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What are the secrets of fashionable women and why do they look stylish every day? If you would love to be regarded as one, you’re in luck as we’ll take you through the secrets of our favorite influencers and street style icons that are sure to kick you up a notch when it comes to styling. Let’s start! 

Be Prepared 

If you think being fashionable around the clock is impossible, you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, putting together an entire look and doing so in a relatively short amount of time is something you can do without retaining your own stylist. The key is being prepared. Spend at least five minutes every night in picking an outfit. This way, there is no need for you to rush in the morning and worry about how you look throughout the entire day. 

Look for Inspiration 

arushi virani

Know this: half of your battle is already won when you look for some inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, and fashion blogs are excellent sources of information. This way, you’ll get to know what’s hot and what isn’t. If you are not very confident in what to wear each day or on how to style yourself, fashion blogs are great as they will steer you towards the right, and most definitely stylish and trendy, direction.  

Check the Weather Report 

As much as possible, check the weather report, most especially before you leave home. It’ll help you dress accordingly. On rainy days, avoid wearing white bottoms and materials that take time to clean and dry. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to bring an umbrella! Although we would suggest otherwise on most days, plan on wearing flats instead of heels as the roads are likely to be slippery. 

Pick Flattering Pieces 

It is safe to assume that you already know the items that you look good in. It is important that you NEVER compromise and wear something that you’re not completely comfortable and confident in. Always aim at choosing what looks good based on your body shape and features. If you are uncertain of what is best for you, try experimenting. 

 Aim to Appear Chic 

Being stylish does not necessarily mean wearing luxe designer clothing. There’s more to it. Like what we always say, even a pair of baggy pants and a plaid shirt can look chic. How? By accessorizing. Accessories, the right ones, can polish your overall look. 

Just make sure you don’t go overboard. A good trick to this is taking off the last item that you put on. Remember: anything in excess is not good. Accessories are to complement an outfit instead of being the highlight. 

Keep the Occasion in Mind 

Stylish women are dressed not just according to the weather but the occasion as well! Their look is always appropriate as they keep in mind the prescribed dress code. If you’re in doubt and you have an upcoming party, ask what the other guests will be wearing to have an idea on what you should be wearing. 

Always Wear the Right Shoes

Style isn’t just about clothes; it’s as much about your shoes and other accessories. Just like with accessorizing, think about the occasion and the look you wish to create. You can also take into consideration your comfort. When planning to go out for a party, slip on a pair of stilettos. If you’re to dance all through the night, then wedges or polished flats are comfier. 

Invest in Essentials

Blazers, jeans, LBDs, good shoes, belts, and accessories. These are important investments that you can definitely bank on when attending functions or parties. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree. Just pick one or two pieces at a time until you’re confident of your wardrobe full of investment pieces.

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