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Dependable clothing such as a white shirt, tailored blazer, and classic jeans have already proven themselves to be essentials and the cornerstones of stylish, trendy, and complete wardrobes. Look at style icons like Hala Abdallah – she always looks very put together even with a white button up blouse and a pair of jeans.

What is necessary in a closet can vary from one person to another (as you might prefer navy blue shoes to nude flats, for instance). However, we can say there is a need to invest in these clothing basics as they won’t just elevate your style, but also streamline your getting-ready process each day and change how you see your wardrobe. Isn’t that enticing? That's a dream for most of us!

Whether you’ve just purged your wardrobe of clothes that are no longer exciting you or you deal with the conundrum of not having something to wear on a daily basis (despite having a closet that is near to bursting), do yourself one favor and restock your close with the following must-haves:

White button-up blouse

white buttoned shirts

Behold, an effortless style’s foundation. The white button-up blouse is a classic for a reason. It's a perennial must-have that can work with any occasion. You can tuck yours in a metallic skirt. Add statement jewelry whenever you have a holiday party to attend or pair the shirt with a good pair of jeans for a weekend errand. 

Neutral Blazer 

You will start noticing a theme as you’re reading starting from here: layers will be your new best friend. Blazers that are well-tailored are essential wardrobe items, most especially if you’re a working woman. Whatever clothing item it is, so long as you have a neutral blazer on, you will appear office-appropriate. Even if you are wearing a graphic tee underneath, the blazer is sure to make you feel and look amazing. Of course, you have to review the dress code for your workplace prior to making this decision.   

Denim Jacket 

denim jackets

When it is summer, but mornings feel like fall and the afternoons make you feel like it is winter, that is when denim jackets become very useful. In such case, throw a casual, lightweight layer on anything from a shirt and leggings combo, a cozy turtleneck to a breezy sundress – for an instant upgrade to your outfit. 

Black Trousers 

black trousers

We know that the word trousers can sound a tad bit dowdy. But, just hear us out. Regardless of whether you like high-waisted pants with wide legs or black pants that are sleek, fitted and cropped, trousers make for the perfect base if you want a refined look. Black trousers come in handy from formal parties to job interviews wherein you have no clue how to properly dress. 

Skinny Jeans 

Nothing beats a versatile and flattering pair of skinnies. Take not that they don’t need to be as thin as a pencil. You just have to make sure that you have jeans that you adore. If you are not a fan of super skinny jeans, then try straight-leg or tapered jeans for a multi-purpose purchase that is similarly chic. Shoot for a dark wash that’s not riddled with details as that can bring you from the day’s errands to night-outs without having to change your bottoms. 

Striped, Long-Sleeve T-shirts

Beyond plain white t-shirts, you will be shocked as to how much you’ll be getting out of a staple that is as simple as this. You can layer a striped t-shirt under coats and blazers, or tuck it into your pants casually for Friday brunch. Are you scared that stripes don’t fit you? If so, then go for a much thinner one. 

White Shoes

White kicks are close to non-negotiable when it comes to them being labeled as wardrobe basics. Be they lace ups or the slip-on type, practical or trendy, a pair of shoes in white will never go untouched and unused. Don’t become anxious about getting them dirty. You can have them cleaned easily!

Black pumps 

Whether you like wearing heels or not, invest in a pair of pumps. Make sure they are black so you can pair them with literally anything. You’ll never anticipate when you will require a pair. Completing a look using classic heels in black streamlines your outfit and make you seem like you very confident! They don’t have to be $700 Louboutins or 5-inch stilettos – just make sure that they are neat, sturdy, clean, and flattering. 

Floral Printed Blouse 

It may not be very obvious; however, a floral blouse is actually a wardrobe essential from its versatility. It's capable of adding both texture and color to outfits for the entire month, but it is always ready for your Saturday night out. 

Now that you know what to add to your wardrobe, check out our latest collections here

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