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Colors define who we are and sometimes present us in such a way that they set the benchmark for our appearance and style. Being a girl, you can never imagine your wardrobe without a heavy dose of Red. Since it is the most vibrant color, it signifies beauty, strength, energy, power, determination, passion, love and everything bold. We cannot even imagine life without this shade, since this is what uplifts our looks, and makes us look more vivacious. It does not matter if you incorporate red in your clothing, makeup or shoe wardrobe, irrespective it adds a pop of a rich essence. Today we will show you how this color can be used in daily life to help you Own The Looks.

The history of languages reveals that red was the next color to be found and named after black and white. It is believed that if a third hue exists, it has to be this one. It is known that it is the color of good luck in many countries and is considered as an auspicious one for big occasions. Ladies, it is time to Own the look and prove that great fashion does not have to be complicated, you could do a lot by just adding a touch of this shade to your favorite outfits and follow these styling tips in upgrading your wardrobe. Even the most coveted celebrities and influencers stick to this shade as it proves to be an unbeaten classic, that suits all body types and skin tones. So, let us straight dive into this, and pick some favorite looks.

Since red maxi dresses are a go-to solution round the year uniform for many of us, we have made it our mission to show you exactly what to do with them. By donning this outfit, you are sure to stand out and look extremely sassy. You could pick dark colored statement shoes or wedges to be versatile and capitalize on the look by carrying a white or light-colored satchel bag. This attire is perfect for an evening out or a fancy rooftop brunch. The thought of being able to throw a single dress on and still look stylish is a relaxing thought itself.

Miranda Kerr dons a red printed maxi dress

Miranda Kerr dons a red printed maxi dress

What is totally chic yet requires minimum styling? Yes, you guessed it correctly! We are in love with Zip-Up Dresses. When we discovered these in deep and rich colors such as red, our dressing game went up a few notches. Whether your preference is modest or modern, you could style it according to your needs. Wear sneakers or other sporty shoes and complete the look with a pendant or chunky earring. If the weather permits, alternatively, you could switch up the look a wear a T-shirt within.

Red Cotton Gold Zipper Front and Back Pocket Mini Dress

Mayada Ghonemy wearing the Red Cotton Gold Zipper Front and Back Pocket Mini Dress from the OwnTheLooks Collection

Red Boots go a long way, and season after season we bring out these beauties. Whether these are worn with a dress, skirt, or a pair of jeans, ankle boots visually complement everything in your closet - making them the ultimate footwear MVP of your shoe collection. Our favorite combo is to wear these beneath blue denims or slim cut jeans. You must keep your overall look more low key so that these can stand out. Accessorize your ensemble with a saddle bag or a small sling bag.

Bella Hadid rocks red ankle boots

Bella Hadid rocks red ankle boots

Do you want to know which is our favorite red go to item from the closet? It is a Red Leather Jacket. We believe that a leather jacket is a staple in any well-rounded closet. The only way to do justice to this beautiful piece would be by donning an entirely black ensemble within. You must wear a plain black t-shirt and for the bottom go with black pants or a pencil skirt. This could also be a way to pump up your athleisure style. This will give you a badass look with maximum edge and boost your appearance.

Red Leather Jacket over a plain black outfit

Kristen Stewart wears a  Red Leather Jacket over a plain black outfit

There is something so simply stylish about wearing red that it makes you stand out amongst others irrespective of the time or season. There is nothing such as owning too much red because a girl's closet is not complete without a hint of it in every item. We are all about red, whether it is included our clothes, shoes, or even makeup. We would love to know what is your take on this vibrant shade and how you incorporate it in your individual style to OwnTheLooks.

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