to every fashion activity. 22-year old Fatma Husam is a bred fashionista. Having a keen eye for figures and fashion, she also has a meticulous eye for tailoring, she can find certain pieces when out shopping, but she always has a different vision for them, she takes them to the tailor and get more creative like removing sleeves, adding length to it, or generally altering them to her desires. With that fashion tailoring tips, Fatma has a strong following of fashion enthusiasts on social media and watching her every sartorial move. Stating her style in 3 words: Modest, Elegant and lots of fabulous layering. He favorite designer is Fendi or coming out with great stuff. She named Coco Chanel as her style icon—having that iconic, classic and modest fashion collection. For Fatma, flat mules are comfortable, classy and chic and white shirts are a must for every season—and lots of pastels during the summer season. Being a modest fashionista, Fatma noted that the biggest fashion faux pas that she wishes people would stop doing is wearing an extra tight and revealing clothes as they do not look classy at all.

Fatma Husam has a thing for high heels. She said that no matter how many pairs she has it’s never enough, but her feet are relaxed firmly on the ground when she comes to study and during work. By completing her final year at Emirates Aviation University in Dubai, with a BBA in Aviation Manager, Fatma will have great opportunity to work in any business aspect regarding airlines. She said in an interview that she chose this major because she has always wanted to stand out. When she graduated from high school and started visiting universities, for her it felt like all the majors were the same so when she heard of this, it caught her attention.

Fading into the background isn’t Fatma’s style. Her notion was proven at the Arab Fashion Week year when Fatma arrived in a yellow and modest white Bisht abaya— that she made it for herself to ensure her outfit is one of a kind. She worked on it for three weeks and had to put so much detail on it. She recalls that it was a unique outfit, and everyone at the event has loved it. Putting her own gyrate on a look has become a trademark for Fatma. She admits to altering the pieces she buys and is very keen to put her own style-stamp on what she wears. According to her, she is always at my tailor, adding or removing parts of the pieces. For example, if she buys a jacket, she might see it be nicer if it had no sleeves or was a little shorter. Then she will take it to the tailor and put her twist on it. As a result – an ever-changing, original wardrobe. Fatima’s style mantra is clear, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

This season is all about the new, loose cropped trousers. Indeed, the culotte pants is one of the comfiest fashion items that can be worn for various occasions. Plus, the wide and loose cuts make the culotte pants very Hijabi friendly. Although very comfortable to wear, styling these pants can be tricky. Then trendy womens tops are suitable for culotte pants.

Peplum cut tops are one suitable type for culotte pants. Keep it simple by choosing one that has a peplum shape with a clear ruffle accent.

On the flip side, wear an elaborate ruffled to and mix it with your culotte pant, a taro-purple shade can be combined with any coloured pants like black. Grey, white or even brown.

For those who want to hide an unsightly belly, you can pick an asymmetric top which will camouflage your body shape.

Want to go for a casual look? A printed blouse looks perfectly cute once mixed with denim culotte pants.

Play with a combination of textures like this collared top. Go for a modified peplum form combined with culotte pants can be perfect for work.

You can even go crazy with a bold pattern culotte pants while keeping your shirt and accessories to classic neutrals.

Lately, it’s all been about the flare sleeve, dare looking elegant by mixing it with your favorite culotte pants.

Make yourself look taller when wearing culotte pants. You can choose a blouse with a simple vertical line motif, pair it with cold-colored pants like grey, navy or white.

This kind of neutral shirt can actually be paired with any pants including culottes. Go loco be wearing it with patterned accessories and scarf.

Keep it chic and professional with solid culottes and paring it with Victorian vintage ruffled top.

Here at OwnTheLooks, we know what you’re thinking in the words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But retro florals are a top spring 2018 trend so quit that eye roll and pay attention.

Happiest Hour. Belted over a complementary apricot jumpsuit, printed shirt jacket that elevates a simple ensemble into the perfect transitional ensemble (don’t forget the accessories) that can go from happy hour into the night. Add a bet to pull everything in and emphasize your waist.

Work Ready. By tucking a stylish floral blouse into a below-the-knee skirt it’s being transformed into a blouse, thus increasing the versatility of such a signature item and appearing as a totally different piece and making it every bit work-appropriate.

