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As always, we want to keep you updated about what's in and what's out, and oversized clothing is the next big trend that you need to keep in mind while scouting for your latest shopping spree. If it was not for influencers and models, we would be asking ourselves if this even a real thing? Today we ask you girls if you are aware of the new trend on the block and how it is supposed to be styled. But some of us have questions about what exactly is it? Basically, oversized clothes are the ones that have a loose fitting, and such clothes are often termed as relaxed, and cozy but we could also say they have a flowy and baggy fit as compared to normal clothing. Basically, oversized clothing often has a reputation for being the clothes you wear when you don’t want to put any effort into your outfit or look for the day. 

Why is it so in vogue that oversized clothing made its way to some of the world's best runways and is being adapted to, by high profile designers and celebrities. Today we will tell you how to own the looks in them, as you naturally stay comfy and snug. As a matter of fact, clothes must be comfortable and only then can they accentuate your body and persona. Over time fashion has evolved in multi-dimensions, from body cons to oversized attires, everything can be modish if you dress well. Time to forget the skinny jeans and slim fit top because the baggy style is back and in a big big way.  

The most appreciated and down-home oversized combination would be big sized hoodies and flowy track pants do the trick well. These can also be worn as active wear during exercise and other days to day activities. When you take time off to just watch Netflix and chill, it calls for this type of a relaxed outfit. Pair the look with cute fur sliders and the type of fashion that you strive to exude will be nothing short of a classy, and well put together the ensemble that will be perfect for all days.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian cools snug in her oversized black attire

Next up we have oversized cardigans. Wear a plain simple dress and throw on smart wool or cotton cardigan. This is a very recent way of dressing for cool breakfasts and branches or for a day out to the cinema. Keep it casual and stylish never came this easy. Alternatively, you could also try an oversized cardigan with a loose T-shirt, jeans or chinos, and sneakers for a quick weekend look. 

Cardigan OwnTheLooks collection

Nourhanne Hassan serving us looks in the Beige Distressed Oversized Cardigan from the OwnTheLooks collection

Next up we have oversized sunglasses. Who is not in love with their elegant design and beautiful look? They have been in vogue for almost a decade and are here to stay. They are the go-to sunnies for a spring or sunny day. It is an accessory you can wear every single day without raising an eyebrow. Whether you are heading out to your office meeting or a relaxed brunch, these work well everywhere, all the time. You can count on us for always using this as a buffer where you can't make your mind about which sunnies to choose. 

Yellow Lens Octagon Sunglasses

Rinki Pamnani wearing the Yellow Lens Octagon Sunglasses from the OwnTheLooks collection

And at last, we have the oversized shoes. What are these for real? Well not literally, because you wear your own size but nowadays sneakers and kicks are made larger than the usual fit. This style works best when you dip your toes in gently at first, quite literally. Neutral shades like grey, white and navy work best, when it comes to oversized sports shoes. Wear these beneath your casuals or formals, they go almost over anything. 


Bella Hadid slays in her black kicks

You want to make sure that the items you are going to be wearing have to be over sized in the correct places, like the shoulders and the waist to get the trend going. Exaggerated clothing is new the way to go, and we are giving it a big nod because it is affordable, comfy, casual and easily available. Which piece is your fav? You can mix n match to create your own version of it to own the looks. 



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