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Whether it comes to stiletto heels and peep-toe shoes, or chic clutches and smart slings, and even might extend to smashing sunglasses and voguish accessories, the clear or transparent trend is not going to go away anywhere. Fashion keeps evolving and reinventing itself, and can almost be equated to the stock market, where trends cannot be predicted and what is going to be an instant hit is never certain. A concept so transparent and simple has hit off so well with fashionistas and is globally dominating the style force as of this recent time. You may label these products as clear, transparent, see-through or opaque, ultimately it is the same stuff that is on our wish lists. We are suckers for anything that makes finding that one perfect item quick and easy. After all, there is a reason why everyone is buying up these clear trend related products. So, skip the searching, 'cause we are bringing you some of our favorite picks from this latest trend that will help you own the looks. 

Why are we so obsessed with this see-through trend? The answer is simple, it's new, refreshing, suits everyone's style and most importantly is affordable. Gone are those days when you had to match your outfit colors with the shades of your add ones but now, however, the winds of change are blowing and we go with the easier and elegant choice, by opting for transparent items. Whether you are new to the trend train or have been wondering how to carry it off, we will show you how to rock it with ease. So it is time to take a cue from some fashionable celebs and influencers and show you how to try out the hottest pieces whether it is day or night.

First up we begin with clear sunglasses. Not too new to the concept, but they are a catalyst in the fashion scene of today. These are available in various shapes and styles and can be chosen in accordance with your face cut.  The best part about these is that they can be used both in daily wear and as well as for your outings and parties. They are the most coveted fashion accessory as of now. These have been featured on almost all the influencers' pages for a while now and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. They suit most face types and go with the maximum number of outfits.

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch looks gorgeous in her clear glasses

Next up, this summer, the big trend is these surprisingly classy clear strap sandals. They can be worked into your shoed robe for any occasion or location, no matter what your style vibe is. As seen on the runways of the shows, these have been an instant rage amongst all celebs as they don these for their official meeting or weekend brunches. So ladies time to get your feet well-manicured, put some bright nail polish and let your toes do the talking as you slip into a pair of these. If heels are not your thing, you can easily skip them, and go with flats of the same transparent kind. These can extend to slippers or boots too. At first, we were uncertain whether these are fashionably acceptable, as it seems the world likes to try funky things every now and then. Since these have been termed modish for a few seasons now, the fervor is only rising.

Kim Kardashians plastic shoe

Kim Kardashian West wearing clear plastic boots is truly a summer vibe we aspire to have

Lastly, we have transparent bags, clutches, sling, and purses. You name it and we have seen it. These usually come in two kinds, either they are completely transparent which shows all the contents of your bag (a bit risky) or secondly, they are semitransparent which is definitely the better way out, since it makes you fashion forward and fulfills your purpose of having a real purse that does not disclose the contents. The popularity of these has grown worldwide, and they are totally worth it. Whether it comes to beach outings, summer soirees, evenings at the movies or for fancy dinner reservations, it is your go-to accessory this season.

ownthelooks bags

Negin Shoari carries the White Transparent Plastic Stripe Print Baguette Shoulder Bag from the OwnTheLooks collection.

We give a ten on ten to this trend, as it is visually appealing and ticks off all the boxes on our lists. Whether you are looking to achieve a subtle look or want to dress to impress, we have got you all covered in one place. This summer is updated with what works for your personal style and be 'clear' about it. 

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