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OwnTheLooks brings the latest fashion accessories from the sparkling jewelry, trendiest bags, and more that are cutting-edge in the fashion scene right now. We will guide you by finding out how to shop the essentials and pair them with your favorite outfits. When we ran out of our cute selfies for Instagram, We ‘gram our accessories like the brand-new handbag, sunglasses, and fashion jewelry. Own the looks as we rounded up this season’s most impressive accessory trends for the social media–savvy shopper.

Shoulder-Grazing Statement Earrings

Earrings in any different designs and types are not going away in trend, where in fact for the past couple of seasons now these eye-catching earrings have reached popularity and size—lets take for example the shoulder-grazing statement earrings which have been the must-have women's fashion accessories online which give lobes a bold fashion update by its longest and loudest pair available. A one of a kind earring that is sculptural and other arty earrings are dominating the runways in favor of glitzy, shiny chandeliers.

Silver Diamond Swirl Earrings

Teeny-Tiny Sunglasses

Own the looks of your favorite character in the fiction action film Matrix with these micro sunglasses that is already so popular all over trendy accessories online for women. This pair of add-on accessories for women are here to stay. Commonly called as the “teeny-tiny” sunglasses, this accessory is going so strong this Summer 2018. With its sleek and skinny frame in structure brings a whole new option in accessories for women and a whole new crop in shelving in favor of micro-frames. Matrix glasses are sunglasses for women which surprisingly appear in 2017 emphasizing a retro-look appeal—slim, narrow and sharp which are unexpectedly cool for the street style which is an impressive on-trend addition to casual outfits. Various choices of shades are available at OwnTheLooks online store.

Purple and Gold Super Slim Oval Sunglasses

Purple and Gold Super Slim Oval Sunglasses

 Another women's accessory is a bag. Bags come in all new shapes and silhouettes and all of these never go out of style. This season, OwnTheLooks showcases geometric forms in womens accessory bags—rounds, trapezoids, rectangles, and squares which give trendsetters a throwback of their elementary-school memories with these shapes that are ultra-relevant.

Belt Bags

Dominating the world of street style with their unique aesthetic and practical appeal are the belt bags having a blending function and fashion purpose can add a glamorous utilitarian touch to any outfit from sporty bags to sleek, structured designs, OwnTheLooks belt bags are available different range of styles and can be worn in various ways. Belt bag is women's accessory trend is one that every lady can wear no matter what her style.

Red Mini Belt Bag

Mini handbags

Mini handbags are very stylish yet useful if you want to move freely and if you are always on-the-go—by not carrying a lot of stuff with you. Mini handbags are known for its versatility and functionality. Mini handbags become more stylish with its slung over the shoulder straps and mini buckles and zip locks. For date night dinner with friends, all you need to carry with you are your credit and debit cards, mobile phone, keys, and lipstick. Check out OwnTheLooks most coveted mini handbags in a range of styles from color, size, and shape.

Lady Basket Mini Handbag

 Lady Basket Mini Handbag

Transparent Bags

Making a new flash this season in trendy accessories online for women are the transparent bags which become the easier choice for futuristic fashionistas. Transparent bag features a showing off meaning in a fashion which no accessory gets the job done quite like a clear bag. Think of transparent handbags, clear purses, and plastic shopping bags that get so much attention and better make sure that your keys are clipped in secure. Transparency doesn’t end there—OwnTheLooks are making the clear boot of a true fashion essential.

Pink Transparent Mini Pochette

Straw Bags

No longer just for the beach. Straw bags are now appropriate for shopping, brunch, for the movies and anywhere else that you want to carry them. OwnTheLooks offer this trending accessory now so its now time to invest on this trend as plenty of styles are available for you to choose from—classic totes, cute clutches and round basket bags are just a few of the fantastic straw styles all available at so show now!

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