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For fashion lovers, it is the best time of the entire year as we can finally trade in bright summer outfits with dark-hued layers. While the fall/winter fashion trends last year focused on shearling, crocheted outfits, and oversized attires, this year we’re veering on the simpler yet more sophisticated side of things. We are talking about clothing items with more traditional silhouettes, classic textures, and clean lines. 

Runways imply puffy sleeves, caped outerwear, and asymmetrical necklines – and they’re back with a bang! On top of that, we are also seeing chic leather looking trendy for offices and casual attire for night outs with the gang.

Black Pearl Denim Jacket

Coordinates and suits in jewel tones are going strong with velvet, lace, and other textiles being thrown to the mix for warm texture. Take note: these trends are wearable for all body types. On the other hand, florals are made gender-neutral. 

The colder months are the perfect time for shopping as every fashionista is in love with and great at layering. Jackets and coats are a winner as they can be used as fashion statements even on cool days. Fall/winter requires you to be good at mixing and matching and finding the best-fitting pair of denims! 

Get key pieces that you’ll be able to mix and match. Denim is everywhere so get the best pair. High-waisted jeans are on-trend and they can be mixed into everyday outfits. Here are trends we’ve been seeing on the runway:

Black Chiffon Floral Print Hijab Long Sleeved Shirt

Dark Florals 

While the prints last year were heavy on houndstooth and plaid, this year it’s all about fall flowers. Set against a dark background, “moody” florals are the perfect spin for our summer favorite print. Dark florals are our personal favorites and we’re pretty sure you also won’t get enough with long-sleeved, dark floral maxi dresses. If you want a gender-neutral look, grab a large-print floral blazer, jacket, button-up shirt, or bomber. 


The perfect fusion of a coat and blanket is back this season, and it is more structural this time. Capes make incredible outerwear for transitioning from autumn to winter. It’s a cozy accessory that can amplify an outfit instantly. 

A cape is great over a pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt in elevating a simpler look. It would even look stunning over a little black dress for a night out. 


While leather on leather has always been en vogue, it takes more planning compared to the average trends. 

There’s a need to do it right to pull the trend off and the coat or top and pants have to fit well. In the runways, we’ve seen collared shirts in leather and they look absolutely powerful and eye-catching. It lends an edgy vibe, so you need confidence in pulling it off. If an all leather outfit is a big jump to your style, try adding leather one at a time like with leather pants or a jacket just like this stunning one below.

Red Faux Leather Biker Jacket


Co-ords, specifically coordinated power suits, have made a huge comeback during summer and spring. The trend has persisted into ladies wear these colder months with plaid and the introduction of more classic patterns. We love how co-ords for autumn and winter look. They’re eye-catching and very easy for anyone to pull off. The best part with a matching suit? It’s flexible and may be tailored, depending on how much you’d want or plan to stand out. You can opt to be as chic as you want from a jewel-toned to a two-piece floral suit. Even better, you can mix and match co-ords to create totally different outfits to get the most bang with every buck. 

Asymmetrical Necklines 

The fashion season saw a comeback of the 2000’s asymmetrical neckline. We’re glad about this one in particular as it looks great when added to our favorite basic dresses. It is great for a black-tie affair or night out around town. Even a little black dress or top with a classic silhouette would be better if it has an asymmetrical neckline.

White Silk One Shoulder Peplum Top

Jewel Tones 

Jewel tones, including ones that come in the softest and most gorgeous fabrics like satin, velvet, and corduroy, make the best addition to fall to winter wardrobes. We love sweaters with matching headbands, blazers or bow ties. These colors are simply stunning for anyone to rock. Whether it a magenta turtleneck for cozying up by the fireplace or a velvety navy blazer for workdays, the trend is completely adaptable with any personal style. 

Accentuated Shoulders 

The runways were filled with gigantic bows and billowing shoulders but you can make it practical and tone it down with a slightly puffed sleeve. We’re seeing this trend everywhere from blazers to blouses. To really nail this fall/winter style, our favorite influencers including Rania Fawaz and Ola Farahat combine moody florals with puffed sleeves on dresses.

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