Festival Friendly Somehow it seems that denim cutoffs can be worn with pretty much anything and the off-shoulder top is no exception. Tuck in a blouse and add a bootie for a bit more polish or swap those out for a basic tank or tee with flat sandals.

Keep it Casual. Elevate your simple shirt dress while still maintain casual vibes by belting it. Add more booties and a leather backpack to achieve the perfect amount of pulled together yet laid back for everything from running errands to lunch with friends.

All Black Almost Everything. Looking to keep an all-black ensemble from being too predictable? Layer some unexpected floral stylish dresses print piece on top to give your outfit another dimension and more interest for a fun night out. A long gold necklace and open toe booties provide the perfect level of edge.

Take it Back. Way Back. Love the retro vibes of a printed stylish skirt? Keep it going with a matching two-piece flared ensemble and platform sandals. The subtle print mixing, height, and vertical lines will give the illusion of longer legs for a fun weekend brunch look.

It’s in the details. One thing can make all the difference. Whether it pulls everything together, stands out on its own or makes it easier for you to do you, when you find that perfect touch, you’ll know. It is the thing that makes total sense, adds just the right amount of flair and makes you feel good about going out into the world.

Bold bangle. Classic and glamorous, part of its delicate yet bold charm is that the design remains open for individual interpretation. It can be paired with something as simple as a white button blouse and trouser or an elegant evening gown — either way, it will wow as a statement accessory and staple for sharp style.

Nothing but a heel. A pair of stiletto gives the appearance of a nearly barefoot except black heel and polished hardware-tipped ankle tied off in a bow. A clear foot strap enhances the curvy and minimal sexiness of a barely their pump without sacrificing stability.

Gear up and go. A bag for a woman on the go: running errands, going to concerts, festivals or traveling the world. Go for a practical and versatile 10-by-10-inch purse features a removable cross-body strap, brass zip top closure with custom brass knot pull, vegan waterproof leather substitute, and wipe-clean waterproof lining. So, there is no need to sacrifice a sleek style for on-the-go comfort.

Fem flare. Dress up instantly when putting on a chic rose print cat eye sunglasses. Choose stylish womens tops with full of ’50s vibes, these vintage-inspired shades add sexy personality and a playful cat’s eye view of the world. Adorably glam sunglasses are sure to make onlookers swoon.

Forget pairing troubles. Shop at OwnTheLooks and make styling a cinch. OwnTheLooks features a collection of Fatma Husam that includes carefully selected complementary garments that are sure to receive compliments. The shopping portal is categorized in accordance to the latest womens stylish tops, by product type and the highly curated selection from our fashion influencer collaborators—a digital guide to style a combination and more outfit combinations.


Add some sass. A stunning pair of black earrings will give your evening look some shimmy and sway or sass up a casual button-down shirt and jeans.

Spring Fling. A silk scarf can be the final touch to smooth out an outfit with a classic feel, whether for a day out with the girls, a dinner date or vacation. This beautifully soft silk floral mini scarf is about 34 inches by 2 inches. Elegant and versatile imported scarf echoes sleek and graceful styles of the past that is of French sophistication.

We usually think of the rainbow in the order red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. However, what if we thought of them as desire, creation, energy, nature, harmony, and stability? In the world of color psychology, that our way the rainbow is thought of. Through extensive psychological research, there has been a discovery of unconscious color perception. Studies have shown that certain colors like red show more attraction or that blue creates a calming effect.

What if the colors you wear could affect how you feel, act or are perceived by others. Cool right with the 2018 Pantone color of the year, being Ultraviolet (meaning power) there is a newfound encouragement of the inner self to express one’s strength and confidence. What if through the lens of your wardrobe-you can find a way to express to the surface for everyone to watch in awe.

So, shop now the latest stylish tops for women online from OwnTheLooks as the new season calls for stylish womens tops with vibrant colours, prints, embroidery; as well as cool denim and exclusive stylish womens tops. If you haven't shopped yet, go online to find something great from OwnTheLooks latest collection. Have no fear because there’s still time to find the Fatma Husam-inspired pieces and Ownthelook that best suits your demand for a fabulous style. Like what you have read here? Follow OwnTheLooks on Instagram using @ownthelooks and @fa6ma7sam for more styling inspirations.


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