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If you’re looking to add some timely pieces to your wardrobe, look no further, cause this week we bring to you, all the must hats. Oh sorry, we meant the must-haves! It is finally Spring and Summertime again, and we have compiled some of this season’s latest fashionable hats, caps, and other headgears to fold into your usual outfit routine. Not only do these protect you from the hot blazing sun, but also serve as the ultimate fashion staple. From berets and boaters to fedoras and sun hats, we have got you covered. Yes, we mean that literally and figuratively. Questions like, how many different types of hats are there? Or, which hats will suit your face? We are here to demystify all those doubts and help you own the looks.  There are so many different options, it can be hard to keep up with all the ones out there, so consider this as your go-to list for your hat-drobe.

Incorporate accessories in your everyday dressing to Own the looks. Now that the sun has decided to make an appearance again, we need to protect ourselves and remain chic in the same go. Can you wear one with a dress? What about leather pants or lace skirts? Here, we have laid out the rules for how to properly wear a hat for all you girls, to instantly amp up your attire, and make you look extra feminine and fab. We are listing out all the celeb and influencers who have aced their hat incorporated looks for their Instagram and everything else. A hat can be that one accessory that can be worn during your coffee run or even for formal rendezvous, so let us get onto building our hat - drobe.

First, we go with a nice classic but yet casual Woven Hat. Simple, stylish and super effective, as it makes way to your spring summer dressing styles. Wear a plain white shirt with blue denim and throw on your woven hat. Complete the entire look with a few accessories and end it with wedges or tan sandals. There you go, ready to soak in the sun, but only as much as you would like to. If you are going to a picnic or an outdoor party, this is the exact attire that you want to be wearing to stay cool and comfy.

Courteney Cox chills in her mega woven hat

Courteney Cox chills in her mega woven hat

So what is the best part about owning Beret Hats? Apart from making you look like a belle femme, they can both during day and night events. Wear it with maxi gowns, over flowy cardigans or with jumpsuits and leather pants. Trust us, when we say, Beret hats go with everything. Keep the accessorizing minimal, 'cause you certainly want the attention to be drawn to your cute headgear. For your hair, slick styles definitely go best. 

Hoda Tannir -ownthelooks collection

Hoda Tannir slays in her Red Wool Beret Hat from the OwnTheLooks collection.

Time to move onto something a bit more, snazzy. Can you guess it? Oh yes, we are definitely adding leather caps to our lists. It gives an instant touch of looking sporty but yet serves functionally and helps you have fun in the sun. You could wear these over several combinations, but our favorite would be, a crop top with denim shorts or a well-fitted shirt with leather pants beneath. A leather cap will introduce sass and sophistication to this laid back getup.

Rihanna looks tres  chic

Rihanna looks tres chic and put together with her leather cap matching her outfit.

And finally, we have something that truly is by the women and for the women. It is the Fedora Hat. A staple you cannot do without, something that belongs in everyone's hat collection. Have to catch a flight? Go for a quick lunch? Need to attend a beach party? Oh yes, you can wear it to all these occasions. Wear them over your blazer and formal pant attire, or over your dressy top and maxi skirts. These add the perfect touch of glam, that will make you look like a diva.

miranda hat

Miranda Kerr looks undeniably cute in her white Fedora hat.

How many of these hats do you already own? Which style makes you say, oh I want one of those? To be honest, we love all these and many more, the list does not end. With hundreds of different hat styles that are available, we like to stock up on a few too many of the various kinds. It is easy to Own The Looks, once you know what suits you or goes with your outfits and personality. Also remember, a hat a day can keep all other accessories at bay.

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