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When it comes to wedding shopping as a bridesmaid or as a guest, there are two standardized routes that you have to choose from, it is either investing in the typical but safe wardrobe staples or indulging in upcoming gown and dress trends. All you have to do is, put in your faith and money, and hope for the end outcome to be a success. Summer is in the air, it is the season of love and so we ask, how many invites have you gotten this Summer Wedding Season? Finding an evening gown that suits your personality and personal style is not always a cake walk, especially due to the blistering heat, things can get tougher than usual. We are here to help you girls, to stay easy, breezy and look modish as you own the looks.

Before wedding season kicks into high gear, we are here to raise the bar when it comes to guest dress ideas for women for these special occasions. Right from elegant to bold prints to unexpected fabrics and fancy silhouettes, we have rounded up the top looks for the perfect summer ensemble. Whether you are attending the old school traditional event or going for a fancy beach wedding, we have curated the best dresses that can exist in this warm weather. Let the heat not be a matter of hindrance in you dressing up to your best potential. Time to narrow down what best works for you, so you get that perfect Instagram shot, and you are termed as #outfitgoals and make all those photos frame worthy.

Different dress styles may wax and wane but what remains as a constant are the  Strapless Dresses aka, Tube Gowns. This ensemble fits the bill for any occasion and is apt for when you want to be dressy.  Some may call them banal, since they have been around since the beginning of time but if you get a little creative, innovative, gutsy, crafty, you will actually find that there are a lot of ways to circumvent and style it in different ways in accordance with the location and theme of the wedding function. Throw on a chunky diamond necklace and pair it with matching earrings. Wear strappy heels and put your hair in a bun, cookie points if you carry an embellished clutch.

ola farahat

Ola Farahat stuns in her orange strapless gown

Whether you are searching for some aesthetically pleasing inspiration or are just trying to find an outfit that comes in both your size and budget, you can always bank on maxi skirts. Not only do these full-length skirts look elegant, but they are also seriously versatile and can be styled as you wish. Since it is a crisp color, a white maxi skirt appears light and breezy, making it perfect for wedding looks during the warm summer months. Pair it with a dressy cropped top or a lace top. It goes pretty well with the occasion. Sum up the attire with peep toes heels and carry a trendy bucket bag, accessories will be the perfect add on!

ownthelooks dress

Angela wearing the White Puff Sleeves Striped Crop Top and Skirt Set from the OwnTheLooks collection

Next up we have, Sheer dresses, which have always been in vogue, and what better time than summer to bring out these beauties out of your wardrobe! You got nothing to fret about if you know how to carry yourself in a decent and stylish manner. Sheer or semi-transparent dresses come in various styles depending on how comfortable you are, and, it is stylish and gives you coverage without taking away the main charm of the see-through element. Sometimes it is thought of as an illusion bodice and possibly, even the idea of actually wearing one can still be intimidating or daunting, but if worn cleverly, it is one of the most fashion-forward choices.

balck sheer dress

Rose Byrne is dressed to perfection in her black sheer dress

Lastly, we have the floral dresses. Whether you are looking for something perfect for a beach wedding, traditional event, or an after-party look, this is a no fuss, safe choice attire. They are rather casual but can be amped up with floral themed headgear and flower-infused bracelets. This look can be teamed more with nature and with best go with outdoor settings. Not to forget, this look is trendy, and oh yeah, one hundred percent summer friendly. This is the perfect blend of summer glam and sweet details. 

floral dress

Kate Walsh blooms in her floral dress

During any wedding celebration, all the guests are as important as the couple celebrating and taking their vows, because the best times are celebrated with all. So it is your time to dazzle and get dolled up.

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