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A signature look, for fashion forward ladies such as us, is considered as the holy grail in terms of personal style. It's the icing on well-curated wardrobes, however, it is also the perfect starting point for  new style journeys. Regardless of whether you are a curating pro or a complete beginner, this step-by-step guide will present you the best way in designing, shaping, and refining your very own signature look. 

Step 1: Determine your real body type.


Find out what your real body type is. Then, learn the guidelines when it comes to choosing the kinds of clothing that would look great for you. Take note that not every trend and style suit all body shapes. The choice of clothing we have nowadays is so varied that you’re guaranteed you will find a piece or two that are complementing to your body shape. 

Step 2: Check which colors work for you. 

blue jumbsuites

Know your colors! It is always good to wear the colors you gravitate towards as they are most likely feel good colors. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that whenever you change the color of your hair or the tone of your skin, this can affect the colors that look good on you. 

There are myriads of different tints and shades in every color. Make sure your look does not let you down as you have worn an unflattering color. Also, this is crucial for you to remember: only wear bright colors on the body parts that you intend to show off. 

Step 3: Look at the trends. 

women's dress

The essence of timeless fashion is style. It's the reason why a look can endure decades or centuries instead of just a single season. However, you should also try to keep your wardrobe current while putting your own signature or twist to it. 

Choose on-trend items, then utilize them sparingly. They can complement your favorites that are considered as classics or the look that you are creating. You can do so without overwhelming each look or making it appear loud and cheap. Don't forget that you should dress for the occasion. You should never be under- or over-dressed! 

Step 4: Mind the details.  

Keep in mind the saying: less is more. Excessive detailing can date your clothes, make a look seem heavier which diverts attention from you, and take the versatility of clothing items away. Details are to draw attention but not overpower a look. Whenever there’s too much that is going on, you instantly become a fashion victim rather than a lady of style. 

Step 5: Use the correct fabrics. 

The use of the correct fabrics based on your body scale and shape is important. You need to find the right drape, texture, and weight, so the clothes fall smoothly over your body’s curves instead of taking a shape that doesn’t look nice at all. 

Step 6: Always find the right fit. 

Clothes that have a good fit skim your body and show off your curves without being too tight. A good fit also means details such as pleats, slits, and pockets lie flat otherwise they’ll have a negative impact to your look. Your clothes may look too big or you will look like you’ve gained a couple of pounds.  

Step 7: Use the right patterns.

The same rule can be applied here as for selecting the right colors and fabrics. Be careful where exactly you wear patterns, in which size, color, and directions. A pattern’s size needs to match your size and scale. You need to make sure that you are not drawing attention to the body parts that you don't wish to show off.

Step 8: Get the proportions right. 

Dressing in proportion means creating harmony in every look. If you have short legs or you are short-waisted, you would want to create an illusion of an elongated legs with the waist in proportion to the other parts of the body.

Step 9: Try to be creative and daring. 

Don't be scared in mixing two to three random styles or colors. You can even wear sweats with a crop or tank top. If the look does not work for you, then don’t be put down as it is only for one day!

Step 10: Be confident and comfortable. 

If you are a bit heavy, it is not recommended for you to go for two to three sizes too small. If you are skinny, you should not go for three sizes too big as well. But, take into account the fact that clothes can shrink. Fashion influencers such as Ola Farahat and Rania Fawaz advise to get a 6 if you are a 5 to make use of clothes longer. 

...and don’t forget a good posture as well as confidence to radiate your style through your signature looks!

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