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It is the first day of the work week and we are in the mood to snooze our alarm for the nth time and go back to bed, 'cause what's better than that? Well, girls, there is something to look forward to - that is to pump up your work wardrobe and choose cute outfits. Many of these clothes would be perfect for corporate environments and others are more appropriate for creative workplaces but with some mix and match, and some minor tweaks here and there, you are good to go. We have curated a combination of the essentials along with some newbies that are trending this year.


The key tip while picking out outfits is to accessorize them well so that you look formal enough, but have a dressed-up look. The styles that exist for different office types range from conservative and creative to casual, as well as interview attires, and day to night or even for special events. Our closets are usually filled with a ton of muted colors such as black, white, brown, cream and navy blue and other monochromes, but occasionally these can be with switched with brighter shades which will also deliver some elegant and sharp looks. So, what are you waiting for girl bosses? It's time to suit up and OwnTheLooks.


Let us first begin with the classic - Blazer. What better than a blazer jacket with formal pants? This is the safest combo that you can choose, and do not restrict yourself only to soft pastels. Go ahead with bolder colors and experiment. Wear a plain white shirt within and throw on a mid-sized tote, or a satchel bag along. To complete the attire, it would be ideal to wear wedges, or closed shoes.

Baby Pink and White Polka Blazer - ownthelooks collections

Diana Maimouni slays in Baby Pink and White Polka Blazer from the OwnTheLooks collection

Next up are Skirts. These can be tricky because workplaces opt for different lengths of skirts which they think are appropriate. The safest option is to go with Pencil Skirts since these are always suitable for the office ethos and in the same go give a very sharp look if paired with the right top or shirt. Pick a skirt with a pattern, or keep it simple with pleats, they all do the same trick. You can accessorize with a chunky pendant around your neck and maybe wear an elaborate belt around your waist.

Jennifer Aniston wears a grey pencil skirt and a white top

 Jennifer Aniston wears a grey pencil skirt and a white top

An apt solution to the perennial problem of what to wear to the office is solved by wearing a Cardigan. When you're in a crazy rush and battling for extra time in the mornings, these wardrobe ninjas come to the rescue. They are easy maintenance and are our last minute saviors. You could wear a striped or checked pants since these are in vogue. Carry a trapeze bag and don some high heels or stilettos.

own the look

Olivia Popes wearing a grey cardigan is our inspo for a rush day outfit

Our endless quest for the perfect pair for Heels never ends. And why should it? Because there is so much to choose from and every different color adds a different element to our shoe collection. We'd suggest, hoarding a few too many of these and you will never regret it. This is because heels can be worn in the office atmosphere and at the same time can be utilized for your outings and parties. This is a good investment and never disappoints. Keep in mind that these should be donned only if your outfit is on the simpler side or isn't too flashy.

Eva Longoria Baston wears red heels with her black ensemble - you can owthelook

Eva Longoria Baston wears red heels with her black ensemble

Who said you can't incorporate comfy wear into your 9 to 5 schedule? Yes, oversized Sweaters do the trick. You can slip into these and be cozy, while yet pulling off a smart casual Friday work vibe. Pair these with high waist pants for the bottom and go along with closed or peep toe shoes. Stay snugly, stay happy and work better. These are our favourites since you don't have to put in much effort. You could accessorize with long earrings or a simple necklace.

Gigi Hadid sports an over sized sweater with black pants

Work clothes no longer just mean suits, blazers, starched shirts, and tailored trousers. Though there is a need to distinguish between office dress codes such as - business formal, business casual, casual, smart casual and fashion-forward, it does not mean that these cannot be mixed and matched or overlapped with each other to create flexible styles. The major takeaway here is to not be rigid and go with the flow and experiment to your heart's content. so, ladies let us know your work styles and how you OwnTheLooks.


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