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Streetwear has always been confused with what is dubbed as the street style; however, they are actually worlds apart! As every fashionista knows, the street style is the term used for fashion worn on the streets. The typical example for this would be celebrities like Ola Farahat and Fatma Hussam wearing fashionable outfits and posing in front of the paparazzi. 

 As for streetwear, it is the niche style for dressing that has been made famous by rappers like Drake and Kanye West. It is tricky for the style to be defined accurately, but we here at Own The Looks know it is identified with stylish sneakers and a very cool vibe. We know you are  curious! So, without further ado, here are tips on ways to pull off streetwear just like a pro:

Luxe Up those Fabrics, Girl! 


Until recently, staples for streetwear were clothing items that can happily get ripped while falling off skateboards. This is why they were mostly rendered in heavy cottons and denim jeans with fits that are not constricting. However, the modern streetwear was brought out of the park as renowned brands reworked classic favorites, including trainers, into fashion that you would never want to risk getting scratched on rough surfaces. 

When it comes to everyday wear, this basically means a beautiful upgrade - to fabrics that are known for their utility to something that is more luxurious and premium. The easiest way in incorporating streetwear to one’s style is by opting for higher end sweatpants. We are talking about soft-handle materials such as jersey and cashmere. They are perfect substitutes for an old pair of chinos. 

It is a move that is currently endorsed across the globe as proven by our favorite brands shying away from stuffing loopback cotton into their pyjama sections. 

Start from Down Below

In streetwear, your bottoms are what make or break your outfit. And, your trainers are the king. Take note, this can be very dangerous to navigate as hypebeasts almost die after every new drop. You can investment an outstanding amount of resources just to try to keep up. 

Rather than paying the resale price for a fresh pair of Yeezys, plump for sneakers which are guaranteed to last a long time as they are made of premium materials. Remember, you always have to prioritize build quality when it comes to your shoes. Additionally, despite the increase in popularity of chunky soles and ugly trainers, we suggest you avoid odd shapes and adornment as that will guarantee your kicks will stay great and usable for a long time. 

Never be Sucked into the Hype

deniem jackets

For youth culture, we understand that hype is literally what the kids breathe. Recognition is the currency, which means there is a need for copping brands that peers adore and die for. However, the problem is the exchange rate can quickly change. There is not an age that is specifically for streetwear. Still, women need to stick to the clothing items that they like, and most importantly, the pieces that work best for them. 

What we suggest is sticking with the more sensible route which is flying off the radar and utilizing the labels that are quickly growing and known for their innovation but without kids queuing up and killing themselves on the streets. Brands are seen dipping their feet into streetwear and they’re excelling at creating easy-going, stripped back pieces.

In a nutshell: it is wiser to do without the most common pieces and brands that you see in the streets. If you want logos, keep them as minimal as possible or tuck them away as small detailing. An adult knows grail finds are only great if they are not being shouted but being inquired about instead. 

Forget Baggy and Mind the Silhouette

Streetwear is (and we can’t believe we’re saying it ourselves) a “way of life.” Yes, that is something we actually believe. Streetwear resonates with individuals from across the globe. However, there is a need to ensure that the fit is just about right. Think a silhouette that is relaxed and chill rather than tailored and figure-hugging, which was the “it” thing years back. But, that does not mean you can look like legs added with a tent. 

The easiest way in pulling streetwear off is picking clothes with a good fit while also offering more movement. The more comfortable you are, the better the clothes you are wearing. For teens, oversized bomber jackets are great. For the older generation, cropped denim jackets can balance out baggy clothes. 

Bonus tip: Keep it Simple!

If you want to look like you are trying hard, then you can go for the look that is just obvious it’s straight off store shelves. The one thing you need to remember with streetwear is it’s about mixing and matching pieces that are from several different cultures and styles. When they’re paired together, they reflect the wearer’s own interests and even maybe allegiances (if you are into that kind of thing). 

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