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"Oh please not this one again", "I am not in the mood for that", and the classic one "I have nothing to wear!" We often find ourselves stuck in these outfit situations as we repeat the same lines on a daily basis when we are required to pick our attires. Wardrobe essentials and style staples from time to time have proved to be the must-haves in every girl's collection. These must be the heroes of your closets and should be your saving grace every time you have a fashion emergency. It is that dependable outfit or piece that you can break out for any and every occasion, and you never have to worry about not having anything to wear again. Whether you are getting dressed for work, brunch, a movie, or an outing, or anything that might come up in between these will be your saviors.

By having a few quality pieces that could be paired with almost any outfit combination, you girls were able to maintain their personal style in a more convenient and efficient way all with a few essentials that are almost mandatory. All girls may not have exactly the same style, but the different perspectives are what make personal style and fashion so much fun. From basic pieces to trendsetters, we have got you covered with everything that should be a part of your closet. As women, we tend to champion a certain aesthetic that vibes with our personality and style. There is nothing better than scrolling back through your Instagram feed and seeing all the different ways you styled your staples to create new looks and how you refreshed your style in new ways.

So we first begin with a nice crisp White T-shirt. This is a piece that always manages to bring signature effortlessness to our summer wardrobes. The idea is centered around wearing functional pieces that keep you cool on hot summer days while also feeling and looking great at the same time. These are probably one of the most often worn items in the closet of every girl and can be paired with a flannel shirt and denim jeans. You can alternatively pair it with a smart leather jacket and top it with a pencil skirt. Always remember, a white T-shirt never fails you.

white t-shirt

Amber Valletta rocks her smart white T 

Second up, we have a pair of well-fitted denim. Needless to say, one pair of those perfect denim that fits you as a second skin goes will go with all your looks. there is a reason why it is called Denim for Days. We all have our favorite pair of jeans, whether they are the lived-in flares that you have worn for years or a pair of firmly fitting skinnies, they all somehow do the magic. Wear them beneath any shirt, t-shirt or top, it goes with literally everything. 

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid rocks her denims in style

Next up we have, the Little Black Dress, better known as the LBD. Making use of this black beauty can be on a budget, and can be done with items that already exist in your wardrobe. We like to the pair the LBD with a leather jacket. This gives a tough yet chic vibe to the outfit. The power of simple accessorizing is incredible, and a belt makes the perfect item. Upgrading your attire can be easy when you throw in a belt on your LBD, and this necessarily does not mean it has to be of the same color. You can experiment and use bright ones or pastel shades. There are a gazillion ways to dress your dress, you can count on it every time you have an outfit emergency.

Elegant Black Velvet Front Slit Midi Dress

Ritu Pamnani wearing the Elegant Black Velvet Front Slit Midi Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection

Lastly, we have the statement heel shoes. This one always has a killer impact. This year the trend is simple and easy: heels over everything. Choose any, whether it is pumps, wedges, stilettos or peep toes, go for the one that is the most comfortable and flatters your feet nicely. It is the indispensable style, that will persist to be everyone's favorite forever and ever. Heels are certainly the best accessory to spice and brighten up a mundane outfit and make you instantly sassy.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio rocks her look with stiletto heels.

Girls, what are some of your must-have or essentials? What helps you to own the looks? We would love to know what else could potentially be added to this list of our wardrobe staples.

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