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Purses and handbags are the most hard-working, functional accessories that sit on our closets. They hold our day-to-day essentials and shield our valuables from theft, damage, and inclement weather. However, the choices on what to purchase, as well as what our money is worth, can be overwhelming. The list seems to be endless, but we are here to help! In this article, we’ve listed the only trendy handbags you will need. Let’s start.

Leather Satchel

If you need a trendy workhorse handbag, then you most definitely have to get a leather satchel. Medium to large size top handle bags is capable of holding almost everything from paperback books or tablets to your pouch for touch-ups. We recommend neutral-color leather-like medium or dark brown as stains and scuffs won’t be noticeable. Even if you spill coffee on your bag in the morning, you won’t cause any lasting damage to the material! Also, it is best if you steer clear from a bag with a lot of logos or hardware as they can easily make a bag look outdated.

Day Clutch


Neat, tailored clutches are fantastic options if you think you can deal with constantly editing what stays out and what goes in of the bags. A smaller pouch is cute and light, but it often doesn’t hold anything more than a couple of lipsticks and a phone.

Try picking a day clutch with multiple pockets as it’s currently on-trend, plus it adds dimension to carry your daily essentials. You will have lots of fun with this bag and you won’t have to spend lots to look stylish. You can play with different colors and materials as well!

Crossbody Purse 

As we know very well, crossbody purses provide freedom of movement and allow you to keep your things safe at the same time. They look a lot chicer than a backpack! Great crossbody bags have sturdy straps that are adjustable with front flaps that are easy to maneuver. They should not be too heavy, preferably in a medium size. If smaller, they won’t be very functional. Too big, and they will overwhelm you and your outfit. 

Evening Clutch 

You will need a chic event clutch at one point. Why wait until that night comes? The most versatile and timeless style you’ll be able to get is a simple metallic clutch that’s in silver or gold. Black satin is another good choice. This bag will be seasonless, which means you can use it for years, as well as on any big, fancy event.

Do you want a bit of sparkle? Try picking one that comes with jewels on the clasp. It will have a more lasting, classic appeal, and it will go effortlessly with everything.

Straw Basket 

Straw baskets can easily become your go-to bags for warmer months. They are ‘carry-alls’ and allow you to be more playful compared to your other purses (cue bright-colored pom-poms). Don’t forget to pack a straw basket with a towel and your favorite snacks for a fun day at the beach or with everyday items for your commute to work.


Medium-Sized Shoulder Bag


Medium-Sized Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag has a sophisticated and sleek, yet sporty appeal. It is another perfect go-to for everyday use. Textured suede and rich leather are ideal, but neat canvas fabrics are perfect for the summer, too, as they are weather-appropriate and lightweight. Your options for this kind vary drastically, so you are guaranteed to find a piece that suits your taste, budget, and personal style.

Chic Tote

All women need chic tote bags. Instead of opting for big bags in hauling stuff around, you will look more polished and professional with a trendy tote. Do you carry a laptop to and from the office? If so, then you definitely need this bag! If you don’t carry much for the day as you only require a smaller pouch for makeup, your phone, and your wallet, you will still like a tote. Just opt for one that is lightweight and smaller in size. The best material for this would be the canvas.

Casual Day Bag


This is a wildcard. You’ll be able to showcase your personal style with this kind of bag. There’s a lot of options that will prevent you from breaking the bank including croc patent clutches and sporty messengers! On those days wherein you just want to experiment and switch things up for your 9-5 day job, stick with this one. 

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