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This season is an exciting moment to always dress up. Ownthelooks of a corporate chic, laid-back casual, luxe style, or summer fab girl but it is important to finish every look with staple accessories to achieve the fashion vibe appropriate for the occasion. OwnTheLooks offers a wide range of accessories mainly earrings for you to choose from with different fashion-forward designs that you can pair easily with your available wardrobe.

Accessories inscribe for who we are and sometimes appraisal of our class and character. One of the main accessories that women use are earrings and this staple accessory is the most expensive considering its design and components. Earrings come in different component types such as metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, bone, and other materials. Earrings also come in different designs like Stud Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Chandelier Earrings, Drop Earrings, Diamond Drop Rings, Huggie Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Bajoran Earrings, Threader Earrings and Cluster Earrings.

Earrings are considered as the most basic and essential jewelry wardrobe accessory that majority of women can't live without. Earrings become a symbolism throughout history and before it was weighty. During the ancient times, earrings varied in extensive forms—adorning the auditory extremities in not so over-simplified ways.

Indeed, earrings are a great way to add some life to any wardrobe and there are so many out there which most women get confused about what kind to buy. OwnTheLooks can you give some tips on what’s out there for women's fashion earrings what’s in style for fashion earrings 2018 and the best earrings for your face shape.

Be careful not to make the mistake of wearing earrings that are in style but don’t really suit you. Earrings are made in a wonderful way to perk up your face and let you ownthelooks of classy and fabulous at any age. Let OwnTheLooks tell you that there are many things to consider when choosing the right pair. Earrings can make your face look thin, long, wide or fat so it is best to match your pair to your face shape.

For women who have inverted triangle shape face which is similar to a heart-shaped face. To balance this, choose earrings that downplay the wide forehead and create the trick of width at the jawline. OwnTheLooks recommends wearing Chandelier or Tear Drop Earrings.

Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings -ownthelooks

Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Oval shaped face can wear almost any designs. Triangular earrings or simple studs will work best for you in showing off your lovely cheekbones.

Gold Plated Triangle White Trim Loop Earrings-ownthelooks

Gold Plated Triangle White Trim Loop Earrings

If you have wide round face, a drop or dangle earrings will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Skip wearing large circular earrings like hoops, dangling round disc and button studs which only accentuates the roundness.

Long Tennis Dangling Earrings-Own The Looks

Long Tennis Dangling Earrings

For those women who have heart-shaped face, you need to neutralize your sharp chin with the chandelier or teardrop earrings. Earrings with designs that are wider at the bottom than the top fill in the lower portion of the face so it is more balanced—take a look at this gold earrings.

Gold Button Stud And Triple Spiral Drop Earrings-OwnTheLooks

Gold Button Stud and Triple Spiral Drop Earrings

Studs, clustered earrings, short dangles and hoops in a medium size are styles advisable for long and narrow face to make it look fuller.

Red Coral Triangle Earrings-own the looks

Red Coral Triangle Earrings

For girls with wide square jaws, go for earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges to soften the hard edges of the face. Oval shaped earrings will soften things up also circular earrings and hoop earrings work well too. Avoid square earrings as it would only emphasize the squareness.

Acrylic Wood Hoop Earrings

Every woman has her own preference when it comes to wearing certain earrings. Women take pride in adding them as finishing pieces on a variety of outfits for occasions. Choosing the appropriate earrings falls into some considerations like in details such as―style, design, pattern, material, and length. So before purchasing or creating a wide range of earring collection, keep all these basic and vital information in mind because there's nothing more charming than a pair of gorgeous earrings to complete an outfit.

Ownthelook of your favorite fashion runway model or a celebrity by considering the classic types of earrings. OwnTheLooks knows your fashion accessory demands that why we make sure we have the complete range of fashion earrings from classic types like simple, timeless styles such as button earrings in gold and silver coating, small hoops in acrylic and metal and diamond stud earrings. Neutral types are also available from small and simple which you can barely notice when wearing them as they are not too shiny or detailed.

OwnTheLooks fashion earrings collection definitely suits your lifestyle. We have a lot of fashion earrings online for any needs—would it be at work or office or after work. OwnTheLooks brand offers conservative styles for the earring.  We have classic styles in gold for the most authority and we understand that for executive dressing it means no dangly or hoop earrings but they are perfect for after work party when it’s time to loosen up, show your personality and have some fun.

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