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Bling for the win, cause we know it is forever gonna be our thing! If being labeled 'extra,' or 'too glam to give a damn' is a part of your agenda, remember that the one time where sequins are never too much is whenever you feel like it. That is absolutely right, you do not have to restrict yourself from sequins and wear them as you like them, anywhere and everywhere. They command attention when you enter a room and doll you up perfectly so that you can own the looks. Sequins on any outfit are the quintessential part of the wardrobe to make us ultra-feminine and refined! Every woman needs at least a few such outfits depending on the degree of bling, and sequins for the weekend, lunch, work, and dinner. It is well, almost mandatory to have a variety of sequins in different levels of dressiness for different occasions.

Always remember that a sequined dress is the unofficial uniform of the party. Today we are gonna show you our fav celeb and influencers who made us go all gaga in their precious and detailed outfits with their grand and fancy sequins embellished dresses. Since they make you feel so glamorous and gorgeous, we will show you how to own the look in them. We know that Sequins can be heavy duty, almost over the top at times. It is one that connotes a fancy occasion, something probably pretty girly and eye-catching so let us find out what is in store in this gamut of girly fashion.

So first up, if accessorizing is your thing, then we would want something similar to this outfit worn by Huda Kattan. If you are inclined towards shades of pinks and purples, then you are sure to look edgy and youthful along with your accessories. If your occasion is a bit fancier, step it up a notch with a chunky neck piece and a pair of fancy heels or wedges. If this is your idea of being dolled up, then it is great to go all out. 

own the look huda kattan

Huda Kattan slays the outfit with a chunky silver necklace 

How else can you play with sequins? Well, it is simple. The shimmering staples are not only for prom nights and fancy dinner outings but also for day time wear. Yes, it might feel that it is a hard thing to incorporate a shiny top with daywear outfits, but it is really fun and easy to do so. So we pick a sequined top with white skinny jeans, a stylish tote bag, and nude pumps to go with and finish off by accessorizing with hoop earrings.

Carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood wears a beautiful light peach sequins top 

Nah, we refuse to imagine an exotic and modish day time dress without sequins on them. We all agree that it is so much fun to look shiny every now and then. For a day time look, we would pick light shades from whites, creams, and pinks since the texture and soft opalescence makes it the focal point of the dress without making you look like a disco ball during the day but yet keeping the diva vibes intact. Accessorize with a smart gold or silver watch and wear strappy heels to refresh your attire. Yes, that is the benefit of sequins, they give your outfit an instant kick which is charming to the eye.

Bella tehrani ownthelooks

Bella Tehrani looking drop dead gorgeous in the Short Sequined Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection

We adore them, need them, and then finally we always end up buying them. Well, how can we forget about the ever so cute backpacks? Wow, not only are they make for a visual treat, but also create a statement style in one go. This will serve you well everywhere from your obligatory induction party at work to your needs at the university and everywhere in between. No matter what you carry in your bag, your style will definitely be a showstopper, and the best part being, you can wear them over any neutral, light or dark outfits.

ownthelooks bags

Nourhanne Hassan carrying the Black Faux Leather Rainbow Shimmer Flap Backpack from the OwnTheLooks collection 

We showed you, how to go from day to night, all in sequins style. So, the best possible time to wear sequins can be absolutely anytime. We can all do with added sparkle, shimmer, glimmer and shine to our wardrobes by knowing the sequence of sequins. To get you started, we have rounded up our favorite looks that will keep you pacing towards your glam and bling-laden outfit. Subtle or full on bling and shimmer? You make your pick and own the look in that gorgeous attire.

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