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Fatma Husam, Deema Al Asadi and the other stylish women from across the globe have showed us exactly how it is done. They even left us with more than enough sartorial inspiration! While clothes are, of course, what you notice first in the S/S 2020 fashion weeks, it is the accessories that actually make a more lasting impression. They also stole the show and took outfits from trendy to legendary. 

From chic, utilitarian belt bags to chunky earrings and structured bags, the show season was definitely unforgettable. We have compiled the trendy accessories that we’ve spotted, which are guaranteed to finish your outfits effortlessly this season. Check them out below. 

Belt Bags 

Silver Iridescent Diamond Wristlet Bag

Street style is both oh-so-cool and unexpected, especially with belt bags. While everybody else is busy with their bags supported by their shoulders or on their hands, a few made a very exciting change. They have broken away from what’s typical and chose the extraordinary with the fastened, buckled bags that allow you to bring your stuff hands-free! 

Yes, belt bags are back, baby! Whether it is tied over your shirt or strapped through a loop of pants, a belt bag is both practical and stylish when you are on the streets. Highly fashionable, this bag has a sleek, feminine feel to it while remaining utilitarian. Very different from the polyester fanny pack, a new breed of trendy belt bags definitely deserves a spot in your closet. 

Chunky Earrings

Yellow Round Acrylic Studs Earrings 

No outfit will ever be done without a touch of sparkle from jewelry. Yes, we agree that understated or minimal jewelry is considered as the norm. This has been running for so long, which is why we are so glad that we have seen the return of chunky, statement earrings this season! A pair of these can even be taken to the streets. 

From giant red chains to oversized stacked pearls, chunky accessories are diverse and allows you to tailor them individually to coordinating outfits. If you have a simple and sleek outfit for the day, pair it with a pair of gold earrings to make your look even more chic! 

In the S/S 2020 shows, we saw contemporary garment styles that were matched with modern and unique accessories. Forget rings, bracelets, and necklaces as statement earrings will be everything you need in completing outfits in style. There is just one thing that you need to keep in mind: make sure they are utterly, and we mean utterly, unmissable. 

Boyfriend Watches 

From shirts to jeans – and now accessories, style and fashion have always had a thing for ladies borrowing clothing items from the closets of their boyfriends. Well, after all, it is great to incorporate a masculine touch to feminine looks which certainly carries a sophisticated and unique appeal. 

This season, his watch is the item that was stolen from his closet. Raid your boyfriend's collection and look for one that is right for you. We suggest you stick with the classic style that is either in gold or silver with a more traditional round face. Of course, the watch has to be naturally masculine and chunky without swamping your delicate wrists. You can also get one for yourself to make sure that you are not bare-wristed during days wherein your boyfriend needs his watch back. Be careful, girl, as he may also steal the watch that you got for yourself!

DIY Chokers 

We thought chokers will go away and just be a fad. But, we have been proven wrong and we admit defeat! The trend, as we’ve finally come to accept, just keeps on pushing with no signs at all of slowing down! DIY choker is the newest update in the vast ocean of collar-style necklaces. Personalized to be your own and made from quality fabric, a DIY choker is an excellent way in rocking a trend with you having a say in it. 

All you basically need is fabric like velvet, ribbon, or even an off-cut denim. Simply wear it as it is. The bow can be at the back of your neck or front. Glue or sew on charms or jewels for embellishment. But, who are we to say you shouldn’t go crazy? But, if you don’t like DIY activities, you can always get one! 

Structured Box Bags 

White Quilted Clutch with Chain Strap

As long and loose silhouettes are still reigning supreme in the fashion world, our favorite social media influencers have found a balance for us in accessories. The clothes that are favored have unstructured appearance, but bags have taken the shape of hard rectangular and square designs. Structured box bags have definitely become quite trendy this season. Whether they are embellished, resemble lunch box cases of days gone past, mini makeup boxes or cheeky telephone dial, box bags are chic and cute all in one! 

Try out these trendy accessories now! 

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