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The S/S Fashion Shows of 2020 has declared the newest wave for on-trend accessories, and we are meeting them with a huge grin! Here is part two of the hottest S/S 2020 Fashion Season accessories that we just can’t resist:

Vintage Specs 

Unleashing the nerd within us was considered as hip and cool during the season. Now, women across the globe are embracing glasses for style. Although tinted sunglasses used to be the favored eyewear or even the uniform of fashion show attendees, clear lens specs were the more stylish choices this season. Vintage specs were paired with stylish outfits and the aviators gave them the perfect retro charm and the much-needed cool vibes. 

Furry Feet 

As show attendees trekked from one venue to another for the runways, everyone did so in both style and comfort. We barely saw a sore foot – not even one! Street style stars hid their heeled shoes and wore slipper-style shoes or slides that are clad in layers and layers of fluffy, luxurious fur. 

Working great with pyjama clothing that is also very trendy this season, fur slippers created fashion that’s lounge-style and laidback. Best paired with coordinates (co-ords) or any casual outfit e.g. shirt and jeans combo, this unique footwear creates unforgettable outfit that also features ease and relaxation. Get a pair and add it to your wardrobe immediately for an option of taking comfort of your home on the go.

Tassel Bags

Hobo Basket Tassel Flap Handbag

Quite the opposite of structured box bags, which we have featured on part 1 of the trendy accessories from the s/s 2020 season, a tassel bag has found itself very famous during the international fashion weeks. Blowing freely with the wind in its loose and long silhouette, tassels went extremely wide! Whether they are made of suede, leather, rope, or ribbon, the rule that was followed by everyone was the chunkier, the better! It's not important if the bag is large, small or a clutch just as long as the bag has tassels! 

Golden Shoes 

Gold was the show season’s winning color, most especially when it comes to footwear. Boots, loafers, heels, and sneakers – they all appeared in gold as they hit not just the runways but the streets as well. Bold yet neutral in appearance, the metallic hue can draw the attention of everyone close by without commanding it. Gold also pairs very well with statement and casual designs alike. Regardless of whether gilded shoes are matched with floral dresses, jumpsuits, or denim jeans, they look oh so perfect and suitable – nowhere near too much or over the top! 

The trend is not nearly as bold as it may be to you. Get out of that fashion rut you are currently in and take the black pumps you’ve always been wearing to the bin! Give golden shoes a try. They are perfectly glittery, unique, and cool, shoes that will can make you wonder why you’ve always passed up on them.

Platform Brogues 

If our favorite street style stars were not wearing their gold boots or furry slide, they were wearing pairs of stunning platform brogues that are equally comfortable. Just like the traditional brogues (sandals with two to three inches on the bottom), a pair of platform brogues are masculine and stylish at the same time. With a chunky appearance, they look great with dresses or cropped pants that finish in between the knee and ankle. The length allows the right amount of skin in the legs and balances out the platform brogues’ heaviness. 



Scarves are accessories that you can’t deny catching your eye, which means it’s a must-have for us ladies. They've successfully completed stylish looks through the years, be they relaxed, reserved, or bold. Women love wearing them in several different ways, solving the problem of their novelty. A scarf can be tied around the head, neck, or wrapped around the waist as an alternative to a belt. It can even be knotted into a hand bag for a longer and bigger scarf!  

Miniature Bags 

mini bag

Look has been the priority over practicality from the s/s 2020 fashion shows as our favorite social media influencers sported the cutest bags! Classic handbags that we love that were shrunk down into miniature proportions, miniature bags are so adorable as they’re so small. Provided you don’t have to bring around your re-touch kit, you will love this trend, most especially if you just go out with your credit card and phone with you every time you go out. 

Fashion trends are, as you may already know, in a constant state of flux. Rather than changing your wardrobe every month or season, why don’t you try splurging on trendy accessories? We are sure you will give your favorite looks a spin using them and doing so effortlessly! Check out our best-selling here

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