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Keeping up with the Kardashian clan can be quite entertaining and yet exhausting, after all they are the family that has reigned the television entertainment industry since a decade or even more. It does not matter if you hate them or love them, there will not be any such day when you do not see news related to them on Instagram and Snapchat. The world is obsessed with their clothing style, food, make up and everything related to their supremely elite lifestyle. From celebrated beauty and make up companies to clothing, they have a business in every sector possible. What makes them so special, why is that women just can't get enough of their style? How is that their style is yet so relevant and looked up to after all these years?

We are here to break it down for you, listing down the A to Z of the Kardashian Jenner family style. Which sister do you relate the most to? Whose style stands out the most among-st all the others? Whether they showcase their personal or professional lives, their fancy clothes can never be missed. Yes, to watch and keep up with them is even our guilty pleasure. It does not matter whether you see them as reality television personalities, models, entrepreneurs, socialites, or as social media personalities, ultimately, they always OwnTheLooks.

First, we begin with the lady who made this family so famous. The most well-known one, with 120 Million followers on Instagram - Kim Kardashian West. Her style clearly leans more towards street style and athleisure clothing from the Yeezy collections. Over sized sweaters, biker shorts and transparent heels are her go to look. Her wardrobe mainly consists of slip and body con dresses or sweatshirts and hoodies. Kim loves donning latex dresses and spandex outfits. All her outfits are carefully curated in a way that they highlight her body.


KKW sports the spandex outfit with boots

Next up, we have the eldest sister who has maintained herself the best till date. Kourtney Kardashian boasts of 70 Million followers. Her style is often cute and achievable, from cropped shirts and halter tops to mullet dresses and floral jumpsuits, we give her a thumbs up for her wardrobe choices. Her standard style would conclude with a denim shirt and flared pants as she sips on to her match tea on the streets of LA. This mom of three knows how to slay!

Kourtney -ownthelook



 Kourtney in an all-black ensemble

Next up we have the most loving sister, Khloe Kardashian who has a whopping 82 Million followers on her Instagram. From extravagant fur coats and flowy cardigans to sheer tops and distressed denims, she knows how to rock them all. With her long blonde hair and larger than her face hoops, she looks like nothing less than a classy diva. Khloe is known for sporting retro trends and loves going vintage and playing around with her looks. This girl has the ideal height to carry off any look and also look like a diva. 

own the looks

Khloe looks smashing in the fancy outfit.

Let us now move on the younger generation, the Jenner siblings. First up we have Kendall, who is currently the numero Uno model of the fashion world. Talk about sheer and net clothing, and instantly think about Kendall. This girl literally rules the runway and is mostly seen in trendy denims, and smart shirts. She is seen to be wearing, fancy leather ensemble and sporting chic outfit combinations together. After all, who can do it better than someone who is constantly walking the ramp and has a loyal follower base of 


Kendall is the ultimate style guru

And last but not the least, we have Kylie Jenner. Teen sensation and youth icon, this girl has managed to get amass a massive following of 119 million followers on Instagram! That is a lot for a twenty one girl old girl! She is the queen of body con and latex dresses, but she has also had a collection of over sized graphic tees and cute pastel jumpsuits. Playing around with colorful wigs and make up is also her thing. We like her vibe, because she can get dolled up but also dress up cozy. That is the kind of mix we all look for. Isn't it?


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