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There is no denying the fact that monochrome style is chic. Being covered from head to the toes in just a single color but in different shades is timesaving, elegant, and flattering at the same time. 

nonochrome outfit

However, there is a need to be very cautious as although monochrome outfits are easy and simple to pull off, there are a couple of crucial points that have to be taken into consideration prior to putting together a one-color outfit. 

First and foremost, let us address one question of most ladies and that is...

How can you wear a monochrome outfit without seeming dull and boring?

It is true that a monochrome look has the tendency to be a boring. But, this is only the case if you don’t know how to pull it off. A monochrome look, if you haven’t read the first part of the guide, does not mean you should only wear one solid color all throughout your body. You are very much allowed, as a matter of fact, it is recommended to play with the different tints of the color you have chosen for your monochrome look. 

We also advise you mix and match different textures in a single look. By mixing materials, you will make your outfit a lot more interesting. To give you an example, a bulky cable knit sweater looks fabulous with a sequined skirt. A top made of silk also makes for the perfect pairing with a leather. As for satin, opt for wool as the pair. With denim, yes, a chiffon skirt. 

So, how is one able to rock a monochrome style? Here's how:

Select the correct Color for your Monochrome Look


The color that you choose is very important as it has to look amazing against your hair color, color of your eyes, and skin tone at the same time. For instance, your complexion is fair with flowing blonde hair. In that case, it is best to wear navy blue rather than harsh black. Why? Simply because it is more flattering than black. As for those with darker hair and tanned skin, opt for the much deeper color e.g. eggplant or burgundy. 

If you are still new to creating monochrome outfits and you’re unsure of which color to choose or where to begin, we recommend you decide on the color and opt for one that is a dark neutral. It may be brown, gray or navy. If that is too much of a bore for you, don’t worry. Your bravery can show with a dark, rich monochrome color like hunter green, eggplant, and burgundy. These colors are the greatest for you to play with. They are also most likely already within your closet just waiting for you to pick them up!

Add a pattern – or at least a touch of it 

Baby Pink Off-the-Shoulder Two Piece Dress

A monochrome outfit does not have to be only one color. You may incorporate prints or patterns. However, you should be warned that it can be quite hard to get a hold of the pattern that perfectly goes with your chosen color scheme. 

In order for you to add some visual interest, as well as break the solid block of color, we suggest you take a printed piece that has the exact same color that you are working with and add it to your look. You'll also love the option of adding a patterned scarf just for fun!

The Petite Advantage 

A monochrome outfit is a must-have for a petite lady. You may be wondering why. Well, it is because dressing monochromatically makes you seem slimmer and yes, taller. Finally, am I right? A monochrome outfit can create a seamless line that starts from the head all the way to your toes. We suggest you try it so you can see it for yourself! 

At a time wherein a petite lady stays away from what is trending may also have difficulty in following or even considering the style. But, we say you go for it. Just this once. Simply find the clothing items that work best for the shape of your body, and don’t forget to keep it real – real classy! 

Monochrome Outfit Combos 

A sweater and skirt combo create the most incredible mix of both casual and dressy. For a monochrome style, go for the color that is more moody but slightly sophisticated at the same time. 

The easiest for you to work the style is by opting for gray. You can choose gray tones in all of the pieces that you wear. But, you can enjoy the one exemption and that is with the tint of your sunglasses (which may be brown or blue). We particularly love a subdued gray turtle with a shiny, shimmering gray skirt. A sequined skirt’s sheen can add depth and dimension to your cool and trendy monochrome look. 

The texture of your outfit, is very important, so we are going to repeat this again: don’t forget the element of texture when putting a monochrome style. But, other than that, we’re pretty confident you will pull this look off. Of course, you will with the tips we just gave you! Hurry and give it a try today. 

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