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Dima Al Sheikhly - White Elastic Long Sleeves Button Up Off the Shoulder Top Sold Out
Dima Al Sheikhly

Ownthelook of the fashion and beauty blogger Dima Al Sheikhly by shopping the latest collection from OwnTheLooks today. Dima Al Sheikhly personally curated the womens tops collection for the OwnTheLooks brand are now up for grabs in just few easy clicks.

We are seeing bloggers from different regions and some of them are alike through their passion and interests in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, manifesting a sense of destiny by moving the humanity through their photos and videos they share on social media.


Nowadays, if one wants to learn more about the latest fashion trends on stylish womens tops and the must-see travel destinations, following some of these bloggers within the community as they speak more coherently in a light manner that most of us can understand with the right amount of detail.


Social media influencing was not a common practice before in UAE by most of the brand owners. But as technology develops, the bloggers fill that void that has been missing from the community and need by the people. Each day, thousands of bloggers posts about lifestyle are created. Like for example, if one is in search for a clothing like womens tops particularly a shoulder top, it is now easy to find some information and selections just by typing in trendy tops for women in the browser and all photos on different style for stylish womens tops will appear. Bloggers and influencers have so many areas of interests to share with on social media—some of them have reached worldwide mainstream fame already. As followers see these influencers donning on the womens stylish tops, these following become a reach and actual revenue for the brand.


Dima Al Sheikhly is a fashion and makeup blogger famous in Instagram. Check out her @dimasheikhly account. All the while, Dima is a sought-after blogger of her generation today who is gaining popularity beyond borders. Aside from Instagram, through dima al sheikhly snapchat, one can easily catch a scene of her everyday living.

Blogging is cross-cultural, cross-platform. Through this, bloggers have taken their career to the next level through the engagements they enjoy the most and at the same time including helping their audience make a purchasing decision on various products and services such as buying trendy tops for women for the season or choosing a venue or recommending a travel destination.

Dima Al Sheikhly snapchat and Instagram accounts are continuously gaining more and more following with over 262,000 followers who have seen her 589 posts online, making Instagram and Snapchat as sources of information about Dima Al Sheikhly bio. One can check Dima out through Wikipedia to know more about Dima Al Sheikhly age and Dima Al Sheikhly height.


Dima is the sister of another famous brand influencer of the GCC region, Mina Al Sheikhly. As sisters, the family is most important to them. Brands get them both as fashion and beauty cosmetic ambassadors. Both are Instagram stars who leveraged as brand/product influencers status and become one of today’s biggest online beauty sensations. People can watch them through another social media platform called YouTube as they explain how they celebrate Ramadan— which for them it is all about gatherings with loved ones and seeing them talk about how they get ready with their family. Get a look into how they prepare their outfits and matching doing their makeup—being beautiful and feel precious during this holy month.


For those who are interested in learning more about fashion and cultures, we recommend that you follow these bloggers based on interest and learn from them while you have fun, perhaps you too can start blogging about your passion. Some of these bloggers have hundreds of thousands of followers, others reached millions and making a brand on their own. Dima has devoted years to building an audience as each of her posts joins the correct brand and engages with the right audience.

In this Spring-Summer season, Own the look by adding some colour to wardrobes and making the most of the longer albeit hot days. One can ownthelook of fashion blogger Dima by adapting these fashion styling tips.

Go for womens tops that accentuate your shoulders. For the most supremely stylish fit and combination, go for high waisted shorts. Neutralizing into your waist, skimming your thighs—this style is absolutely knockout hot. OwnTheLooks offers womens stylish tops, summer shorts, checked shorts, faux leather, geometric prints, black 'n' white monochrome and more vivid prints and textures for your eyes to devour. Wear it with tights if you do not want to reveal too much skin. Whatever the weather is, you are guaranteed to look summer-ready in these little ditties. So, don your high waist shorts and get to showing the world a style icon in you.

In womens tops, a tropical print top would go great with some plain coloured wide leg trousers and a red handbag. Vintage trainers. If you own a pair of white jeans, this would go well and you can top it off with an oversized blue or even the black denim jacket. Strap heel shoes. You can wear these with a head to toe denim outfit or wide legged bottoms. Hooded Jacket with Panels. You can wear this with a white or blue shirt and skinny jeans. Distressed Denim Jacket. If you are going for the all denim look, you can wear this to add a bit of detail to your outfit. Otherwise, an over-sized denim jacket works with many other outfits. Lace culottes. Pair this with a plain t-shirt as there is already detail on the trousers and a pair of plumose shoes. Jacket with pouch pocket You can try this with a pair of ripped jeans and just go for the casual look.

How Influential is Dima Al Sheikhly? Her influence level has reached 80% out of 100 and her outstanding engagement level of 69.0K—having an influence more than 78,767%. Through these notable figures, brands marketers are in line up of getting Dima as their brand influencer to collaborate for their special marketing campaign.

