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Some call it the Oscars of the East Coast while formally, it is known as The Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art which is the biggest event on the fashion fundraising calendar. Founded by publicist Eleanor Lambert, the benefit was first held in 1948 to encourage donations from New York's high society. It is widely known that the most famous faces from the realms of fashion, film, music, and art come together to raise money for the Met's Costume Institute and celebrate the grand opening of its latest exhibition. The theme of the event this year was “Camp: Notes on Fashion." Which meant “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration... style at the expense of content... the triumph of the epicene style.”

the Met Gala 2019 was a feast of fantastic fashion, epic red-carpet entrances and a plethora of famous faces. Each look took several months to be put together, and hundreds of trials, some of the most revolutionary attires were created. What we were the end result, leaning towards over the top fabulousness. The theme, Camp was not literally the outdoor activity of pitching a tent, but rather, an aesthetic style and manner that regards something as appealing because of its unusual taste and ironic value. It is basically disrupting modern notions of beauty, art and paving the way for something weird, unusual or exaggerated. A theme, that was difficult to fathom, but celebs and designers put their best foot forward, in creating looks that cannot be forgotten in the years to come. Let us take a trip down the grandest carpet of recent times, and pick out our favorite looks of the year.

We begin with Lady Gaga because this woman sure knows how to make everyone's jaw drop. She arrived in a massive hot pink gown, complete with a cascading train and a giant matching bow on her head. But it gets epic because she had four outfit changes on the carpet itself. First, she took off her giant pink cape to reveal an all-black ensemble, then she continued to get that off, only to be wearing another hot pink gown complete, and then for the finale, she proceeded to reduced her clothes to only her essentials with fishnets. And take note, she had dedicated different accessories for each and every look, to complete the sequence.

lady gaga met gala

Dramatic as always, Lady Gaga never fails to surprise us.



Next up, we have Kim Kardashian West, who took her attire to another level of exaggeration and fancy. She donned a sheer figure-hugging silicon frock, and the vibes she gave off were "dripping wet" with beads all over her and kept it going with wet hair. This look was a major inspo of a rain themed dress. The body-hugging dress that made her waist nearly invisible, dripping in beads and sequins. Many criticized her look, for promoting unrealistic body goals. Apart from that, the dress was given due credit for its innovation and the way she carried it off.

kim kardashian gala met 2019

Kim Kardashian West channels her usual sultry vibe

We move on to Dua Lipa, who was dressed to kill as if the Rainbow Gods had blessed her with all the colors in the palette. She was covered in head to toe psychedelic patterns were well suited to the theme and the dramatic peplum cum bow skirt detail brought even more vibrant energy to the look. Her hair was thoroughly dramatized, to give a larger than life look. The multi-colored gown was paired with a jeweled multicolored crown-like headpiece, that made her look like the Queen of the carpet.

dua-lipa-gala met 2019

Dua Lipa, more like Diva Lipa.



Lastly, we had Priyanka Chopra, who brought her zaniest best to the red carpet. She dialed up the extravagance to the maximum with her mesh and sheer look. She grabbed eyeballs with her unconventional look and made sure everyone's eyes on her in her silver cascade of tulle and feathers to complete the caged dress. Many applauded her designer for this fab, not so common attire, but many did not seem to take it well. It does not stop here; she had worn a rustic silver crown and finished the look with an over the top hairdo.

priyanka chopra gala met 2019

Playing it on the edge, Priyanka Chopra outdoes everyone.



An invite to the fiesta of the year is something every celeb awaits for, and we get why. A night, we will not forget, well at least until next year's Met Gala. Tell us who was the best dressed according to you, and who could own the looks the best. We saw celebs dressed in extravagant and grand attires. It is a day to remember, for another 365 days to come.

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