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Women in politics have always made history, and women in fashion have ensured that the world is well dressed. Politicians who are fashionable, make a statement both literally and figuratively. Power in both politics and dressing, speaks volumes on behalf of their personality and his aura. Also, while looking at them from a fashion perspective we noticed that there were a few among them who were less afraid to be themselves and for that they’ve been lauded worldwide. The dapper or smarter than they dress, the more they are remembered in history for their unique styles and are etched in our memory. Indeed, these ladies are stars in her own rights and serve as inspiration for many people around the world.

These are women that we celebrate for their intellect, power, fashion and stance in society. It amazes us to see how such colossal personalities are keeping up with modish and trendy fashion styles, and carrying them with so much grace and poise. Each of their dress code signaling briskness, beauty, elegance, efficiency, and strength. Every clothing choice at every event has been thought through very carefully for these leaders and says way more than what is on the surface. From color to the designer, these women have a team behind them helping with those fashion choices that also influence the brand of that individual. Time to see some of our favs, who can own the looks. So it is time to take a look at some key fashion moments in politics and the historical significance that these women have created.

First up we have the legendary Michelle Obama. First Lady of the White House for eight years and wife to Mr. Barrack Obama, this lady is known for her valor, courage, and sensibilities. She has served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, and nutrition. She supported American designers and was considered a fashion icon. Her style is distinct from others, as it involves all her mixed patterns, sleeveless dresses, statement jewels and take on prints as well as bold and bright colors.

michelle obama

Michelle Obama always has been a visionary in her work and her fashion game.

Next up, we have someone who has made waves for overcoming several religious and social constructs and making a name for herself in history. Yes, she is no other than Meghan Markle. Marrying into the royal family did not come easy, but this lady knows how to take anything into her stride. She is celebrated for one of the most monumental moments in British history. What we love about her is that she repeats outfits, tweaks them around and still manages to look as chic as ever. All her looks are polished without being overdone. And that’s exactly what we like that about her style.

meghan markle

Meghan Markle is the world's youth icon

Next up, we have the Queen from the royal family of the Middle East. Rania Abdullah is the queen of Jordan and is known for her advocacy work related to education, health, community empowerment, and the youth. She defines femme power as she takes decision making into her own hands, and is a star in her own right and an inspiration for many around the world. She supports Middle Eastern designers and often dons gowns, chic daywear dress, traditional garments, as she embraces contemporary prints and ruffles, all with utmost grace.

queen rania

 Her Grace, >Queen Rania looks ravishing as ever.

And finally, we have the ever so gorgeous, Amal Clooney. She is definitely bound to be politically correct being the best Barrister from the UK and has specialized in international law and human rights. Clooney was appointed to a number of United Nations commissions, that aside, she certainly accomplishes to get any designer’s vision to life, making each look inspirational. Her work is always spoken in high regard and to top that, the style icon’s choices have always been fashion forward. Hey, we could go on and on about her forever!

amal clooney

>Amal Clooney has always been a lady full of passion and power.

These powerful women have shown us that women excel at everything they set their mind to. They are women of substance, passion, and power who hold the reigns of politics of their nations, and at the same time individually represent what they themselves stand for. Kudos to all the ladies, who know how to pursue their dreams and set food in places where they break barriers. We love to see them as fashionistas who take styling very seriously to always own the looks no matter where they go and what they do.

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