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So, what do you do when you want to keep it effortlessly stylish but do not want to put in too much effort? The answer always remains the same - you throw on a Jacket. We know that winter is coming, but that does not mean that your fashion and style have to take a backseat. Layering can be made fun and comes handy and also useful especially during this season. Hence, this calls for a checklist, a type of list that ensures you have hoarded all the different jackets there are, and the ones that you certainly need in your closet. 

Do we dress up for Fashion? Yes! But also, it is important to keep yourself warm this season. With a significant drop in temperatures in the coming weeks, you need to know how to layer your clothes accordingly. Layered clothing is roughly a term used to describe a way of dressing using multiple garments that must be worn on top of each other. It is important to note that 'you could always peel off layers if things heat up, but you can’t put on layers that you did not bring along.' So let us check what items made the cut to the Winter Jacket checklist and how to OwnTheLooks in all of them.  

Let us start first go on with Denim Jackets. These can be worn best during the early days of winter or you could take them along on a windy day or during traveling. The best part about these is that they can be worn almost throughout the year, by layering according to the weather. You can sport a light T-shirt or a turtleneck top within. For the bottoms, go with a pair of flared pants, since these are vogue now and will keep you covered from the cold for the main part.  

denim jacket

Rossy Mahmoud wearing the Blue Denim Drop Shoulder Shirt Top from the OwnTheLooks Jackets collection

When it gets really cold, you know you can resort to these. Yes, keep in mind that Quilted Jackets are designed for extremely low temperatures. When you need to remain insulated, these always come to your rescue. We suggest you should pick more of darker colors, as you might not be buying many of these. You cannot play around much with these, but you could wear warm pants to follow the theme. To keep the whole winter look going, wear a cute scarf that gives a contrast to the look of your entire outfit. the traditional quilted jacket can be spun in different ways, so there is really a shape, color, and style that tailors to everyone's tastes.

a Golden quilted jacket with black pants and black boots

Priyanka Chopra wears a Golden quilted jacket with black pants and black boots  

Next up we have the Blazer Jacket. This is the perfect solution for getting dressed up yet simultaneously beating the cold. If you have a working day or want to show up somewhere fancy, you know you gotta put on one of these. Pick a bright color, and pair it with a pencil skirt or high waist pants to get a better fit. Complete the look with a pearl necklace and sport a pair of ankle length boots. This way you will be covered yet dolled up. Now the formal blazer has been revitalized and has been given a makeover to look more modish than ever.  


Evan Rachel Wood wears a classic black Jacket and formal pants  

And last but not the least, we have the ultimate leather jacket. It surely takes feminine dressing to a whole new level. Not only does it give you an edge, but also provides you with the right amount of warmth. We occasionally like the rock chick/ biker girl vibe that it offsets, while it cuts out the need to accessorize much. Either go with a sweater T-shirt within or a plain shirt. You can wear your blue denim jeans beneath or go with black colored leggings. Then you could carry a classic black handbag or wear a minty colored muffler. Now, don some sporty sneakers or go with ankle length boots to finish the look.


black leather jacket

Taylor Swift wearing a dope black Leather Jacket  

While it is essential to layer up the right way, it is equally important to know what goes with what. Before the winter approaches, we still have time to gear up for the freezing days ahead. Since it is also a festive time, you must up your jacket game and switch to the other season related accessories. It is time to pump up your sweaters, blazers, and jackets this season while you own the looks. Girls, let us know which of these are your winter favorites.



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