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Ugh. It is always a mess, trying to figure out which sunnies to wear for which occasion, and then we question ourselves by asking, 'Does it even suit my face shape?' It has always been a mammoth task to choose from an array of so many different styles, colors, shapes, brands, and what not, we understand how hard is it to know what eyewear suits your face the best.  From retro square styles to cat eyes, and brow line to the sport, fear not, 'cause we have got you covered with our quick guide! Well, it is true that your personality should reflect your frame style, and that is why we are here to simplify the selection process. Knowing which frames flatter your unique features will make hunting down that perfect pair a breeze and help you own the looks.

No matter what frame you pick, if you love it, you will definitely feel good, and awesome about it looking so great! From vintage collections and classic ones, we also will update you on the newbie trends. Whether you want to accentuate the appearance or simply make a style statement, we going to show you how to do both ways. As the basic rules that have been standardized according to face shapes are: If you have a round face then round glasses emphasize that, therefore choose squarer frames. Whilst if you have a square face choose rounder frames. And if you have a long face go with wide shallow frames, or if you have a wide face opt for deeper frames. Time to jump to the design you already know you love or read through the full lineup of must-haves.

So first off, we start with the classic Aviator Sunglasses, that were originally designed to block the sun from all angles but are now even considered as fashion essentials. It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular sunglasses styles of all times. From pilots to celebs, all pick this when unsure of what to pick, since it is a safe bet. It goes with most face shapes and all you have to do is pick the right size. 

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush keeps it modish in her aviators

With feminine styles and feline vibes, we know how to ace the Cat Eye Sunglasses. It is an accessory you can wear every single day without raising an eyebrow. Whether you are heading out to your office meeting or a relaxed brunch, these work well everywhere, all the time. There are many prints and colors to choose from, which we like to dedicate to different occasions and events. Yes, these are absolutely perfect!

sunglasses collections

Hoda Tannir looks chic in the White Mini Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses from the OwnTheLooks collection

Next up, we have the Brow Bar Sunglasses aka Top Bar Sunnies have hit our Instagram feeds like no other. Literally, everyone is sporting them in funky colors and the best part is that they are so in vogue at the moment. These highlight your eyebrows in a way to make them look, perfect. They are complementary to most of your ritzy and snazzy ensembles. Therefore, these reign in the sunglasses collection of all millennials.  Promoting the illusion of a facial expression that seems firm but is yet cool, they have some dashing edge to them.

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson looks cool as ever in her Brow Bar Sunnies

And finally, we have the Circular Sunglasses. What they do best is, add a subtle vintage feel to the usual shapes and they suit most face types. The pro tip here is, they create an understated look that accentuates your face but does not distract from your facial features. We are instantly reminded of retro-inspired looks and are the go-to sunnies for a spring or sunny day. Further refine your style with the type of metal, color, and size of the sunglasses.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston giving us all the retro vibes in her Circular Sunglasses

Since sunglasses are pretty much round the year accessories and come handy while adding that extra touch to your outfits, we will tell you how to pick the perfect ones for your outfits to give them the subtle definition and bespoke style. Some of these picks are timeless while others may stay or go. Every face is the same but yet different, preferences may differ so you must always pick what accentuates your physical features.  We know finding the go-to pair can be difficult, that is why it is best to stock up on a variety of these. Time to put on your sunnies and own the looks in them.

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