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White jeans – we know ‘em, we love ‘em, we wear ‘em all year. They are slimming, stylish, and capable of replacing tired and basic blue jeans when you feel the need to give your wardrobe a reset. Below, we’ve listed our favorite items to pair with white jeans. Check them out! 

With All White 

white top and bottom

All-black is a slimming secret that’s tried and true (although it is no longer a secret). But, have you heard of the slimming benefits all-white outfits offer? An all-white ensemble is as slimming as the all-black. As a bonus: you can wear it in the summer without people thinking you are a vampire. It looks extra stylish and refreshing as well! Plus, you will be showing off those great curves instead of hiding them behind dark colors. 

With a Chambray Top 

Chambray tops and white jeans scream summer just like lime margaritas and ice cream! Make the look your go-to all summer, from night outs paired with killer heels to more relaxed settings like summer barbecues. The look can be transitioned into colder months with blazers or jackets were thrown over. A simple jacket will make your outfit more appropriate for the weather. 

With Bold Accessories 

Green Teardrop Drop Earrings

Do you have totally crazy earrings or of-the-moment bags you absolutely adore, but you have no clue on what to pair them with? Fret not as your faithful pair of white trousers will save the day! It won’t dress down an outfit like how blue jeans would and it lends a neutral background to your eye-catching jewelry or a statement bag. Make sure the rest of your look is neutral so your accessories stand out. 

With a Checkered Top 

Is lumberjack-chic more of your style? If so, then give the pair of white jeans sitting on your closet a casual and relaxed feel by wearing it with a checkered top. Any color would work as it will offset the freshness and brightness of the crisp white jeans. This outfit idea also looks a whole lot chicer compared to your typical checkered top and blue jeans. Grab your heels for more sophisticated occasions or dress down using booties or ballet flats. 

Under a Blazer 

white jeans

Swap your matching black or navy trousers for white if you want a look that is instantly appropriate and trendy to wear to the office. Not to mention the fact that white under a dark-colored blazer can lengthen your legs, giving you the much-needed confidence in rocking a 9 am presentation or meeting (not that you require help with confidence; however, a stunning outfit certainly can’t hurt!) 

Under a Denim or Leather Jacket 

With the colder months just around the corner, your denim jacket will have to work extra hard. Why not throw your denim staple over white jeans? It is an easy outfit idea, most especially if you are not partial to Canadian tuxedo. We love how easy it is to pair both items together. Say hey to your new summer uniform! 

With Black 

We all know black and white is an iconic duo. Any easy go-to that’s not typically thought of by most is pairing white jeans with an all-black shirt and black block heels (because we know all three staples are already in your closet). It is probably the easiest outfit you can put together for a night out. We are sure you’ll stand out as people at the bar will wear the same old white top and blue jeans. Who knew looking stylish is so easy?


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