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You no longer need to guess what's going on inside the heads of fashion influencers like Ola Farahat and Rania Fawaz. We've got together with some of our favorite style icons to pick their brains on their secrets to looking chic and stylish 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Check them out below! 

ownthelooks dress

Sort your closet 

Organizing and editing a wardrobe is essential to dressing stylishly. After all, you would not be able to create a gorgeous outfit if you’re not able to see what you actually own! You can start the process by decluttering the wardrobe and selling or donating (we recommend the latter) anything that you’re no longer planning of wearing. 

Then, organize the items you want to retain neatly into categories. Invest in hangers so you can hang what has to be hung, then fold the rest. Also, get a good shoe rack. That way, you’ll be able to visualize complete outfits. As soon as that’s taken care of, your closet will definitely feel a lot more inspiring. You will nix those moments where you have ‘nothing to wear!’ 

Find a great tailor

The work of good tailors can make wonders. They can make even bargain wardrobes look, designer. Although you will be spending extra money on getting items altered, you will quickly learn that extra wear you’re getting far outweighs the extra bucks for tailoring.

Whether it is a pair of trousers that needed to be hemmed or dresses that had to be taken in, there is nothing that beats garments that are precisely fitted to your exact measurements. Another great tip would be asking a tailor to change ugly or cheap-looking buttons into ones with fancier styles. By doing so, you will make all of your coats and jackets look and feel more luxurious. 

Invest in styles perfect for your body shape 

Having a constant supply of outfits and making sure they all look incredible requires strategic shopping. Invest in styles and designs that work perfectly for the shape of your body. If you are unsure of the clothes that will work on you, look at the items that are most flattering on your closet. 

If you look and feel best with empire waist dresses or high-rise skinny jeans, shop for more with the same exact silhouette. You can create variety by experimenting with different colors, fabrics, and embellishments while also maintaining the confidence in knowing you’d look fantastic in your purchases. 

Balance the top and the bottom 

Black Lace Blush Asymmetric Skirt Dress Set

While catwalk models make pulling off tight or loose outfits appear simple, it definitely is not the case for everyone. For the majority of us, successful looks come from striking a balance. With that in mind, it is important that you plan outfits wherein the top complements the bottom. If you are wearing a tight shirt, try pairing your top with loose pants. If you are wearing a full skirt or wide-legged pants, consider wearing a cropped or fitted top. 

Curate colors depending on your skin tone 

There are certain colors that look better on you and yes, this is from your skin tone. You can ensure you rock any outfit by filling your closet with colors that flatter your skin tone the most. For those with a cooler complexion, get garments in black, silver, blue, grey, and white. For those with warmer undertones, stock up in different shades of yellow, brown, red, olive, and gold. 

Upgrade casual outfits with scarves 

Color Burst Scarf

Scarves instantly upgrade casual outfits. Just by slipping on a fancy scarf before you head out the door, you’ll make a rather relaxed outfit appear a lot more polished and together. This instant style upgrade can be seen with off-duty fashion influencers all the time. The next time you are rocking a shirt and denim jeans, try taking their lead and elevate your look with a beautiful scarf. 

Pre-select your outfits 

Most of us are rushing in the morning, especially if there’s still the need to try on different outfits to settle on one for the day. Instead of running late every single day, always wear the same exact thing or try putting together outfits for the entire week. Having pre-selected, stylish looks will definitely make mornings run smoothly, regardless of how late you’ll sleep in. 

We suggest doing this on the weekend. Hang the pieces in your closet that are ready to go. Create different options as well for business, formal, and casual occasions. 

Learn to layer 

Layering will take any outfit from zero to hero. Although it’s quite hard to master this skill, it is definitely worth learning. Take inspiration and try mimicking the looks of fashion influencers with your own style. Don’t be scared of experimenting as well. You can start by wearing V-neck shirts under satin slip dresses. 

You can also wear a top, mini skirt, and a trench coat combo. If you are feeling chic, try fishnet stockings underneath ripped jeans. You won’t just look seriously stylish but incredibly playful as well.
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