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They are easy, are always found trending, and are the perfect versatile attire that you need to keep in your closet, all summer long. *insert drum roll* Yes, we are talking about coordinates, alternatively, they are also known as co-ords. On the hottest days of the summer season, lightweight fabrics and loose cuts are the perfect way to stay cool and keep your dressing up to the mark. One of the toughest decisions we face is "What am I going to wear today?" But dressing up into co-ords is easy, convenient, saves time and is a fashionable step that can never go wrong. So, what exactly is coordinate clothing? Basically, it is anything to do with pairing colors that work harmoniously with each other and accordingly decide what goes together. The connotations given to colors are highly subjective and personal to each individual.

When you are coordinating your clothes, you will need to see how different tints, tones, and shades work with one another. Having the necessary knowledge to creating outfits is not only essential for fashion purposes but highly recommended for social, situational, event and business purposes. Today we will list down a couple of examples for the best set of cords that are always for the win. From blazer with pants, jumpsuits, cropped tops and denims, and jackets with skirts, we have got you all covered. Today, we see who amongst celebs and influencers can own the looks the best when it comes to wearing co-ords. Coordinated sets are all the rage right now and you will find a good reason below!

First, we begin with jumpsuits. Since they offer the perfect balance of coverage and subtle, revealing elements that work well as a day to night transitional look. Whether you are headed to the coffee house or walking through town, you know you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. Dress up by adding a bunch of accessories, for example, wearing hoop earrings and wearing a small sling bag. Pick any color or pattern of your choice, but the ones that are in vogue right now are the off-shoulder ones. There is an array of choices that embrace contemporary prints and ruffles, all bring out utmost grace.

jumb suits

Alicia Keys keeps it simple yet modish in blue jumpsuit co-ords

The next style beats every other because it is fashion-forward, that is a cropped top teamed up with a skirt. Crop tops are bold, fashion-forward and definitely flattering for every body type. Leave behind the pants and shorts, and instead pair them with skirts, for a more feminine look. Go for a cropped top that is solid, striped, or graphic design with a loose fit that either hang straight or tapers around your waistline. This combination is dressy and will linger as a fashionable choice, for years to come.

Black Deep V Neck Pinstripe Double Buttoned Cropped Sleeveless Co-ord Dress

Arushi Virani wearing the Black Deep V Neck Pinstripe Double Buttoned Cropped Sleeveless Co-ord Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection

Moving on, we have another co-ord style that we always swear by! It is a smart blazer with formal pants. Since these are workplace appropriate and can transition from an outdoor to board room attire. It is our go-to attire when everything else seems to get confusing. This look is tried and tested and hence when you have a last minute invite, quickly choose this type of a co-ord. Accessorize using a small tote bag, and wear a statement necklace around your neck. For your feet, you could wear strappy heels, that can be of more subtle colors.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie looks prim and proper in her black tuxedo

And for the last bit, we have saved something that is in vogue at the moment. Our Instagram feeds are filled with stylish celebs sporting palazzo pants along with tank tops. This co-ord look is considered easy, casual and is at the peak for trending fashion. A fitted tank or cropped top does the magic, which will spice up ordinary styles to one that is apt for trips to the coffee shop or for chilling by the beach. Buy many colors and variations of co-ord type because they are here to stay for a long time.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian keeps it chilled in her casual co-ord attire.

So, girls what are your thoughts about these kinds of co-ords? Do they work well for you? We are here to break it all down for you and make it super easy so that you can own the looks while you enjoy your summer shenanigans. You can dress up or dress down, in your co-ords depending upon how hot it is, so let the styling sessions begin!

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