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Hooray! Time flies so fast! We’ve already swooped half of the year so someone has to better prepare and refresh wardrobe essentials with some goals to own the looks while injecting personal favorite styles! Yes, we know that you opt for something new, something stylish and something worth the buy. We know and feel the dilemma of looking for an apparel that would really suffice your fashion demands. Questions like how often I can wear this? And what can I pair it with? Well, OwnTheLooks is here of help for you to make that wise decision.

The best kind of fashion buy is when you can mix and match it with multiple garments that are already inside your closet—in varieties, in many stylish ways. Play around with OwnTheLooks list of stylishly versatile items that are curated by the regions fashion influencers and select from our top picks on new arrivals on clothes and accessories.

Red Plaid Cold Shoulder Button Up Top

Red Plaid Cold Shoulder Button Up Top

Plaid print is a nice pick for women's top that will make you look ‘comfy-preppy’ by pairing it with either jeans or skirt in any length. Bold solid color like red accentuates the ensemble exuding for a fiercer look like you just come out the runway. Dress it up also with a button up pencil cut skirt or formal trouser pants and you are ready for work.

Tan Knit Chest Zip Sleeved Top

Tan Knit Chest Zip Sleeved Top

A body-hugging top made in the knit fabric can emphasize your curves if you want to get some attention with your assets. Put on a tailored blazer to dress it up and instantly you are ready for a corporate appointment.

White Puff Sleeve Mullet Top -ownthelook

White Puff Sleeve Mullet Top

For petite and detail-lovers, the white sleeve top with layered puffy wide sleeves and cut in V-neck design which shows off collarbones and at the same time accentuates the waist. Pair it with denim jeans for a casual ensemble. For a more lady-like outfit, updo hair, accessorize and slip into a smooth velvet fabric A-line skirt. Don’t forget your sexy stilettos too!

Blue Denim Drop Shoulder Shirt Top

Blue Denim Drop Shoulder Shirt Top

Denim top is the most effortlessly yet stylish chic piece with ample fashion character. Being the most versatile wardrobe essential, it can be paired to any bottom piece. Own the look of a rock star or a biker chic by wearing leather fabric leggings. A distressed denim pants will add more ‘oomph’ to this top for a slightly hip-hop appeal. Go for a casual date wearing this piece with a linen skirt for a more flowing effect. Slip on a statement style pair of boots for a balanced chic look.

A drape top can be paired with palazzo pants for more flare if attending a fashion-forward event. To add more texture and enthralling appeal by putting on a fur coat and you must be ready to sashay all the way.

Be the office fashion chic by wearing a peplum top and pair it with tailored pants that are always a perfect piece especially if it comes with a twist of flared hems. Looking forward to weekends, pair it with distressed cropped jeans and you are picnic-ready.

Add-on tips! One must dress in three colors at a time. The idea is to look effortlessly international chic by not only mixing textures, prints or other patterns but keeping a look to not more than three colors will narrow down your choices when picking out your outfits in a rush. If you’re wearing black pants, put on a white shirt and red blazer then potentially add one accessory.

Invest in timeless pieces and not to so trendy items. You know how hard to follow this rule—just to go in to buy “just one t-shirt” but you ended up having purchased a pile of clothes that only in trend for a particular season. You can do so much with your basic t-shirt.

Go through your closet and have wardrobe rehab. Taking time is the perfect way to devise and curate your closet so you can distinguish everything you have in your closet and make sure all your wardrobe piece has the purpose and is something that you actually wear and love. Consider these: Sorting, selecting, re-organizing, defining your style, pick only the essentials, get updates about colors and trends, and have focus while shopping.

Clean the clutter in your closet by keeping only what you need and fit to wear. Time to let go of the outdated pieces and upgrade your style by less overwhelmed closet as you get dressed every day. Always be authentic and trust your style instincts. They said if you have it, then flaunt it. Something that will make you feel confident and beautiful which will never go out of style. Never stop to experiment with various textures and patterns and look out for stylish accessories, your own style matters even if you want to own the looks. Most importantly is reflecting and developing your style. Celebrate individuality by being proud of it while embracing fashion. Tell us which among the women's tops appeal to you and how you plan to style them. We love to hear from you! 😉

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