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When buying trendy eyewear, determining both the size and the shape of the face is important as it will help greatly in finding a better fit. Without the proper fitting, you won’t be able to get the most use out of your sunglasses and you would seem like an impersonator of icons, Elton John and Geordi La Forge. To find the perfect sunglasses for you, determine the shape of your face, measure it, and make sure the style of sunglasses you pick is fitting for your face shape.

black oval vintage sunglass

Before we tackle the different kinds of face shapes and the best categories of sunglasses that match them, follow the following steps to get the exact measurements of your face: 

  1. Measure the distance between your cheekbones – place one end of your tape measure below your eye. It should be in the topmost portion of your cheekbone. Get the distance between one end of the tape measure to the other side of your cheekbone. Write this number down.
  2. Measure your jawline – find the two ends of your jaw bone. Measure the distance of one end to another and write it down as well. Take note: measure around the bottom part of your face.
  3. Get your face length – find your hairline and start measuring from the center down to the tip of your chin. Make sure the tape measure goes over your nose. Write down the measurement, too. 

After you've made the measurements, determine which is greatest and the smallest. If you find that your face is as wide as it's long, you have a square or round face. Square faces are wider with more angular jaw compared to rounder ones. For faces that are longer than they're wide, they may be oval, rectangular, or oblong. 

If your measurements narrow gradually from the forehead to the jawline, then your face is oval or heart-shaped. For measurements that are almost identical all the way, they're most likely rectangular, square or oblong. There's also a triangle face which has a wider jawline than the forehead. 

Eyewear for Round-Shaped Face

Silver Square Vintage Sunglasses

Round shaped faces have less defined angles and noticeable curves. If you’re going to buy eyeglasses online, avoid the ones with curved features and emphasize sharp angular lines as it will help in elongating your face. It will also make your face look sharper and thinner. This face group benefits from colored frames that are high on the temple. A round-shaped face works best with trendy square, rectangular, and shield-shaped sunglasses. 

Eyewear for Square-Shaped Face 

A square-shaped face is generally the same width and length across the face and it is characterized by a defined jawline and broad forehead. The best glasses would be oval or round shape as it rounds out the face’s sharpness for a balanced look. Styles made specifically for a square-shaped face are round, butterflies and aviators. Any style that has circular or oval curves would work well.

Eyewear for Oval-Shaped Face

Red Round Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you have an oval face, you have it better as literally any frame would look awesome on you. Oval faces have fairly even and gently rounded features so any frameworks from fashion to function and designer to sport. Huge frames can, however, block out those beautiful symmetrical features so they are to be avoided. If you’re wondering what we think is best, it would be trendy and stylish eye glasses that cover the eyebrows and cheekbones! 

Eyewear for Oblong-Shaped Faces 

Oblong faces are long, narrow and with fewer angles. Oversized sunglasses must be the go-to as well as larger wayfarers. Rectangular lenses with thicker frames will add width onto the face. Other options are sunglasses with deep or tall lenses and vintage-style frames as their bold lines and sharp angles give oblong faces some sharpening which the soft features need. If you have an oblong face, turn heads with wrap, square, shield, wayfarer, and rectangular eyewear. Remember not to sport sunglasses with small frames. 

Eyewear for Diamond-Shaped Face 

A diamond-shaped face is characterized by wider cheekbones to the forehead and narrower jawline. Rimless and oval frames can help in complementing high or wide cheekbones. Diamond faces should wear frames that feature curves. The frames shouldn’t be wider than the cheekbones of the wearer. 

Eyewear for Triangle- and Heart-Shaped Faces 

Heart- and triangle-shaped faces are narrow at the chin and wide at the temples. The best sunglasses feature wide edges without any straight lines to the top to shift the attention to the bottom half of the face and elongate it as well. Cat-eye styles with rounded edges are perfect for a balanced look. Butterfly, aviator, rimless and shield styled frames are also great for these face shapes.


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