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We bet you can easily name the simplest yet effective solution to look à la mode, and at the same time protect your eyes? Yes, of course, it has to be our savior since decades, the ultimate game changers - sunglasses. Do questions like these pop up in your mind - do sunglasses suit everyone? and do they suit different face sizes and structures? Oh yes! Undoubtedly, if chosen well! We will teach how to make sure you pick the best style and size for you accentuates your features. So, girls, as always, the key is to is finding the right frames and lenses that will compliment your style and face to own the looks. Whether you are looking to achieve a subtle look or want to dress to impress, we have got you all covered in one place.

Why do call this an Eye Candy? Simply cause it gives you good coverage under and around the eyes to hide your dark circles and fatigue, protects your eyes from sun damage and essentially gives your face a huge amount of glamour. We love a piece that can bring your outfit to life and thus it makes for the perfect eye candy. The best part being, a pair of sunnies will add a chic finish to your day to day outfits and completely jazz up a casual ensemble. There are millions of options, and to choose what suits you can be a bit of a task. You can own many different ones for different occasions. In conclusion, we have compiled a guide so you know what is in and what is out.

To begin with, we go with classics, if you are really unsure of what your style would be, the safest pick is to go with hipster or geek style sunglasses. They suit most face types and go with the maximum number of outfits. So to begin with, be sure to add this distinctive frame and be rest assured that you are not underdressed whenever you step out. They make for the perfect accessory 'cause they give you an edge. There are so many color palettes of this classic pattern that you will be sure to find the perfect one for your skin tone, hair, and face shape. These will always be a symbol of femininity and makes you look a cute nerd or geek.

geeky black glasses

Bridget Moynahan slays in geeky black glasses

What has been in vogue since last year is the mini sunglasses? These are so tiny and narrow, the purpose is not entirely to protect your eyes, but to essentially serve as the go-to fashion statement. These have been termed as vintage, and retro sunnies and everyone from the celeb and Instagram world has caught on to the trend train. Teeny frames are everywhere, and adapting to them is what we have done. If this is something that resonates with you, then wear these if you want a super sleek look. These are generally modish and can be flattering on most faces.

womens glasses ownthelooks

Aisha Baker looks tres chic in the Purple and Gold Super Slim Oval Sunglasses from the OwnTheLooks sunglasses collection

Do they still exist? Are they in or out? Well, we can never be certain about oversized sunglasses. They are in vogue for almost a decade but also easily get replaced by other styles. Also, they are a big reminder of the Paris Hilton style, the one who introduced us to these oversized sunniest. To keep it simple, we would at least have one or two of these kinds, maybe in different shades. Who is not in love with their elegant design and beautiful look? When you buy these, you will be certain that this style may come or go, according to seasons but will always reign in your eyewear collection.

caramel oversized sunglasses

Paris Hilton in gorgeous caramel oversized sunglasses

And for the last but not the least, we adore clear glasses. The best part about these is that they can be used both in daily wear and as well as for your outings and parties. They are the most coveted fashion accessory as of now. these have been featured on almost all the influencers' pages for a while now and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. They are transparent and come in a series of cool colors that compliment facial features. 

Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin Bieber looks charming as ever in her clear glasses

Which glasses do you like the most? Well, to own the looks in any of these is super easy. We want you to stock up on all the latest trendy eyewear and wait for our next post on which sunglasses and shapes suit which kind of faces. Watch this space for more.

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