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There’s more to dressing than one might imagine, which is why we’ve created part two on our guide in dressing for different occasions. People make judgments on a snap about us with just what we are wearing. Fortunately, you have us to advise you on your getup for your next big occasion. Let's start! 

Birthday Party 


If there’s an occasion that everyone loves, that would be a birthday party. It's so easy to find something to wear for this kind of party as there’s often a theme. Just remember that it’s not your birthday. This means you don’t need to impress and steal the spotlight from the birthday celebrant. A skirt, crop top, shirt and ripped jeans are your best options. Others include hot points, a boho dress, leather jacket, and skinny jeans.

Pool Party 

There are a few ways in approaching this and there’s no one way that’s right. Even if the pool party you will be going to will just be by the pool or you decide that you will stay dry, it is good for you to dressed in a way that you match the theme. Wear sunglasses, flats or platform heels, a floral maxi, and a fedora. You can also wear shorts with a crop top or cold shoulder top. You can go for bohemian style maxi as well.

If the party will be about drinks and music with guests planning to take a dive, you’ll need to be functional. You can wear a swimsuit or bikini that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can pair it with a strapless playsuit, pair of shorts, or cover-up dress which you can just yank off when you decide on jump in. 

Choose clothes that will dry off quickly. Carry extra pairs with you in case you will be pushed or dragged to the pool with one of your girlfriends. Talk to your friends or host so you know what you’d have to bring. If you ask us, we can’t wait to jump in!

College Party 

White Sheer Feather Print Long Robe Top

A college party is more likely to be about fun, dancing, and drinking; therefore, you need to wear something that’s well put together and comfortable. Never wear couture to a college party. Because everyone attending are students, you can experiment. Add a leather jacket, accessories, and a comfortable footwear with your outfit. What you need to remember about college parties is you will be able to rummage your closet for the perfect getup. 

Bachelorette Party 

A bachelorette party is one of the quickest and easiest for us girls to dress up. If you’re invited to one, we’re assuming you’ll be with your closest friends. It is likely that you already have a plan sorted out with your girlfriends. Otherwise, just wear something that is decent yet fun so you won’t steal the attention of the crowd from the soon-to-be bride. 

Our favorites for bachelorette parties are a face dress, jumpsuit, LBD and a satin dress. Bachelorette parties will involve lots of props. Take some groupfies and reminisce the night as well as your outfit! 

Beach Party 

Cinnamon Sleeved One Shoulder Top

Just like with a pool party, fun, floral, and flowy are your answers. Pull off an airy outfit by opting for a playsuit, maxi, poncho, crop top, cowl pants, or one-piece dress. Whatever it is that makes you happy! Just skip those stilettos as it’s very obvious you won’t be needing them. Resort to talking out your platform flip flops, everyday ballerinas, pompom sandals or gladiators. As for your accessories, you can go all out and choose more funky ones to pair with your beautiful beach curls (which, obviously, never fails). Remember that it is a great idea to opt for the colors that complement the setting – grey, turquoise, and blue. 

Foam Party 

For a foam party, wear clothes that you’d not mind getting spoiled. There's going to be, yes, foam; therefore, you will get wet. You can wear a swimsuit, bikini, running or basketball shorts, jersey or waterproof tank. Keep the makeup minimal and waterproof, of course. You can tie your hair up with a bandana. 

Boat Party 

Whether it’s a private yacht or a cruise ship you will party in, you have to wear something that is polished and on point. A tailored woman suit or dress would be great for this. The same can be worn to a dinner on a cruise ship within the city or party on a vacation cruise. If you are tired of your formal, one-piece dresses, you’ll be able to wear off-shoulder tops, chiffon blouses, a side slit maxi, a striped dress, co-ord,  etc. But, there is one thing you got to remember and that is classy is definitely what’s needed of you with a boat party. 

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