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Powder Blue Asymmetrical Ruffled Midi Dress

Short women often want to create the illusion of looking taller with how they dress, without realizing they already look cute. However, it is true that it is sometimes hard to find pieces and trends that work. While actual growth’s already out of the picture, dressing is made easy with knowing what and what not to wear. Are you constantly finding it extremely difficult to look nice because you’re shorter? Maybe it is just because you’re wearing the wrong clothes. 

From avoiding a tricky print to stocking up on the right silhouettes, dressing for your shorter height is as simple as having a list of do’s and don’ts from expert stylists themselves. Check them out below! 

  • Always follow the rule, 1/3rd – 2/3rd, which simply means that you shouldn’t split your body as you’re dressing into two halves. Instead, 2/3rd should be dedicated to your bottoms and 1/3rd for the top.
  • Don’t choose dresses that end in your calves. It should either stop in the ankles or thighs.
  • Layering is a great way of sprucing up your look; however, you shouldn’t overdo it that it becomes overwhelming.
  • Monochromes are now your best friends, so keep them close!
  • For your sleeves, they should be short or until your elbows. They shouldn’t go any further.
  • Stay away from clothes that are square-shaped or too boxy as they don’t suit your specific body type.
  • If you want to wear stripes, choose vertical, most especially with dresses and trousers. For tops, you can pick horizontal.
  • For belts and accessories, opt for slim and svelte rather than broad and bulky,
  • Wear elevated footwear or heels as it’s the most obvious way for you to look taller.

With these fashion tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll find it much easier to shop and pick out cute outfits. Here are outfit ideas for you to try as they’re great for your body type:

Tucked in shirt and sequin skirt 

Pencil skirts complement petite women’s body shape, but there’s a need to style in a way that an outfit doesn’t shrink the wearer further. We recommend dropping tube or tank tops and swapping them with chambray or plaid shirt with just the right volume. Be sure to tuck it in, then doll up with pointed heels. It’s obviously the easiest for you to look taller. 

Oversized sweater and denim 

Oversized sweater


Nobody looks cuter than a petite woman that’s in jeggings and an oversized sweater. If you don’t have jeggings, opt for leggings or skinny denim. If you’ll be able to get a sweater with an off-shoulder style or built-in chokers, then it just gets better! 

Trendy maxi dresses 

Choose maxi dresses with some definition rather than straight cuts. Flower or cap sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, and ruffled bodies are great. A dress with a lighter fabric like georgette or organza is good. You can bump it up using chunky accessories; however, you need to make sure they’re not too consuming. 

Stylish jumpsuits 

Blue Cotton V-Neck Sleeveless Tie Front Jumpsuit

Swapping a playsuit with a jumpsuit will make a ton of difference with how you look. A tie-able piece instead of a buttoned-down is even better. Rather than going sleeveless, wearing cap sleeves is another trick in opening up your frame just a little. Ankle length boots with this will never fail as well. 

Chic pantsuits 

Think outside of the box to up your styling game by selecting slightly flared formal pants rather than pencil cuts. If you want a formal look, then pair this with bodysuits or a well-fitted shirt and a blazer that has a flared hemline to accentuate a bit. You can also opt for line trousers, tops, and blazers that don’t stick to the body and provide just enough structure. 

Layer over a dress 

Denim, t-shirt, and sweater dresses look uber chic but try to layer with your dress. This can be through a shrug or kimono, coat, or sweater in winter to spruce it a little. Of course, you should NEVER overlayer. 

Denim jeans 

Distressed Side Slit Lace Cropped Palazzo Jeans

Mommy/boyfriend jeans and distressed denim add a filter to an outfit. These clothing items stretch the lower body and make it seem like it’s longer. A top with puffed sleeves, ruffles or one that’s off-shoulder spruce the bottoms effortlessly.

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