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Fashion is all about looking and feeling great in what you’re wearing; in short, it’s about confidence and self-expression. Our bodies come in various shapes and sizes, which is something to be celebrated. Dressing and looking stylish isn’t about rocking expensive, designer outfits as it’s really about selecting the pieces that suit you best. 

Most ladies fall into a category; either pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, and apple-shaped. Figure out your body shape, so you can find the perfect dresses that are flattering to your figure. We’ve put together a quick guide so you know what to look for when you shop for stylish dresses online. Check it out!

Trendy and Stylish Dresses Perfect for the Hourglass Shape

hour glass shaped dress

You have an hourglass figure if:

  • Your waist is well-defined;
  • You are curvy;
  • Your hip and bust measurements are somewhat even;
  • You have fuller thighs, hips, and bust; and
  • You have an asymmetrical side and front profile. Top to bottom, there’s harmony or balance in your figure. 

As you’re blessed with curves, flaunt them! Your figure is well-balanced, which means your dresses should reflect the same. Form-fitted and figure-hugging should be on top of your list of considerations. You will be able to accentuate your beautiful curves with these dresses and follow your beautiful silhouette. Just make sure that they sit well in the right places. 

As for necklines, consider sweetheart, V-neck, and scoop. Narrow necklines can slim down the bust area, so they can keep your look balanced. A low neckline will draw the eye close to your waist, which is narrow. This is great as it will naturally highlight your best feature. 

The best dresses for you are the following:

  • Mermaid dress
  • Wrap dress
  • Bodycon dress 

Baby doll dresses, oversized dresses, and shapeless styles are not as flattering compared to the ones that sit perfectly on those curves. If you love dresses that are not what we recommend like ones that are loose-fitting, then simply add a thick belt.

Trendy and Stylish Dresses for the Apple Shaped


You are apple-shaped if:

  • You are generally well-proportioned;
  • Your shoulders are broader compared to your hips;
  • You tend to add weight around your mid-section 

For ladies with apple-shaped figures, dresses that draw attention away from the upper body are worth considering. A V-neck neckline can draw attention to the waist and give a flattering look in an instant without looking top-heavy. You can also show off your gorgeous legs and change it up with a mini smock tunic. 

Styles of dresses that sit perfectly with an apple-shaped include:

  • Midi dress;
  • Flowy tunic;
  • A-line dress

 Anything that’s too form-fitting, excessive fabrics, peplum dresses, and horizontal lines are not flattering for an apple-shaped, especially if the goal is to create a balanced look. Remember: a dress for the apple-shaped must put emphasis on the waist.

Trendy and Stylish Dresses for the Pear-Shaped

Black Velvet Gold Stripe Maxi Dress

You are pear-shaped if:

  • You carry weight mostly on the thighs and hips;
  • Your waist is clearly defined;
  • You have narrower shoulders and bust compared to your hips 

Consider your waist to be the focal point when you are selecting dresses regardless of the occasion. A V-neckline or open neckline helps in elongating your overall look. You can also achieve the illusion of having an hourglass figure if you add more volume to your upper torso like with a puffy or ruffle sleeve, which balances your relatively wide lower body. The fit-and-flare is definitely great if you are looking for symmetry with your thighs and hips. 

A couple of dresses that perfectly suits you are the following:

  • A-line dress;
  • Shift dress;
  • Maxi dress 

Shapeless/oversized styles, curved-hugging fabrics, and super short hemlines are not the best options for pear-shaped if you want your look to be symmetrical. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to styling, so why should our options be the same? That is not to say you can’t experiment on other dress styles, fabrics, and prints. You definitely can; however, what we mentioned above showcases your shape the best. Find the best mix of aesthetics and creativity to make yourself confident and make styling a form of self-expression for you! 

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