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Dress codes can be very tricky; while we have been able to hear of smart casual somewhere before, this particular term may still confuse most of us. Fortunately, we are here to help you and that is by shedding much-needed information on this incredibly ambiguous kind of attire. If you have been curious as to what smart casual exactly means, or you’re after a couple more outfit ideas to look stylish for your next occasion, we have certainly got you covered. Take this article as a handy guide in dressing for smart-casual events. 

What Does Smart Casual Mean?

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Smart casual is actually a kind of dress code that’s defined by an attire which is both polished and relaxed. As such, rocking this specific look will require a bit of balancing on your part. As you dress for an event that implements this as the dress code, we suggest you try considering the pieces which appear elegant but also comfortable. 

Business Casual and Smart Casual – How Do They Differ From Each Other?

Due to their relaxed and polished aesthetic, attires that are for smart casual looks are often confused with the dress code, business casual. Because outfits may fall into the two categories, it can be difficult for you to define the two. There are actually differences that lie between the two dress codes. For instance, a business casual attire tends to need a rather conservative styling of dress. As for smart casual, it’s acceptable to be leaning towards being fashion-forward. 

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When is it suitable to wear a smart casual outfit?

Smart casual is what most consider as the standard dress code; therefore, it’s required for most events such as weddings, dinners, and work functions. Fortunately, the kind of event you will be attending can help you as to what you will be able to wear. As you plan a smart casual outfit, just remember that you have to consider the function, the outfits of other guests, as well as the location of the occasion. 

Smart Casual Attires for Dinner Parties 

If you have been a guest at a dinner party before, then you may know very well what to wear. If you don’t as you have not been to one or you simply need some inspiration, don’t fret. There's a ton of great smart-casual looks that you can easily pull off without risking looking dull and unkempt. In order for you to nail this look, try mixing classic or basic items such as black pants and satin blouses. If a satin blouse would be too formal for your taste, then pair the black pants with an off-shoulder top. Want a more exciting option? If so, then get a crop top!

Leopard Print Tie Neck Puff Sleeve Top

More Smart Casual Styling Tips 

  •  Change your attitude 

  • Smartness is simply a matter of appearance. However, this means how your clothes appear makes a huge impact instead of their style. Your shoes have to be polished properly, with trousers pressed as well. You should always remember that your goal is looking smart and relaxed at the same time. 

    A pristine shirt, box-fresh trainers, and indigo jeans may even look dressier compared to a shirt that is wrinkly, shoes that are scuffed, and pants that are stained. 

    Jeans, trainers, and shirts aren’t always appropriate, so keep that in mind. However, smart casual can be more of your attitude or mood than a formula of clothing pieces. Just because your event is not formal does not mean you should make no effort at all as to how you appear to the public and to who is attending the same function as you. 

  • Change one or two 

  • White Sheer Sleeves Gabot Top and Denim Skirt Set

    As we have established already, it can be hard to define smart casual. A more practical and helpful approach to dressing with this dress code is starting with your casual outfit then changing a clothing piece or two, which is all the better. Remember, you need to change to pieces that are smarter-looking. 

    For instance, you start with a shirt, denim jacket, jeans, and shoes. The outfit is the epitome of casual. Now, change the denim jacket to a blazer or the shirt to a blouse. You can also opt for much dressier shoes. This can help you lean towards the smart casual look. You will be on point when you swap a piece or two to your casual look. If you swap three pieces, then you will look too smart. 

    There are a lot of looks that you can pull off with smart-casual dressing. As a matter of fact, most people already have pieces in their wardrobes that are perfect to mix and match. Try out some right now and we are sure you will surprise yourself. If you want to give yourself a treat, check out our latest collection! 

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