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There are those who approach dressing and looking stylish every single day as pure joy. They’re viewing it as a pleasure and they wear this glow which seems to extend from head to toe. Their rosy cheeks are the result of having a great outfit, and their eyes just appear brighter when they wear a great dress. 

They also walk into rooms knowing that people will take notice. They’re constantly showered with compliments that are not focused on one thing that they are wearing. It is not just the shoes; it is the vibe of looking great and we love to be around their sartorial glory. 

Red Mirror Clubmasters

We actually have a label to this and that is called standout style. Here is the thing you have to know: it si not interchangeable to having an outfit that grabs attention. Trends, as you may know very well, come and go. We’ll inevitably find ourselves favoring low-key looks and subdued colors. That does not mean you’re taking a hiatus from the standout style. We just don’t have the inspiration. 

In order for you to have what it takes to own standout style, we’ve chatted with our favorite influencers and here are their tips on how to have your very own head-turning moments:

Think statement 

Cherry Red Sweetheart Neck Full Sleeves Midi Dress

Look for the items that can stand out. Yes, this includes with the style or shape of the garments to the accessories. Statement accessories, such as shoes, pieces of clothing, jewelries, bags, do wonders when establishing the style that you want to portray. The pieces that are for making a statement shouldn’t be for everyday use. The items are, as you may know already, far from basic. The attention-grabbers or scene-stealers can boost your credibility as a fashionista by a thousand percent, but it is important that you don’t overdo it = or else you will only look odd rather than fashionable and stylish. 

The things that you can look out for when choosing statement pieces are print, scale, and color. You can choose eclectic prints, oversized scale or bright colors in making a statement. In addition, when you are sporting a statement piece, make sure you keep the other parts of your outfit tuned down in order to make one piece shine. 

Layer creatively 

Red Denim White Shirt Pinafore Dress Set

Experiment with ways in layering clothes and accessories which are different to common layering techniques. Rather than layering white collared shirts under sweaters which is a classic winter or fall styling trick, let a printed or striped shirt peek out from a turtleneck. 

Also, never let seasons hold you back from layering. Layering is great for summer and spring as well. You can layer chiffon underneath mini dresses or keep lightweight cardigans on hand in case you need quick pick-me-ups that work on even the most informal or casual of looks. 

 Break a neutral outfit when you are layering. You can try sporting a bright tote bag or eye-catching eye makeup. You can also play with texture and silhouettes when you are layering. Top off looks with oversized scarves or cropped sweaters. Also, wear different finishes that are in similar hues in one outfit or ensemble.

Take advantage of your shape and age 

Great style begins with discovering and mastering styles that suit your age and shape best. As soon as you’ve realized what your style is depending on your age and shape, embrace it immediately. While change is always great, it’s important that you have a signature style that you can come back on. That is the sign of true icon status. 

Also, invest in alterations and shapewear to ensure your looks are as great as can be, regardless of the occasion. For alterations, a bit can already go a long way. Adjust the hem or take the waist in and you will make a huge difference. You will also look more pulled together and polished. 

Green Candy Stripe Cuffed Sleeve Ruffle Skirt Midi Dress

Take care of Yourself 

Anything around your hair, head, eyes, and face will be noticed; therefore, you have to make them count. 

For eyewear, cheap ones are not just disappointing, but they are also bad for your eyes. You should always opt for quality pieces especially ones with UV protection. You should take time when you are selecting frames. We suggest ones that fit the shape of your face perfectly while also looking chic and stylish. 

As for the hair, we can’t afford blowouts on a daily basis. We suggest you retain a routine for your hair with the priority of making it healthy and lustrous. Yes, even when you are too busy to go to the salon. Good dry shampoo can work as your maintenance for fair. It can boost your roots, plus provide you with locks that have extra volume. 

You're now ready to stand out! If your wardrobe needs an update, check our latest collection!

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