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The 90s were the most rocking times for fashion gurus and girls who loved to dress up. If you grew up during this era, there is a high possibility that you had to go to an actual store, only on special occasions for your shopping sprees. There were no weekly sales or discount codes popping on your computer, but you yet knew how to be up to date with the times and score the best deals. Yes, fashion magazines told us what was trending at that time and gave us a scoop on what to wear and what not to. We swore by them and chose what dresses to buy, every now and then depending on the event and themes. While not quite as jazzy and hep as the eighties, the nineties took that attitude and tried to be a little smarter, subtle, better and a little classier. Going back in time, and stocking up on some of these dresses is not an option, but creating them with your personal touch to own the looks is pretty much feasible and smart.

All things vintage draw our attention and that is why we are going to take a trip down memory lane. Graphic tees on printed skirts? Check! Tie die shirts? Of course! Flannel shirts? Um, obviously! Crisscross chokers? Definitely! Denim on denim? Yep! Skirts over leggings? Oh hell yeah! We love the fashion sense back in those times, and with some of those iconic trends came back 'cause they were so chic and unmissable. We could go on and on about all such trends but today we are specifically focusing on all the dresses and styles of that era that should make a comeback soon (well, hopefully). We know how to own the looks in those, and today we are going to show you how, just in case they come back or even if they do not, and you feel like dressing that way. We got you covered, girls!

How about One shoulder dresses and gowns? Gosh, these were the ultimate party dresses and will make you look instantly more feminine, bold and sassier. They manage to look good on everyone, if accessorized well, and worn with the right add ons. Just wear the one shoulder dress, color block it with bright colored peep toes and also carry a clutch, and strut around looking like an absolute diva.

one shoulder outfitGwyneth Paltrow looking sassy in her one-shoulder outfit

This one is special, cause it is gonna be making a comeback after a really long time, and give you all the nostalgic feels of the nineties. Yes, you guessed it correctly, we are referring to tie-dye tops! Every music video featured people wearing them, they became a beach staple, spring and summer essential. To this date, they can be styled in the same way, by wearing denim or white shorts beneath and adding a hat on top. Also, flat sandals or slippers work perfectly for this extra cool look.

own the look

Bindi Irwin looking fab in her tie-dye T-shirt

Next up, we have the ever so classic, flannel shirts and blazers. They can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. Will they be back anytime soon? We predict, most definitely yes. You can pair them with jeans, skirts, leather pants or denim shorts in accordance with the weather and location. Since these are unisex, you can grab one from your brother's or dad's collection.  These are staples that must be in your wardrobe in multiple colors and prints. You can add accessories to the look, and make it compatible as a workplace or an evening outfit too.

ownthelooks collection

Yara Ghabris wearing the Basil Green Tattersall Print Blazer and Skirt Set from the OwnTheLooks collection

And lastly, we are guessing that camouflage pants will be back anytime soon. Back in the day, we saw industrial and military styles crept into mainstream fashion. People were finding any way to make a fashion accessory out of a piece of machinery. And it worked fabulously since it made for hep and urban wearers. We see a trend that these will be back in full swing again this year, recreating the same old momentum as before. They are paired with singlets, sleeves top or basic T-shirts. All went pretty well with them.

camo pants

Madison Beer looks cute as usual in the camo pants

These are just a few of the many iconic styles and clothing items that we predict or want back this year. And even if they do not make a comeback then too, we can surely start wearing these like old times and revive the styles of those times to own the looks. Which ones are your favorites?

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