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We used to wait for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas parties to provide us with opportunities for dressing up. Then came summer where BBQ and backyard parties happen left and right. Cut to today and we don’t need reasons anymore to dress up, party, and dance. If you’re like most women, then you also draw a blank face when you figure out what to wear. Read on as we’ll provide you with party outfit ideas. Let’s start! 

Imperial Red Pleated Midi Skirt

90s Themed Party

If you look at the fashion trends in the 90s, you will see that they were about mommy pants, plaid shirts, dungarees, big hoops, matching separates, chokers, rock band shirts, and crop tops. Headed to a themed party? If so, then the aforementioned is what is expected of you!

Simple right? You can easily try different combinations of 90s themed favorites. As most of the fashion trends have already made a comeback, we’re certain you already have the pieces that you need. There is really nothing for you to stress about. Just dress up, go to the party, and groove to retro music! 

Christmas Party

Christmas has just passed but we all know days go by quick. Before you know it, you will be flooded with invitations for parties for the holidays. It is definitely the best time to party, unwind, and forget the entire year’s stress. It is, therefore, recommended for you to look your very best. Your obvious choices would be a red dress, blue face dress or LBD. If you anything that are on those lines, that would be great. If you want a more trendy outfit for the holidays, then try matching separates, monochromes or pantsuits. Accessories with body jewelry in completing your chosen look. 

Navy Blue White Floral One shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress

House Party

If you are on the lookout for an outfit idea for a house party, then it is likely because it’s winter and the party has been moved indoors. It may also be an indoor party in its realest sense. Regardless of the reason for the house party, there will be sticker stacker, charades, beer pong, and other activities. Unless there’s a theme that was indicated in the invite, then you are free to wear anything you like. Try out a shirt dress, leather pants, distressed jeans or a maxi dress. Keep your makeup minimal as it’s an indoor setting. However, let an accessory stand out. It may also be a lipstick for a chic and effortless look. 

Masquerade Party 

Black Classic Velvet Midi Dress


Will you be attending a ball or a masquerade party? While masquerade parties are more relaxed events that are held in an informal setting, they are quite serious affairs. You, therefore, need to be aware of what it’s going to be. Then, you need to take into consideration the mask that you will be wearing. Choose that first rather than choosing your dress and shoes. Follow our advice and your life will be a lot easier. 

Choose the dress that will complement your mask. It may be a contrasting one or a similar color. Either way, the mask will complete your outfit. For your dress, you can choose an A-line dress, corset, or pencil skirt.  make sure that you wear heels as they’ll make you look more elegant. Heels will also lift the look to a different level. Make sure that you don’t put too many colors onto your outfit or else it will look gaudy and loud. 

Cocktail Party

Teal Green Black Lace Sleeve Midi Dress

If there is a need to follow unwritten rules for dressing for a cocktail party, then you should be showing up in a dress that’s both formal and celebratory. If the cocktail party will be for work, then don’t wear a skimpy dress or anything that is defining. Sleek trousers, palazzo sets, or pantsuits are great if you will be able to pull them off. Wear elevated footwear and carry a clutch. If you won’t be able to wear stilettos, then wear statement accessories that stand out and look elegant. Listen to our advice and you are sure to rock the party you will be attending in style and elegance. 

Dinner Party 

Dinner parties aren’t like ceremonies or cocktail parties. However, they’d need for you to be a bit dressed that is something more elegant than casual. Even if the party will just be at the house, it is not a great idea to wear a grunge attire. As for the shades of your outfit, choose ones that are more subtle and subdued. You also need to make sure that you are not wearing something flashy. Pastels, sequins, and powdered colors are exciting options but they are not what you will be able to play around with here.

Now that you have an idea on what to wear for parties you will be wearing this 2020, check out our latest collection to stock up on them!

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