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Power in both politics and dressing, speaks volumes on behalf of her personality and her unmissable aura. She is someone who hails from our Arab community, whose passion for creating a positive change in this world has always been her life's motto. She is none other than the legendary Amal Clooney. We celebrate her for her utmost intellect, power, fashion and stance in society. There are so many things to admire about Amal, and on top of her many accolades, can we talk about her style? Every time she steps out to the office, airport, red carpet, or just grabbing a coffee, she looks absolutely polished. We are often left scratching our heads trying to figure out that, how is it even possible to maintain such poised upkeep at all times? She has maintained her penchant for dressing well, no matter what day, event or occasion.

Amal was born in Lebanon but bred in the United Kingdom. With her multiple prestigious degrees in law, she has advanced justice in courtrooms, communities, and classrooms around the world. Amal's style has been spoken about for years, and it is tough to fathom how someone can own the looks at all given times. Every clothing choice of hers, at every event, has been thought through very carefully and speaks way more than what is on the surface. From colors, styles and other aspects, each derives a sense of perfection along with significance. Amal is known for her valor, courage, and on point sensibilities. There is a certain amount of intrinsic image in wearing clothes that actually say something about who an individual is, or who we want to be. Since all her attires are impeccably tailored, we ought to reflect at this style sensation through the years. So let us start with some of her most iconic looks!

First up, we begin with her patent monochromatic looks. We always expect not just a great outfit but a bonafide style moment whenever she steps out of her house in a mono themed attire. She sticks to soft pastels when it comes to this,  and matches everything, from her dress to her bag to even her shoes. Usually, such a look could be considered banal, but Amal knows how to spice it up and make it look like royalty.

Amal Clooney

Stepping out with perfection

Another one of her patent looks is when she dons her knee-length, oversized blazers (occasionally these are even floor length, and we are here for it) that she wears over her usual classy garb. It is bold, unusual and can never be forgotten because she carries it off so gracefully and confidently. Her variety of blazers have always been polished without being overdone. And that is exactly what we like that about her style. With this kind of a jacket, she looked professional and still offers just the right punch of personality.

Amal swaying in her penchant style

Amal swaying in her penchant style

Her work is always spoken in high regard and to top that, the style icon’s choices have always been fashion forward. So next on we have her desk to dinner looks which transition from the barrister by the day, to celebrity by night. These are all those outfits that are workplace appropriate and they are exemplary for any outings post office and meetings. They lay more on the professional end of the spectrum, but are suitable for all kinds of events and occasions.

Mrs. Clooney

Mrs. Clooney serving all kinds of looks

And finally, we have her outfits when she walks down the carpet. These definitely have to be our favorite ones because they make her look her like an ethereal beauty. From movie premieres to the MET gala looks, she always knows how to pleasantly surprise her with those beautiful looks. She commonly opts for tube style gowns which compliment her figure well. She makes sure to never set foot on a red carpet in anything less than fabulous that makes her looks stunning beyond our imagination.


Amal looks stunning in anything that she wears.

A mix of playful and professional, Amal Clooney always manages to look full of poise and polished. The human rights lawyer’s knows how to own the looks in anything that she wears. Winning accolades worldwide for her work related to justice, we are proud of this Arabian princess. She serves as the true inspiration to all girls who aspire to be like her someday. And not to forget, apart from her work, we are big fans of her style sense as always!

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