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Already dominating street style, the trendsetting sunglasses of 2019 all have fashionable frames. From the latest statement eyewear to fresh updates on the classics, these sought-after accessories are guaranteed to give your OOTDs a finishing touch while protecting your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sun glasses

Nineties sunglasses

Although it can be considered as a blow to those who qualify as millennials, the Britpop era we all loved is back! Together with fringe haircuts and parka jackets, sunglasses are the newest installment of the return of the ’90s to ladies’ wear. Often invariably wacky and minuscule, it is recommended to approach nineties sunglasses with extreme caution. The reason? Nailing this look will rely on the ability to segregate the sunnies that can be salvaged from those that should never be taken out of the trunk!

If you don’t have vintage glasses and you’re looking at getting trendy eyewear, you’ll be able to channel the decade’s best by seeking out colorful lenses in blue and orange mixed with strong titanium frames. There are also impressive oversized acetate styles, which brings the iconic Glastonbury performance of Liam Gallagher to mind.

Round sunglasses 

It is blindingly obvious that the reason why round sunglasses worked well on our favorite Beatle, John Lennon, is because he was John Lennon. He was a style icon, but you should NOT let relative anonymity put you off. Even if we don’t have rock ‘n’ roll credentials, you can still pull off the look with vintage round sunglasses. Yes, us mere mortals can!

 Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses are must-haves this season. Some of our favorites combine metal fronts with acetate arms, which are perfect for those with diamond- and square-shaped faces. As the stylish woman knows very well, circular designs work well if you have natural angles. If your face lacks those lines, don’t fret! These sunnies are not entirely off-limits.  You can still strut confidently with round lenses with a horizontal brow bar! 

Geometric sunglasses 

Ladies with round profiles will love geometric sunglasses as they’re practically designed for them! Apart from the ability to provide structure and definition to orbicular bounces, overtly angular shades aren’t like the standard-issue. This means you won’t see every other Jane or Katherine wearing them whenever the sun is bright.

Silver Square Vintage Sunglasses

Geometric-shape shades, regardless of whether they’re hexagonal or square, offer the easiest way in differentiating yourself from the public. However, because of their unique shape for sunglasses, subtlety is key. Make sure you choose classic colors and thin frames. Also, keep their size in check. Err on getting smaller-sized shades unless you want to impersonate Elton John.

Colorful sunglasses 

When buying sunglasses, remember that being consistently wearable must be among your buying considerations. If you already have a couple of pairs of the classics, sports or even colorful ones will make for welcome additions to your arsenal. 

Colors of trendy sunglasses are popping and bright; some of them even make use of the same colors for the frames and lenses. This means they’re perfect for seeing the world in red, blue, or yellow. We know colorful sunglasses are not exactly what you’d pick when attending a summer beach wedding or any formal occasion; however, when used alongside a simple T-shirt and shorts combo, your specs will instantly boost your look a notch higher. 

Aviator sunglasses 

Aviator sunglasses are not really trendy as they’re staples that wax and wanes when it comes to their popularity. There are times when they’re seen everywhere. Next thing you know, they’re only worn at fancy parties as shown in Top Gun. As of the moment, aviators are having their moment in the sun! 

Originally known as the sunglasses of pilots, these sunglasses are making a huge comeback. This time, their main update can be seen in their frames as a lot of what’s in the market are made in acetate with single brow bridges for that extra fashion nous. 

The key to preventing yourself from rocking an average pair of aviators is by seeking those with unique designs. Look for a golden-framed pair. There are also patterned acetate designs with colored lenses. Aviator sunglasses are always a good idea, but make sure you won’t accidentally be twinning with your granddad! 

Top-bar/brow sunglasses 

Top-bar sunglasses are neither pared-back nor subtle as they are designed to turn heads. Essentially the bolder version of aviators, top bar or brow sunglasses now come in various guises, making it very easy to find the pair that’s to your liking. 

For those who are wary of going over the top with their eyewear, there is great news as this season ushered in a brand-new crop of cool designs including frames with thinner profiles. Although acetates look amazing, thin metal top bars make for better statement eyewear.


You’re now ready to make a selection. Check out our collection of trendy eyewear now!

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