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Ring Lace Back Denim Jacket

The fashion industry is a gorgeous- place wherein you will be able to locate the most fabulous clothing pieces to style women, regardless of shape and size – with the exception of plus size or curvy women. Women are now wearing sizes sixteen to eighteen; however, designers are still dripping with disdain or lacking with the imagination in creating clothes or refusing in making the ones that are fit for plus size beauties. 

The fact is absolutely astounding. We also understand what you may be feeling as we are also in pain. There's certainly no acceptable reason as to why plus size or curvy women are not able to look as stunning and wonderful similar to all other kinds of women. It is simply about proportions, balancing the silhouette as well as selecting the correct kind of accessories that can make clothes fit and flatter the extraordinary bodies of women of all sizes. 

This fashion tip is applicable to every lady out there: a belt is the clothing piece that you would not want to be amiss in your closet. A belt helps in the creation of a balanced silhouette that we just mentioned earlier. You should play with proportions with the main goal of looking taller and leaner, if you are after such. A belt is literally the one accessory that can easily transform even the most boring of outfits. You can create a waist with a belt and you will look incredible. 

We know you are dying for more tips. Let's get right into it, then! 

Try on different clothing sizes when shopping 

The sizes of clothes are basically just letters. It is important that you remember that. As we know, the sizes of clothes can vary from a store to another. It is, therefore, also important that you find the perfect fit for you. The best way for you to do so is by shopping online. Look for clothes and outfits that can be added with belts. If possible, also get a one size belt. It can help you look awesome while still being adjustable and comfortable. 

 Find clothing pieces that flatter the shape of your body 

Navy Blue Sleeved Sash Pencil MIdi Dress

Not many people know this but curvy women are not actually the same. It is essential you dress specifically with the shape of your body. For instance, you may be an apple shape. If so, then you should flatter your assets with the illusion of having a smaller waist. You may not be comfortable with it, but if you are, highlight cleavage and show off your arms and legs. Wear vertical lines as well as they can help in creating a lean and long silhouette. 

Stock up on wide belts as they will be your best friend 

Waist belts are to be present in outfits that you wear and on occasions where you want to impress. We may be biased but they can create miracles. They enhance the part of the body where it is attractive and help in looking slimmer and tailored. 

If you have to compress your tummy or conceal extra fabric from a shirt or skirt, belts can also assist you as well. Of course, you need to get the wide kind first!  

Don’t hide the beautiful curves

Black Heavy Lace Sleeved Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

We mean it when we say we love curves and we think they are absolutely gorgeous. Wearing an oversized clothing will make you appear bigger and wider than you actually are. So, don’t hide your curves that women all over the world long for. Of course, clingy clothes can produce the opposite effect. They can enlarge your shape as well as call attention to all the details of your body. 

When flaunting your feminine curves, the rule is working with proportions. Highly the asset that you think is best. The addition of a belt to an outfit can help you seem like you have an hourglass figure. This contributes to showing off those stunning curves. 

Use some color 

Don’t be scared in experimenting with color. You can trust monochrome outfits to make you look slim. With monochromatic outfit styling, simply throw several pieces that are in the same shade. Remember to add texture and different kinds of fabric to an outfit so it does not look bland. Play around with accessories as well and if you like, add pops of color from your belt and/or handbag. There's no one set of rules in terms of colors for clothing. Any color can help you appear slim, so long as it is the appropriate clothing in relation to your body shape. 

Now that you know what to do, make sure you remember them as you shop. Are you in need of a wardrobe makeover? If so, then we may have something you like. Head on to our latest collection now!

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