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Hazel Long Sleeve Crop Top


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Basic Style

Most of us take fashion inspirations from style bloggers, famous celebrities as we know that they have unlimited super-cool wardrobes but actually they just manage how to do tiny tweaks to make the most basic outfits look fabulously chic. Somehow, they put together basic wardrobe essentials you have never thought would go to create totally next-level looks using the same pieces. To score create a fresh ensemble just follow these easy tips for making stylish outfits instantly.

If you are good in mixing and matching and layering pieces then you won’t have any problem to ownthelooks as there are easy ways to look fashionable for less and save money by getting more use out of the basic outfits that are already in your closet. Just add few new pieces to still up with the trend but when you have a bunch of different layers on, the finished ensemble can end up look a little bulky. So, here are some tricks for you to ownthelooks and practical ways on stylish basic clothing.

Fashion Tips of All Time Women’s Basic Clothing

Show skin in a strategical manner. It is important to know that looking truly sexy entails knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps to create that mystery. We advise choosing a one-only and one-body part to show it off.  If you want to show off your legs, stay covered on top.

Round up white button-downs by taking a classic cue; elevate jeans and keeping ball skirts from drifting away. So, don't overbleach and refresh regularly.

Own the look and accessorize with bright colors. Inject energy to your bags and shoes if you've got a wardrobe closet full of neutrals like navy, black, camel, or gray. Be versatile by wearing nea utral base with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colors.

Go hands free for an evening affair. Don on for a dressy bag with a chain that helps you hold hors d'oeuvre and a cocktail glass as it lends a cool edge to evening wear. A chain creates best effect on the dress if its diagonally across your body.

Throw on a scarf as it is the ultimate accessory of the best-dressed women out there. Carry on to transform simple T-shirts by making a knot for basic style or cache one in your purse for an instant level up womens tops.

In basic clothing consider the wear and care before you buy basic wardrobe essentials. Try to gauge how a piece might hold up after a few washings and don't shell out for clothes you can't take to the dry cleaners.

Embrace your shape once you know which silhouettes flatter you and filter those trends ruthlessly for you to ownthelooks. If you are petite and curvy it is best to avoid tall columns and puffy maxi dresses even if you love them. Go for womens dresses with defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem.

Own the look by rounding down in denim. When you are not sure go with the smaller size of stretchable jeans. Nothing's more unflattering than the unintentionally baggy buttocks.

We advise you to edit your closet by giving clothes a breathing room. Select for those you can still wear and edit out that super old stuff. Consider donating your old clothes, remember to do a good deed as well.

Another trick for basic clothing is by layering your necklaces. Coco Chanel's more-is-more scheme still makes a statement today. Do multiples of the same material or go for contrast which is much interesting. Don’t be afraid of trying queer pieces with edgy chains, feathers with beads, or pearls with some diamanté.

Seek out light by wearing white. Clothes in white shade always look more see-through in daylight. Be in a bright setting to be safe.

Striped pieces are a nice which is a classic way to pull yourself together for the weekend. A red- or navy-and-white top has presence and versatility.

Do not settle for cheap clothing hardware so upgrade your buttons—swap in nicer buttons or have a tailor do it.

Outerwear piece should never be an afterthought—never buy a boring and stale coat as so many people only see you in your coat—look for a stylish coat piece.

Own the look with something leopard. Choose a print which become a staple in your accessories wardrobe. Go for timeless, piquant enough and always glamorous pieces.

Take practice in mixing your prints by combining colors, scale, and patterns but there are some basic tricks to getting it right. Wearing two prints that repeat the same colors or mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller one could be interesting and even easier is to use the second motif as an accent.

Do not always take the safer style—conquer our fear of color. Combine a neutral with something bolder like yellow or red but think twice in pairing intense hues with black which can look dated. For something striking and punchier, try two colors that complement with each other in the color wheel such as coral and orange.

Wear a knockout accent for your evening dress to convert you as a stunner. All you need is one showstopping accessory.

Go vintage. Sometimes classics still standout. Take for example a jumpsuit of 2018, check out its difference from the ‘70s as there are elusive design tweaks that make a revival different from the original. Do not take your classics in archive forever, trust your garments and be confident.

One must have a go-to tailored jacket for a wardrobe that is less formal will help you look stunning when pulled together even on casual days. Go beyond the blazer with wool trousers or a jeans version over a silk shirt, or the stylists' favorite—an army jacket over just about anything.

Make a touch of contrast which makes good outfits great by adding an element of surprise wearing dresses with sequins, a motorcycle jacket over a formal gown or an oversize choker with an easy white T-shirt or a vivid shoe complementing the skirt.

Jazz up your little black dress by wearing tinted sheers plus booties or try some dressy jackets paired with colored shoes and bags.

Opt for a comfort and dress for first class but still chic enough and upgraded to complete the outfit just throw on jeans or leggings, then add flats, heels, or riding boots. The unofficial uniforms of jet-setters worldwide are sharp blazer, scarf and a leather jacket. Stud earrings will go with any color, fabric, or style of cocktail dress and will never compete with other jewelry.

The distance between the crotch and the waistband is critical to the fit on trousers—check its rise. So, always make sure pants are neither too snug nor droopy in this area before you buy them.

As you reassess your wardrobe for spring, now’s the time to make sure you have foolproof classics like a denim jacket, a basic trench, and a silk square scarf. Buying silk blouse in duplicates is essential as its beauty lies in its versatility as it looks as great with a pencil skirt as it does tuck into high-waist jeans.

The slightly oversize white shirt could fill a closet with variations on a white button-down but if you're looking to buy one that can pull double duty this would be it. Choose a cut and oversize enough that you can wear and it is not so big that you can't do the half tuck into a pair of jeans.

The dress shirt is a lightweight and perfect construction for a relaxed fit. You can wear it any day of the week to work—open the buttons deep and roll up the sleeves on the weekend.

Biker jacket is essential just have to be very careful and look for versions that are not too complicated.

Tempting to always buy is the denim jacket as it may be oversize and can be worn off the shoulders—slim fitted style is a better purchase. Accent dresses, sweaters, and button-up casuals by throwing one over your shoulders for a good vibe.

Black ankle pants are an alternative to jeans when you need to look a little more dressed up. The classic leather belt is worthy to boost your average jeans and T-shirt look.

Tailored structured, lightweight yet waterproof—a trench coat is a comfortable and a classic statement garment thus if you want to stay true to tradition go with the iconic coat check out OwnTheLooks for the perfect one.

Every woman should have at least one blazer that is flattering to silhouette even you don’t work in an office. The versatile white tee always goes for a great budget buy.

You have to own your share of delicate fine jewelry. Purchase a midi skirt that is flattering and works appropriate and gives your figure a subtle vavavoom silhouette. Invest in great sunglasses that would protect your eyes from sun rays yet has a stylish frame.

For online shopping for basic clothing check out OwnTheLooks.
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