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Fitting in while also standing out is important when it comes to personal style. Most especially in this era wherein we have myriads of short-shelf trends and social media influencers, it can be very difficult for us to know where to turn our heads as well as what to do to stand out for the correct reasons. 

In order to avoid falling into a fashion trap or becoming too routine or basic, it is worth doing some self-evaluation. We suggest you begin by considering all of your likes and dislikes. Then, think about your lifestyle, favorite celebrities, favorite era in fashion and favorite clothing items. All these will come into play as you determine the styles that are best suited for you. Although it can take quite a bit of time in getting your fashion game truly dialed in, it is most definitely worth the while. 

Get to the roots as to what are those that make styles tick. You should dig in and fully trust your intuition. Then, discover the pieces as well as colors that you are in love with. Don't forget to consider how you like wearing those pieces. Nobody has ever admired derivative or contrived styling. True style is about letting your aura shine through and revealing yourself. 

 Although this can sound like far-fetch or something that is very intimidating, just don’t be anxious. We will go through all the tips that will tick all of those we just mentioned. 

Try out a couple and witness the amazing change they can bring into your life. Styling does not mean expensive and lavish clothes or having a stylist that will pick out every single outfit for you. Instead, style is a means of expressing yourself as well as creativity. It is where you can be unique and an authentic being at the same time. 

Tip no. 1: See Yourself as a Leader. 

It is not always about what is trendy in fashion or styling. If you’re confident and nonchalant with your personal style and choices that you make, then you will wear whatever that is you like. You will love it, live it, and own it as well. It is the unexpected which can get someone noticed. If you make bold fashion choices plus you take risks time and time again, just pair them with a vibrant personality and we are sure you will make waves. So yeah, we suggest you go ahead and choose that vintage print scarf that you are eyeing. 

Nude and Black Lace Slit Mini Dress

Designer marketplaces, pre-loved stores, and vintage shops are all incredible places for you to find that clothing pieces that will help you create a look that is truly yours. We suggest you stray away from the mall fashion staples and established brands as that will ensure your pieces are not mass produced. Your clothes will also have more limit when it comes to their public exposure. 

Be inspired. We know blazing your own style trail is daunting. Remember that there is nothing wrong with it if you gain a bit of inspo from a few fabulous women what are known to create their own niches and signature styles. 

Tip no. 2: Engage Yourself in the Industry and Add Twists. 

Mix items, then add accessories which not only uphold but also express your very own expression of style. Regardless of whether it is a bag with a boxy frame hat came from the 50s which you inherited from your nana or an incredibly stunning artistic piece, you should flaunt it with confidence and pride. Throw out those pieces that are the staples such as sundresses, leggings and ripped denim as they are not what will get you to stand out. 

Red Collared Sheer Yoke Sleeved Princess Midi Dress

Go always for what is unexpected of you. All items and accessories are to be used in expressing your style, but they also have to make an impact when they are worn. If you want to utilize pieces that are common, add twists to them. Use them as to how they won’t be worn with normally. Designer bags bring more pow to sporty looks with oversized shorts and sneakers. Patent white oxfords also look refreshing when paired with tropical print frocks. 

Tip no. 3: Don’t be Scared in Mixing Different Patterns. 

Go beyond what is worn everyday by most people and look for the combinations which are different yet pleasing to look at. A print on another kind of print has already become a trend these days. More than being trendy, print on print is actually clever and an interesting way for you to get dressed. A print on print can outlast all other trends today. Given its stylishness, we know you will love it, too. Just do it right, of course. 

When doing a print on print, we suggest you start off with a monochrome look. Selecting two colors that are in different types of prints can create a graphic and visual interest which you may offset with accessories. 

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