Renowned brands in various industries get Dima’s presence to grace some certain products and invite others to purchase and use it. Her knowledge in cosmetics and beauty products and her exquisite choice in fashion styles has landed her to become one of the most trusted and in-demand endorsers in the region wherein her product demos and word-of-mouth statements matters.

Shopping for summer can be super exciting, as who can resist shedding those bulky layers and starting fresh with a wardrobe of new womens tops and dresses, lightweight jackets, and accessories? Be thankful that there is no reason to skimp on style and max out your credit card as OwnTheLooks rounds up the 10 key pieces you need this season, Go crazy! These cheap thrills and pieces that are sure to satisfy your trend-driven needs and demands.

Embracing a whole new set of trends that are fresh from the runway is the perfect way to imbibe the summer. Showcasing great finds from womens tops, Off-shoulders, ripped jeans and mini backpacks dominated the fashion world in 2017 but this 2018, it will be the year of oversized silhouettes, muted shades of color palettes, and leathers, as seen in the international fashion shows. Though there will be a lot more rising trends to come later in the year, Own the looks shares some of the emerging fashion trends based from spring and summer runway collections of the international fashion shows.

The floral modest dress can be a long sleeve maxi dress – a perfect versatile transitional piece and that can be paired with knee-high boots in early spring. Swapped out for lace-up sandals to complete the summer outfit. Look for a pair of sandals with woven details to update your sandal game this season. Wrap top for bolder you with darling wrap top that was made to be paired with your favorite blue jeans. Update your statement earrings for spring with a romantic floral inspired version that can be worn for day or night. Shop for a floral printed womens top or go for the shoulder floral top for a more easy-breezy fresh look.

Cropped pants deliver the utilitarian trend that is always a spring go-to. Try a cargo pants with a modern silhouette like this wide leg version for extra style point. Shop for a purse that combines both weaves and textured material and structure design for a new take on the latest bag trend. Linen dress is apparently sexy as this cheeky dress is sure to get you in the mood for warmer weather instantly. Tailored shorts are trending nowadays especially if it’s a fitted short. Make sure it has an appropriate office length which is a must-have in our look. Sick of the tiny-bitty sunglasses trend? Go for big and oversized this season with a take on the cat eye. The best way to combat summer showers is with a pastel-hued fashionable trench coat.

Since we have given you a roundup of the must-buy items this season, you may check out the influencers collection page in OwnTheLooks website which is especially curated by the fashion blogger and influencer, Dima Al Sheikhly herself injecting her personal fashion pick from the entire collection. Ranging from Double Breasted Bateau Blazer Top, Red and White Button Sleeveless Blazer Midi Dress, Gold Glimmer Sleeved Bodycon Midi Dress, White Elastic Long Sleeves Button Up Off the Shoulder Top, Denim Pearl Detail Jacket, up to White Asymmetric Black Belt Detail T-shirt that is all valued at reasonable prices.

Relaxed shapes capture the season’s effortless vibe is the take of OwnTheLooks collection. The collection consists of slouchy, wide-legged pants, bohemian caftans and a wrap dress cut from scarves balance preppy shirts—a classic trench for a collection that is feminine and familiar, modern and easy. The fabric used is draped silk, cashmere and soft crepe set for a laid-back tone underscored by designs crafted.

Meanwhile, Own the looks by shopping the latest collection of OwnTheLooks which hinged on great standalone pieces with assorted silhouettes, textures, prints with attitudes that lend themselves to be mixed-and-matched liberally, according to individual’s personality. Drawing from a vast time frame like pencil silhouettes from the 20s, fringes from the 30s, Fifties’ in full skirts, the Seventies’ flares—each look is put together to tell a different story with femininity, quality, and color in the common thread. Each is infused with an element of surprise, a modern-contemporary twist— highly-detailed touches that represents the idea of high technology creates a high craft.

Violet standalone pieces are available following the Pantone Color of the Year. Violets can be seen in OwnTheLooks women’s collection and on the other hand, reflect the line’s signature of utilitarian spirit while elevating this season to the street cool vibe. Multiple layers define the silhouettes which mainly lean and elongate the women’s range and proportions are exaggerated in the lineup.

Leathers are in the line up as unexpected juxtapositions and contradictions that are always personal and individualistic touches the collection—possessing the rugged burnished leather and shearling. A mix of a strong urban aesthetic with athletic references to convey a new techno-effect. A hoodie attached to a leather short-sleeved jackets elongates a smoothly crafted shirting fabric is layered under a cropped cotton trouser.

So shop now the latest womens stylish tops online from OwnTheLooks as the new season calls for trendy womens dresses with vibrant colors, prints, embroidery; as well as cool denim and exclusive trendy tops for women. If you haven't shopped yet, go online to find something great from OwnTheLooks latest collection. Have no fear because there’s still time to find the Mina Al Sheikhly -inspired pieces and Own the looks that best suits your demand for a fabulous style. Like what you have read here? Follow OwnTheLooks on Instagram using @ownthelooks and @minaalsheikhly for more styling inspirations.


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