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No wardrobe is complete without the little black dress, The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a black evening or cocktail dress cut simply and often short. Fashion historians ascribe the little black dress history to the 1920s. It was first shown by Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel, designed to be long lasting, versatile, and accessible to the widest market possible. However, contrary to somewhat popular belief, LBD was not at all made to prominence by Hubert de Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. For a history lesson to those who are not aware, the LBD was created in the Great Depression era. It was when simple and affordable were believed to be “key”. Textiles and fabrics were supplied during the war; but still, the LBD continued to be the choice of women since it appears elegant yet affordable.

Black became more than a shade reserved for garments of grief-stricken and clergy. Today, these little black womens dresses are essential to a complete wardrobe. It is said that the little black dress does not give the woman who wears it anything to hide behind—the dress intends to make the woman shine. The shade alone—black—holds such significance; it is a fashion uniform for a reason: no one can ever go wrong in black. It is an oxymoron in itself as it can be both severe and seductive at the same time. One can wear black and be perceived as being demure and raven altogether. This color does its magic by being serious and chic simultaneously. It is the epitome of a beautiful contradiction of sensory associations.

Getting the perfect black dress is like finding your holy grail. It can save you from numerous clothing disasters, and it goes with everything and it always flatters. Here are some of the OwnTheLooks tips to win the perfect little black dress this season


Black Silk Sleeve Midi Dresses

Create a classic feminine look with the Black Silk Sleeved Princess Midi Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection. The dual-texture long sleeve dress can be used for a dressy or cocktail occasion, and the accessories that you fancy can even be paired easily with it. This style of clothing fits modern women as it is a classic closet staple. This piece features silk A-line womens skirts. Not only that, it has stretchable tailored bodice to match.


Own the look   black velvet gold stripe midi dress   ownthelooks 2 grande


As advised by a New York city-based stylist, Paul Petzy, a shorter hemline should be chosen to make your legs appear longer. Another alternative would be to wear knee-length midi dresses that have a front or side slit. It is not advisable for you to choose midcalf-length dresses, especially when you have short legs or muscular calves. The part of the leg that is the widest will only be accentuated even more with this kind of cut. Short styles that are exposed up top should also be avoided. Bare legs can be more complemented by high neckline or long sleeves.


Black Asymmetric Strap Midi Ball Dress

This classic black fit and flare princess midi dresses from OwnTheLooks will be in high rotation this season, detailed with a gently pleated bodice and asymmetric strap and graceful A-line silhouette for effortless move-with-your-elegance that flutters from desk to drinks.

Own the look   blac asymmetric strap midi ball dress   ownthelooks 3 grande

Certain kinds of cuts—strapless, asymmetrical, halter, or racerback—should be chosen to flatter your arms. Sleeveless styles, like the sheath here, and spaghetti straps are for bare and flatter arms. Cap sleeves are best on the thin-limbed since they hit at the widest part of the upper arm. Sheer or lace sleeves are also a trendy way to show off your arms and stay warm. Avoid blousy sleeves, in which the shape of your arms will get lost. If you have broad shoulders, pass up a strapless cut in favor of a halter or an asymmetrical one since these help break up width.

Onyx Micro Pleated Princess Maxi Dresses

This twirl-worthy midi is found only at OwnTheLooks. This Onyx Micro Pleated Princess Maxi Dress got long sleeves a true stunner that features a shimmery micro-pleated knit fabric that dazzles after dark.

Own the look   onyx micro pleated 1 grande


These styles can be used to play up your bust look for a flattering neckline—V-neck, scoop, square, or sweetheart—and to create a nice framework for your collar. Embellishments at the neckline will also draw attention upward. Avoid crewnecks and boatnecks, which cover you up and can exaggerate large breasts. A plunging neckline isn’t much better since it easily veers into not-so-appropriate territory.


Black Velvet Gold Stripe Maxi Dresses

An elegant button-up bodice gets a luxurious velvet upgrade in this OwnTheLooks Black Velvet Gold Stripe Midi Dress. You can flaunt this right now with this long sleeves and gold stripes and princess trendy skirts and belt for the look of sophisticated that separates in one magical dress.

Own the look   black velvet gold stripe midi dress   ownthelooks 1 grande

To accentuate your waist, look for belts, bows, seaming, or gathers; all of which make the middle the focal point. Full 1950s-style silhouettes are back in fashion and do a great job of flaunting a svelte waist while hiding the hips. The dress shown here marries timeless romance with an utterly flattering silhouette. Avoid empire cuts, shapeless shifts, and drop-waist dresses, which skim over the midsection entirely.


Black Magnolia Off the Shoulder Mermaid Maxi Dresses

OwnTheLooks puts a modern spin on soirée-ready style with this neoprene gown, shaped by modern tiered ruffles on a shoulder bearing silhouette. Destined for a glamorous gala, this Black Magnolia off the shoulder Mermaid Maxi Dress dials up the drama with a voluminous asymmetric womens skirts

Own the look   black magnolia off the shoulder mermaid maxi dress   ownthelooks 1 grande

To accentuate your behind look for a body-hugging style, you can use a wrap dress or a sheath that emphasizes your backside. A flouncy peplum waist (shown here) highlights the rear, too. Choose a quality fabric, such as a stretch wool, a substantial jersey, or a heavy silk, to lift and support your curves. Avoid a too-tight fit. If the dress is pulling or creasing, go up a size. A flimsy fabric, like thin rayon or silk, can also reveal too much underneath.



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