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Wearing prints could be considered as an art or a talent, and it does not come to everyone naturally. Today we are going to show you how to be the queen of the jungle, by donning all kinds of classic animal prints for your different attires and accessories. We need no proof and we are all well versed by now that animal print is fashion’s new neutral, it does not phase out and remains in our closets for years to come. The celebs and influencers undoubtedly favor with favorite print when it comes to street style, boho, chic and classic which is certainly around the year option. Here is how to wear it, and own the looks, while you are at it. From what is considered as fab to what is categorized as drab, we got it all right here. Whether you like versatile neutrals or playful patterns, we have uncovered choices for every taste. 

While many find it a risky game, and can easily get overwhelmed while selecting the correct print for the occasion, it is important to combine these striking patterns carefully with other items to achieve a sophisticated and sassy look. Whether it is the leopard, snakeskin, or even tiger patterns, we know how to ace them all, in their own individual ways. Ahead, jump to the animal print you already know you love or read through the full lineup of must-haves and best buys. This is a laundry list of the outfits you will want to buy, the old ones that you will be digging out again, the new styling tricks that will turn everything around and the new trends that you need to know about.

We start off with wearing animal print dresses and maxis. These are popular around the year, as this would be the effortless and sensational style that rules the fashion stratosphere. Wear these for a day time meeting, or an even coffee date, it works well everywhere. Add on a jacket for a formal look, if you wish. Additionally, throw on your favorite back wayfarers, along with a sassy sling bag to get a captivating look. 

Cheetah Print Oversized Shirt Dress

Mahfouz Haya wearing the Cheetah Print Oversized Shirt Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection.

We then move on to, printed sunglasses. These are a fresh take on style cum essentials. With feminine styles and feline vibes, we know how to ace the look with animal print glasses. Whether you are heading out to sunny day lunch or an evening soiree, it can be worn anywhere. Wear these over your plain outfits, and let your eyes do the talking. There are many prints and colors to choose from (such as cheetah, leopard, tiger, etc) which we like to dedicate to different occasions and events. 

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue makes a modish statement in her animal print sunglasses. 

Next up, we have animal print jackets. Or a long-tailored blazer could work the same way. Layering is fun, if you do the right, rather the fashionable way. When your jackets are of fauna prints, they up your game, multiple levels automatically. These give you all the leverage to dress up all by throwing on a sassy coat on your normal dresses and your standard nine to five outfits. Go from meh, to woah, really quick. The key is to wear prints in similar shades and accessorize with modern pieces like a small tote bag and wear a statement necklace around your neck. For your feet, you could wear strappy heels, that can be of tan or brownish colors. 

Kate Moss

Kate Moss looks fab as ever, in her fitted animal print blazer.

And last but not least, we have snakeskin shoes. These are endlessly versatile and can go with just about anything. A wardrobe classic, snake print heels are even adequate substitutes for nude or skin toned shoes. Slip them on with a red or black dress, or with a vibrant top and shorts.  You can opt for boots or heels of the same kind; they both do the magic. Leave behind your boring old shoes, and settle for these which make more head-snapping than any other styles.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez goes for a double whammy by pairing her dress with snakeskin boots.

The rule of wearing animal print is, where how much you want to, there are no restrictions and accordingly, you can dress up or dress down for the occasion to own the looks. Outfits for the animal print range from loud and quiet looks, sporty and elegant too and modest and racy silhouettes. Make your pick, and suit what yourself with what makes you feel like a proper fashionista.

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