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Whether you are getting ready for spring or you just want to add another piece in your fall and winter collection, have a look at these OwnTheLooks trending womens jackets that are rocking the street style scene this 2018.

No doubt that denim jackets are so popular because of its versatility. As most fashion stylists would know, womens jackets can be easily paired with other women’s dresses. Secondly, they are blended parts of Being one of the chic fashion trends this 2018, anyone can throw them on regardless of the season. With a simple layer of women’s jackets and blazer dress you will never catch cold. It is made to give you warmth during spring and on some occasional cold summer evenings. This includes fall and winter breezes as well. The glamour that it exudes makes denim jackets uniquely elegant to use.

The denim fabric came from the indigo dyed coats worn by the 18th century fire fighters of Japan, but it was Levi Strauss in the 1880s who cut and made this fabric popular for his “Jeans” that we all have until today.

Denim fabrics were adorned by laborers due to its hard-wearing edge; they feel safe and comfortable to move in a denim jacket, soon after, the US Navy adopted the fabric and use it as their uniform, but it was the late Elvis Presley who put these once-a-work-wear denim jacket to mainstream where it remains today.

There are varieties of denim jacket to choose from. When it comes to selecting the perfect denim jacket for you, you have to consider not only the style, look for the perfectly constructed one, so you would know that it would last a century. A good weight denim gives you protection, good stitching, and perfect placement of rivets that make all the difference in selecting a good quality denim jacket. If you get a paper-thin denim fabric, it would only scrutinize the hardware and stitching of your denim. If we get these all right, we will be able to enjoy our jackets as long as we can fit into them.


If you want the perfect women’s blazers and womens jackets to complete your sporty or office style outfit, then you should give OwnTheLooks denim jackets a try. Take a look at these inspiring denim jackets from OwnTheLooks for we summed up our favorite denim jackets, from womens casual jackets to womens fashion jackets  for you to include in your next shopping.

Denim Pearl Detail Jacket

OwnTheLooks puts a glam twist on distressed denim jacket with these, tapping into this season’s luxe embellishments with a scattering of faux pearl beads. Designed in an oversized fit for a maximized charming feminine look, Denim Pearl Jacket boasts a unique fresh spring take on an old classic. It is a real show stopper when paired with your favorite spring ensemble. Dimas Alsheikly’s Pearl Detail Denim Jacket showcases ‘80s glamour into this distressed one of a kind piece.



Color Block Oversized Denim Jacket

Embrace the retro-inspired pastel color scheme with this edgy Color Block Oversized Denim Womens Jacket from OwnTheLooks collection. Retro mode is here to meet your tough vintage yet fun taste. This piece combines color block paneling and is loose oversized fit, jumbo front flap pockets, and front button closure. Featuring pastel pink, teal, classic denim blue, yellow, and white, it is fully lined to keep you warm. This colorful piece makes the perfect bold outer layer for any casual look. Pair it up with a plain shirt and jeans; you may even accentuate it with a belt bag as shown by the lovely Ola Farahat.




Tasseled Ripped Cropped Denim Jacket

OwnTheLooks puts a breezy spin on this casual-cool denim jacket with an effortlessly oversized silhouette, massive sleeves, and flirty shoulder and arm tassel. Jacket trends this 2018 also include combining different tints and textures. Pair yours with a sheer top and bedazzle it with accessories to own the look of your next level jacket game. Shredded details give this Fatima Almomen Tassel Ripped Crop Denim Jacket a refreshed downtown shake-up.



Blue Denim Lace Up Jacket

Step into brisk weather with the effortlessly classic Blue Denim Lace Up Jacket from OwnTheLooks. Whether you’re headed out for the perfect night out or need an extra layer in the fall breeze, this vintage-inspired denim jacket has suede lace-up details and a spread collared structure. Pair it with your favorite blouse, jeans, or an edgy shift dress to create the ultimate rugged bohemian outfit.



There’s a million reason why the womens denim jacket is so bound to stay aside from its endless versatility, for it may be altered, embellished, nipped and tucked season after season. The truth is it never falls out of favor in both men and women’s fashion.

Denim jacket is the piece that appears in almost everyone’s wardrobe because it flatters just about everyone and anyone own the look easily and be stylish without making any effort.

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